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  1. got it. will send u an invite


  2. https://deltaalternatives.com/product/secret/
  3. Best place for raw plant material, often at $65 a pound for 10-20% CBD.
  4. MimiEmu

    Seeking Distillate

    Hi Charlie, I make my own RSO and gummies, no distillates. Are you looking for yourself or is this part of a larger supply chain needed for manufactring?
  5. MimiEmu

    My Tincture is my dregs bottle..

    My friend gave this a name - PotNog! Try it! Use Costco's creamer - saturated oleic soybean oil, its really thick in fats, thicker the better, 2% milk is too thin. I put a tincture 1ml dropper in a table spoon of this and it smells and tastes like green eggnog! Now gotta get some ham to go with it..
  6. Hi Everyone, New here, one of the pandemically unemployed minions. Grew feathers going stir crazy, love talking shop. Here's tonight's obsession. I have some FECO made on a long soak, didn't know about winterization so its sticky and cut with MCT to make it a bit less viscous. Wondering if its worth the trouble to rehydrate with ethanol and go through the filter process again. Here's my evening ice water with a 1 ml shot out of the tincture bottle. Unknown ratio of FECO vs ethanol, but its solid dark green in the dropper. At the end of the drink, the walls look like this, see below? Need wiper! Question, What typically sticks to cold wet glass. Would that be only waxes, waxes+chlorophyll, waxes+chlorophyll+oils, chlorophyll+oils or just oil on the side of the jar? Not sure what goodness I'm leaving behind. Do the waxes stay bound to the oils in the presence of alcohol? I started that dropper bottle with 95% ethanol. The dropper is used to add FECO to recipes and cleans up back in the jar (common trick). That would tell me if I should be licking the inside of the glass or just toss it in the sink.
  7. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Hi P8, very scary! Do you know if it were aluminium or steel? How many carts were in it when it failed?
  8. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    At some point, trying to add more pressure ends when the pressure in the dispenser is equal to the pressure of a fresh cartridge, which is significant, see Ref1 below. I think I read somewhere in my searches that the maximum pressurization in the dispenser has to be 3x that of a cartridge. Does that sound right? I'm trying to locate the US Gov's standards for these devices, I think its a DOT standard. GW, where would you look for finding engineering data on these dispensers? Interesting! My ICO stainless steel dispenser says it engineered for 100 bar. That equates to 1450 PSI. So if 6 atm converts to 88.14 psi, how many cartridges will it take to reach 1450 psi? Assuming this is linear (GW?), 1450/88.14 is 16.45 cartridges. I'm fine with taking this thread down, we can discuss in private email. Ref1 https://khymos.org/2010/08/21/wonders-of-extraction-pressure/ A single N2O charger contains 8 g of gas corresponding to 0.1818 moles or a volume of 4.1 L at 25 °C and 1 atm pressure. The volume of the chargers is 0.01 L which gives an impressive initial pressure in the chargers of 445 atm! With an approximate volume of 0.7 L the pressure in an empty whipper charged with a single charge would be nearly 6 atm.
  9. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Hi P8, I'm all ears, listening to what you are saying. Before moving forward, I'm going to do proper engineering evaluation on all the parts to make stay within specs, not going to push the limits on any piece, so your feedback is well received. My main concern has been subzero temp on the stainless steel tensile strength so this is going to be a slow step by step process to understand all aspects, like the silicon seals you mentioned.
  10. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Hi P8, So, something changed in 5 years, what have you learned?
  11. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    So sorry, this seems to have turned into the Project from Hell. Its been 5 years since the last posting, so this idea didn't seem to go viral, I wonder why. Its a great quick process that looks effective for an EtOH solvent bath + shear forces + pressure. I'm curious what the pressure difference is between the N20 and C02 cartridges - which one delivers more punch to pressurize the cellular walls. Here's my idea of a protocol - 1. Use humidity control bags to attain a normalized humidity level in the plant days prior to the extraction. 2. Freeze the plant to ice over the chlorophyll. Freeze the Whipper as well. 3. Create a dry ice bath with the EtOH, let it settle to a slow boil (at temp..) 4. place 3 oz of plant in the 1L whipper. 5. Pour in the bath sans dryice (strainer used here..), screw on the lid, start a 2 minute clock 6. Administer the 1st charge with N20/C02. 7. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. 8. Administer the 2nd charge with H20/C02. 9. Shake and let stand to complete the 2 minutes. 10. Exhaust and Pour contents through fine mesh strainer, saving the plant material for a long EtOH bath. (for FECO) 11. Repeat.. Unknowns are (1) the pressure differences between charger types, and efficacy of Nitrous vs C02 as an expansive gas when exhausting. (2) Is there a chemical advantage to N20 over C02? I'm curious how strong those consumer whippers are in tensile strength. From an engineering standpoint, is it safe to use 3 or 4 chargers per load? User manuals on these consumer cans say 2 is the limit for the 1L can.
  12. MimiEmu

    Dabber Dan's one run QWET

    Hi Graywolf, What was the outcome of your further tests with the ISI whipper? Is there another thread maybe? Mimi
  13. Here, I suggest this for your photography - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08B14N16T. You can shoot through it or move it 45 degrees to either side.  Gives you much flexibility if your camera is on a tripod showing live view, you can see what looks best.  I bought this for zoom, but ya know my trick?  A chinese paper lantern covering a strobe on a stand, its a lightweight softbox.

    1. St0nA


      I have been using random things like coffee filters to diffuse my flash for about 12 years. Lol I actually have expensive photos equipment with macro lights and such but I still get the best pics with my little tourist camera. Lol.



  14. MimiEmu

    The Way

    John 3:16 (New International Version) " For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."