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  1. nm i figured it out

  2. ??? cookies? I am trying to figure how to get pics from my pc to gallery

  3. rayne

    Paying it forward!!! Photoperidic Control:)

    I happen to be running solely on faith at this point, I use 18hrs of florescent lights only and have not began flowering for lack of equipment (i.e. nutes, fans, proper pot sizes, various others), as my only fan finally burned out on me, and I am/have battled mites, but any advice is good for me since this be my first try. I have finally gotten my "babies" into my cabinet so that I can acquire more room when I do try flowering, by just being able to roll the cabinet to another locale. Oh.. by the way, I know "Mr. Green Jeans" from budbook/youcannect which is dead in the waters.. mama rayne I was there
  4. ok nm.. i figured it out..

  5. ok.. well i seem to not be able to find where to change my password.. LOL.. help!!