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  1. what are some of the strains i should keep an eye out for? i have severe depression and i want to take that crippling edge off it so its more manageable
  2. TheGrimReefer

    Can Anyone in eugene help?

    hi yes i am still in need i set up my appointment with oregon medical marijuana clinic on monday march 30th. but have been scraping by for a few weeks. sorry not always at the computer.
  3. TheGrimReefer

    Can Anyone in eugene help?

    me and my mother are currently pulling the money together to designate a grower for her and myself. but we are without until then. anything is appreciated. i use flower and concentrates to help with my sleep deprivation and mild back pain. she uses flower and lotions for sleep deprivation and nerve pain. like i said anything helps at this time. i can do physical work in exchange.
  4. Me and my mother are in need of a grow near eugene oregon due to travel restrictions. if there are any available medical growers left please contact me.
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