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    I love creating new soap smells and making candles, candles are a bit more challenging for me but I enjoy making them. I am also a big advocate and activist for the HIV/AIDS community and also Bleeding disorders . Advocacy is a very important part of me. I enjoy outdoors . camping, and just being one with nature. I am learning about me, my sign , numbers and how it all aligns. Animals. absolutely love animals. I enjoy taking pictures!

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  1. Wishing you THE happiest of Birthday Wishes. 

  2. Have a beautiful day everyone, its Friday and the sun is out! Enjoy what dry days we have left! Hugs!

  3. Good Morning , hope you have a wonderful day !

  4. BCandyQueen

    Migraines - what can you tell me to help me

    Papa-Smurf Thank you so much for that valuable information. I am defiantly into my essential oils and have tried many remedies, sometimes due to the smells makes it worse for me to I have to be careful . I love peppermint and lavender , I use both of those and make a topical for pain. I didn't know that vitamin B2 , I will check in with my doctor and see if its something she can prescribe so I don't have to purchase it. Thank you Kirk for the additional information. Migraines take me down and its just frustrating . Thank you so much !
  5. BCandyQueen

    Thank you, 'B' Handmade candles and soaps.

    Here are some just to show you !! I love and enjoy making candles although they can be challenging, I enjoy it . Soaps I love creating my own recipes and finding what best for . It’s therapeutic!!
  6. BCandyQueen

    Thank you, 'B' Handmade candles and soaps.

    I make a different variety, although lots of lavender and clove . I definitely love my lavender clove and the orange clove was a big hit as well . The therapeutic feel you receive as your washing it’s amazing , depending on which one your able to start your day off well with aromatherapy while you shower or bath. . I enjoy all of my soaps !!
  7. I suffer migraines severally. I have stopped taking the preventative for the migraines, after so long it was making me worse. Today I take Imitrex nasal spray, pill form and injection form. Today I had a shot for the first time in a bit, I don’t like the shots but sometimes one or the other work . Migraines so bad today that I did do the shot. It makes me off for the entire day. I have been told physical mobility would help I am restricted for that as well. So they say you suffer from migraines you Just suffer from severe ones,’keep doing what I am doing. Hoping I can make some type of difference with food etc, I don’t know. Please I am all open to suggestions. Thank you-~B
  8. BCandyQueen

    Thank you, 'B' Handmade candles and soaps.

    Ahh thank you so much ! It’s definitely all I use is my own soap !! Thank you 😊
  9. BCandyQueen

    Thank you, 'B' Handmade candles and soaps.

    Kirk , thank you so much!! ❤️❤️❤️
  10. BCandyQueen

    Beyond Frankenfoods and Toxics:

    The link does not work😔
  11. BCandyQueen

    Poor Sleep Harsher on Women

    Y’all are too cute ❤️❤️ J and are on opposite schedules too , he is up at night and I can sleep earlier. We don’t have much space either in our home . We were sleeping in the living room and it was so hard , one has to be quiet while the other is sleeping, just doesn’t work in small environment lol we moved the bed to the room and now I can remove myself from the up all night time . We have this problem too lol He is coming to bed and I am getting up , just what is it . I feel for you Cheri , although I don’t sleep in , usually up about 7:30 or so , I like nights as well but if I am tired I was sleep in peace. 😂🥰
  12. It’s OKAY , not to be OKAY ! 

  13. I suffer from migraines. I take regular medications for this . Trokendi , I have Immitrex injection, pill form and nasal spray. I have had them now consistently 5 plus years . I only get them on my left Temple of my head. I get all the symptoms, light sensitivity, nausea, sensitivity to smells , etc . I wake up with them or I get them early morning like 2 -3 am. I have to rest them at that time . I have not tried any salve on my temple, I do rub my temples , lay on that side of my head to try avoid the pain it’s causing. Medicating has always helped when it’s the right meds . Lately I feel more like I am being given toxins than something that is medicine .
  14. Feel free to start a topic anywhere, I have placed you in the member's group. 

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      Yeah, our provider keeps changing things to save money, The website is hard to get started on, but you can always find your content here on your profile. I pretty much see everything and make sure everything gets seen by others, So post freely. You can also find things posted by clicking Activity.