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  1. I suffer from migraines. I take regular medications for this . Trokendi , I have Immitrex injection, pill form and nasal spray. I have had them now consistently 5 plus years . I only get them on my left Temple of my head. I get all the symptoms, light sensitivity, nausea, sensitivity to smells , etc . I wake up with them or I get them early morning like 2 -3 am. I have to rest them at that time . I have not tried any salve on my temple, I do rub my temples , lay on that side of my head to try avoid the pain it’s causing. Medicating has always helped when it’s the right meds . Lately I feel more like I am being given toxins than something that is medicine .
  2. Feel free to start a topic anywhere, I have placed you in the member's group. 

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      Yeah, our provider keeps changing things to save money, The website is hard to get started on, but you can always find your content here on your profile. I pretty much see everything and make sure everything gets seen by others, So post freely. You can also find things posted by clicking Activity.