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    No I am NOT jealous!!!!
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    Once upon a time, we had these round black vinyl disks that you placed on a platter that turned, and when a needle was placed between the grooves, beautiful ANALOG music would play through speakers. The music was not interrupted with repeated start-stop gaps of silience, but was sweet and had a texture that was continuous, rich, etc.
    Then the world of DIGITAL (bits and bytes with silent gaps, aka start-stop) music replaced ANALOG music. First it was tape, (reel to reel, then 4 track, then 8 track, and then cassettes), then CD platters, and finally downloadable wav files---all in bits and bytes. The human brain fills in the silent gaps between the bits and bytes.
    Then, as history does, the pendulum swings the other way, now ANALOG (turntables and LPs) are hip again (bits and bytes need not apply). Why, because certain tonal qualities and warmth can only be heard when the brain is NOT busy filling in the silient gaps between bits and bytes. Music digitized requires the brain to work, music in analog form requires less brain work.
    Ahh, in black and white photography using 35mm and even 4x5 sized film, the number of shades of grey is infinite; and not pixelated (magnify it 100000x and you will see continuous tones, not tiny pixels. Review any of Ansel Adams' work and you will see what I mean. When the photographer makes a print from the emulsion film, there are tricks to enhance and improve the image that one can not do with PhotoShop...like mixing timed exposure on certain areas of an image (say 15 seconds for background and foreground, and 45 second exposure for an object with certain detail).
    Will emulsion film return, let's just say, I still have my 4x5 Graflex press camera and my SLR Nikons and when time is on my side, I will be back in the darkroom, complete with yellow finger nails. Of course, I could be 100% wrong and may never pick up my 4x5 Graflex camera again.
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    No I am NOT jealous!!!

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    Reminds me of the Robert Frost poem, “Nothing Gold can stay”...