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  1. Tentoes1962

    Marijuana Nutrient/Pest Problems & Symptoms By Picture

    Thank you, these are some really useful links!
  2. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hi so here is the last living female of the grow I started a few months back. The trichomes are mostly clear (70%) and some milky (30%). I would normally cut the main trunk and suspend it in the air, up-side down, but I’m afraid in this case that they might all kind of clump together when I suspend them to dry....would there be any disadvantage to chopping individual buds and drying them separately?
  3. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    I remember way back in my younger days when I gave a ride to a stoner “friend” who brought his bong along with him on our journey through space and time, Before we could partake and while making a sharp turn in the car, I heard the sound of “....bump, glug, glug, glug, glug...” and my stoner friend saying,” oh wow man!....I lost my resin!!!” No statement of remorse or apology for letting all of that “sweet” bong water disperse into my car floorboard...
  4. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Thanks Backdoor! I have been looking at the lower-wattage versions so that, for a given grow area, I like to have more light sources for better light penetration into the canopy. In other words, for a given 4’x4’ grow area I like to have (4) 70 watt lamps as opposed to one 315 watt lamp for better light penetration to the lower leaves. Is there any flaw with that reasoning? And also thank you for the specifics on what equivalent black-body radiator color temperature that you use, 4200K for veg and 3100K for flower.😎
  5. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    That is great information but I am loathe to pay what they ask for the CMH fixtures, ballasts, etc. My biggest mistake was to continue to use the 5000k CFLs into flower, but I’m still a believer in them in their ability to veg cannabis. Could anyone recommend an inexpensive source of CMH equipment? Google seems to present me with a bunch of over-priced stuff....
  6. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Thank you again, Backdoor! I have had great luck with 5000k CFLs for vegging, in that there is almost never a diseased leaf to pluck. Again this is for vegetative growth. I simply continued using the CFLs because I didn’t have any better light sources. So do you use compact metal halide light throughout a grow, or just during flower? Always appreciate your insights, Backdoor. BTW this stuff smokes admirably for a heady high, not much taste at all though.
  7. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    No they are only now going into the curing jars.....BTW I smoke this on a daily basis and it has really no taste at all....no harshness (unless you take an insane hard hit) and no hay taste....but then no “fruity” or “sweet” flavors either. Anyway all of these buds still are to be cured. Also I have been trying to make a small temp/humidity circuit (that mounts on a curing jar lid) to digitally display the temp and humidity but I am buggering something up when I solder the pieces together, I have screwed two of them up and am trying a third time. The intent is to screw on the lid (with the sensor installed) and just read the temp and humidity, then put the regular lid back on. It’s powered by a USB connection and it works on the breadboard, but not after I have soldered it up.
  8. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hey thanks EddieKirk, no it will be for me and my pothead wife! (Just kidding but she DOES like her cannabis, in all of its forms!). Once I cure it all I just planned to use it for maybe making canna-butter, maybe try a tincture, I’ll have enough to experiment. I will probably wind-up giving some away also.
  9. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    In the hope of making things a little clearer, I have attached two pics of the same bud, showing both sides. Would you say it is ready to go into the curing jar, or should I remove more of the sugar leaves? Thank you everyone!
  10. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hi so I am “trimming” some of the crop and since I have never done this before, I thought I might ask the experts what they think. I have attached three pictures that are close-up shots of three different small buds that I am trying to prepare for curing/final trim(?). I have kept all three in jars after about a two-week drying on a “clothesline” in the garage, always between 40 and 60 percent humidity. My intent is: 1) To remove all dead material; 2) Keep all “sugar leaves” in a separate container (or anything that won’t go into the flower jar) 3) Keep all flowers/buds in their own jar for curing. My questions are: 1) In the pictures, what parts would you discard? 2) Should I keep the jar with the sugar-leaf trim in a jar just like the flower jar? (Humidity and temperature....) Thank you everyone!
  11. Tentoes1962

    Starting a new grow (indoor)

    Thank you, Backdoor!! Relating to your comment on 5000k CFLs, I used these exclusively in this most recent grow and I really like using them and am a big believer in their usefulness, particularly in veg. I like them because: 1) During veg, I rarely have ANY leaves that need to be removed due to spots or yellowing and 2) I feel I had a respectable harvest even when using them through flowering. I even used a few (three out of about 24) CFLs that are rated at 6500k. I appreciate your concern for using these because of the UVb emission, but I have heard (hopefully not bro-science) that blue light (particularly blue light at 430, 450 and 470 nm) promotes shorter, less elongated stems and an overall more compact plant. On a whim, I added a set of two, “5000k LED” lights placed at the bottom of the plant. (Okay so these are LEDs made by Feit, and are advertised as 100watt replacements, they are plain-ole Edison socket bulbs). I have attached a picture of what the buds look like after about a month-long regimen of light from these bulbs. I am sure that the light spectrum from these LEDs is not exactly the same as from the CFLs, but I will do this again the next time I grow, based on the size and appearance of the buds being illuminated by these LEDs. (See pic) So the plant in the picture is one of a particular strain (Tree of Life BX). I harvested three other females of a different strain (Pineapple Haze and 2nd Sight). Without the added light, I don’t believe that these buds would have been as robust as they are. Please don’t think that I am discounting your comments in the last post, I am still trying to get my head around all of the nutrient world.
  12. Tentoes1962

    Starting a new grow (indoor)

    Actually this last grow I didnt use any at all but now I plan to use this......
  13. Hi everyone! I would like to say thank you to everyone who offered advice on my first grow here in Oregon. I will still be limited to a 6’x5’ grow area, but that is cool with me. That area is still occupied by one flowering female that I am about to chop. So I have started with some plastic cups to put the seedlings into after sprouting. I plan to use FFOF again (I have had such good luck with it) but I have some questions: 1) If I re-use soil from a previous grow, is there anything I should do to that soil, such as remediation or root removal? 2) Should I use mycorrhizae on the seedlings immediately after sprouting? Or should that wait awhile until better established? 3) Lighting will be 5000k CFLs again with a few blurple LEDs. That’s all I can think of right now but I appreciate your comments and criticisms!
  14. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    This plant has been a bit of a problem child but it is cranking out a lot of flowers with a very unique smell.....like a sweet smell but with a hint of human body odor (yes that’s right....in other words it has a bit of an “oniony” or B.O. smell, but it’s not unpleasant). I will post another picture of her a little later today....she is feeling much better. So here it is at 5:30 PM and she is feeling better today after a cool, refreshing beverage.
  15. Tentoes1962

    Starting a small indoor grow.....

    Hi all so I have one plant still in flower (alive) out of a total of four, this one left is of a different strain and it is still putting out flowers. I HAVE to support the buds with insulated wire cuz they will drop like crazy otherwise. How long should I keep this up? The trichomes are about 50% clear, 50% milky and the smell is very unique.