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  1. Tentoes1962

    Employment Drug Tests

    Thank you !!!!
  2. Tentoes1962

    Employment Drug Tests

    Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good “cleaner” medication/prophylactic for passing an employment urinalysis test? Aside from drinking lots of water, does anyone recommend any particular cleaner? Thank you....
  3. Tentoes1962

    Are CBD Dog Treats The New Wave Of Cannabis?

    So hey thank you very much for this information!! So sorry it has taken me so long to realize that you responded!! We will give these a try...... Thank you again, purple power!!
  4. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Thanks it was good to talk to you as well!
  5. Tentoes1962

    Harney County, Oregon

    Thanks y’all, I will look into it closer. Also if I get my OMMP card, I assume the county will have to respect (and allow) me growing my own (indoors)?
  6. Tentoes1962

    Harney County, Oregon

    Hello I may be offered a job in Harney County, Oregon....that is way east of here and they do not (at least as far as I can tell) allow for any commercial sale of marijuana they are on the list of counties that opted out of recreational sales, but shouldn’t I still be able to possess (flower) and grow my own in this county?
  7. Tentoes1962

    DIY Grow Lights for Vegging Cannabis

    Hi I am interested in finding the right mix of LEDs that will replicate the excellent results I have gotten with using Compact Fluorescent Lighting (5000K). In the top secret, stealth grows I did in another state (don’t tell ANYONE!), the plants did fantastic and I am trying to make the switch to all-LEDs and still get the same results. So for now I am trying to combine some 5000K LED emitters (cannabilized from Costco LED bulbs), along with some “blurple”, 3-watt LEDs to try to replicate the results I got with the CFLs. I am sure that there are some commercial LED fixtures that would probably blow-away my DIY setup, but I am only interested in DIY stuff for now
  8. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Hopefully my wife and I may be moving to some rental property in McMinnville soon so I can start putting some of the great info on this site to use!
  9. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    The marital unit and I are going to try Henry Hagg Lake tomorrow. We are looking to rent a boat and try our luck at some bass.
  10. Tentoes1962

    Are CBD Dog Treats The New Wave Of Cannabis?

    Our puppy (well she is a 60 lb bird dog now) is a rescue and she has anxiety (to the point of constant, visible shaking) whenever we leave and whenever we take her in a vehicle. Our vet has prescribed her some kind of anti-anxiolytic but that medicine sort of makes her catatonic and a little too sedated. I was hoping that someone might know of some kind of tincture or CBD that might help with anxiety. Thanks all!!!
  11. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    So I caught this one with the same, poor frog.....this one was about 16 inches and I had to drag it in by hand with a big wad of weeds....they were biting today and there were about three other good blowups before I snagged this one... The southwest side of the pond is where I caught this one, or where the “point” of the pond is..
  12. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    Went out to Wilsonville pond again yesterday and threw a frog a bunch of times and not a single bite. A few times when my lure would hit the water, any nearby fish would get spooked and run...don't know. I have tried using a worm (Texas and Carolina rigged) but there are just way too many weeds to use these IMO.
  13. Tentoes1962

    Hash from local rec dispensary in Washington county

    So the wife smoked all of it so I will try again at the same dispensary.
  14. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    Still no takers...I had one, nice blowup and about four other lame ones.... Attached is a pic of a portion of Wilsonville pond where I was fishing today....
  15. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    I am headed out to Wilsonville pond again to try my luck again with a frog......it is overcast today so maybe that will change the bite.