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  1. We're missing you on site. let us know if we can help in any way. :) 

    1. Tentoes1962


      Oh hey I have just been busy with a new job......I will try to check in this evening and say hello to everyone!!

  2. Tentoes1962

    Our Daisy......sweetest animal I have ever known

    Hell yeah!!! We spoil our animals too!!!
  3. Tentoes1962

    Current Fishing Prospects

    Yes I will have to save up some of my newspaper-delivery-route money and get on to some bigger fish by chartering a boat....I hear that they also drop a few crab pots on the way out and check them when coming back in.
  4. Tentoes1962

    Current Fishing Prospects

    The wife and I spent the weekend in Yachats, Oregon which is on the coast south of Newport. I brought the fishing poles and got skunked throwing a Gulp ghost shrimp on the bottom. I still do like to climb around those basalt rocks in the surf knowing that I just might haul in a nice rockfish. I ripped my jeans at the inseam and got soaked so it is me, 0, Pacific Ocean 1,
  5. Here is a picture of our Daisy....
  6. Tentoes1962

    Question concerning a grow from a few years ago....

    Gee thanks Popeye! I will try to get on to the chat room tonight and touch base with everyone...
  7. Tentoes1962

    Question concerning a grow from a few years ago....

    Thank you for the feedback, Popeye! I really do! As I get older, the more I realize all the stuff I don’t know and anything to make me a better grower is always appreciated. I guess that I thought that by growing indoors I wouldn’t have nearly as many bug/fungus mungus/jungle rot problems, and the appearance of black spots on my plants made me resort to using it as a drench. I am living proof that while knowledge is good, a little knowledge can be dangerous! I thank you again!!
  8. I was watching a YouTube video the other day on how to tell if your plants are getting too much light. It was a video from a channel called “MIGRO”, and the video described how to measure this. Essentially by using a Infrared thermometer (the kind you use by pointing the device at whatever you want to measure the temperature of), you measure the temperature of the topmost leaves or flowers (that are closest to your lights). If that temperature is greater than the ambient temperature (so you DO need a second, “plain”, air thermometer in the near vicinity), then those leaves/flowers are experiencing light stress. If the temperatures are the same, then you’re okay, according to the author “Shane”. I think this sounds legitimate and now I have a good excuse to justify the expense of another “toy” to my wife. I have wanted one for awhile and now, NOW I have a good reason!!!!
  9. Hello so a few years ago I was doing an indoor, stealth grow using Fox Farms Ocean Forest, using an unknown bag-seed strain (from seed) under 5000k CFLs. After a few months of veg, I isolated the six females and removed all of the males. The health of all of the plants was very good at this time (~ 2 months from seed). Then two plants began to develop black spots on the leaves while still in veg. I did a google search and many posts pointed to root disease issues. I wanted to do things as “organically” as possible, so I began to use Neem oil in my watering regimen. I would add the recommended amount in water to treat “root rot” (a bacterial infection of the roots, I believe?). I used NO other fertilizers nor additives until this problem arose. After this, the new growth fan leaves had NO black spots at all and the plants eventually flowered and harvested (of course the young, diseased fan leaves were culled and these plants were harvested and really made a fine end-product). It is really incredible what home-grown Cannabis can produce! Since then I have intended to use Neem oil in all of the soil at the dosage recommended by Neem oil packaging instructions. Would anyone care care to give their opinion on this idea? In other words, I intend to use some Neem oil in ALL of the soil I use BEFORE I grow anything in it, to avoid the black spot issue. I know I am getting in trouble with the natural soil folks out there, but I don’t have the ability to cultivate my own organic soil, so Fox Farms is what I will have to make-do with until later. Thank you everyone!
  10. Tentoes1962

    A pic of my DIY CFL light (unfinished)

    I will try and be more mindful, thank you Eddiekirk.
  11. Tentoes1962

    Current Fishing Prospects

    So I stopped by Wilsonville pond today and threw a frog for awhile......no blowups and no takers...I was there for about 45 mins.
  12. Tentoes1962

    Recommendations for a starter “hydro” grow...

    .....but yes, the more I think of it, am i really going to go to all of that effort for just a few plants....I really do have the itch to get a grow going...maybe I will stick to eddiekirk’s post above...
  13. Tentoes1962

    A pic of my DIY CFL light (unfinished)

    I really think that this is eventually going to be a light for young plants only.....I have ideas for some all-aluminum framed lights using 2’ T8s in combination with some 3-watt LEDs with the LEDs being used for flower. These as lights are really nothing to be proud of....
  14. Hi so in the evening chat room it was brought up what type of lights I was using and the image with this post shows an incomplete DIY CFL setup (24” x 24”) and I plan to use multiple ones for a typical grow. You are seeing the “guts” of it but in operation, there will be another piece of wood with individual cutouts for each bulb. I went with CFLs instead of T8s because awhile back, when I came up with the idea, I couldn’t find any UVb lights in a T8 form factor- that is the sole reason I went with CFLs instead of T8s. There are 4 fans (1 on each corner) that pull air from inside (to pull air away from the plants and into the bulb area then out) and blow out to keep any heat from the CFLs away from the plants.... I intend to use this one for starting seeds then move on to T8s for the biggest part of veg, then on to flower with maybe some LEDs....dunno yet.
  15. Tentoes1962

    Recommendations for a starter “hydro” grow...

    My plan is to not use DWC because of the weight issue, but to use the type of hydro that sprays nutrients and water on to the roots, I feel like that would require the least height....