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  1. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    We are in Wilsonville. When we go salt-water fishing, we try to go on a low tide. We typically fish the coast from about Yachats (Jachats?sp?) to Tillamook. Typically Barview jetty has been our goto spot on our most recent outings. We haven't done much freshwater fishing because I am still clueless on the food chain, which species migrate, where to fish for trout, etc.
  2. Tentoes1962

    Fishing 🎣

    In the year that my wife and I have been in Oregon, we have done a very little surf/jetty fishing and have caught a few things like surfperch and greenling, which are decent table fare, but maybe not with that stupendous flavor (like Halibut, Trout, Salmon, etc). I still cry sometimes when I think of how I reacted when it became apparent that I wouldn't be able to take the boat with us to Oregon !@#$#%!. I have done a little fishing for bass in some of the local ponds and sloughs and have caught two small bass, using artificial, saltwater "Sandworm" "gulp" baits and that's about all.
  3. Tentoes1962

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Hey thank you Popeye.....very good information! I thank you sir!
  4. Tentoes1962

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Hello I was planning on doing a small, recreational grow in a tote, with a home-made LED lighting setup. My question is: 1) I plan to use soil (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) and simply spray-treat the soil with Neem oil (properly diluted) and soap.....nothing else, well maybe some perlite some add some "draininess" to the soil. As a soil, how well would this work ensuring that the plants are well-drained and properly watered? Thanks for the constructive criticism....
  5. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    In general, what kind of effects are there when you switch a plant to a flowering photoperiod when it is still very young? I understand that you won't have as much end-product, but in general are there any other effects that people find desirable or undesirable?
  6. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Thank you for the advice, Popeye!. I plan to use the Costco tote I posted above, but as the plants mature, I planned to add another tote to the top of the first one (and inverted) to give it a little more room to flower and also to use LST (Low-Stress-Training) but even then I believe I will still have to switch them to a flowering photo-period very soon after they sprout (like no more than one foot tall). When I say low-stress-training, I mean NOT topping (or cutting the main sprout) but rather bending the main stalk and using a coarse net or mesh to support all of the flowering branches.....
  7. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    So what advice would you give to someone like me who doesn't have the grow-space to let my plants reach full-size after a "normal" veg period? In the one and only indoor grow I did, when I put the plants into flower (12 hours of darkness), they easily tripled in size. I guess it would work to switch the plants into flower after just a few weeks of veg........?
  8. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    So right now I am putting together some cannabilized Costco LEDs into some home-made grow lights that will fit on top of a Costco plastic tote....it will have a glass separator to keep the heat from the LEDs away from the plants....still in development stage. For this to work though, I will have to put the plants into flowering photoperiod (at least 12 hours of darkness) when they have not been in vegetative state for very long at all.....
  9. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Thanks Popeye! Great info......also the bit about emulsifying the neem and karanja oils is a cool benefit as well! My grow is on temporary hold until we get out of this damned apartment, although I suppose that I could do a micro-grow in a tote, but the plants would have to be put on a flowering photo-cycle only after a very short time in veg.....
  10. Tentoes1962

    The Beatles - Penny Lane

    This is one of my Go To songs by the Beatles when I haven't heard them in awhile........Such a wonderful song!!!!
  11. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    In my earlier post I mentioned using beer and diluted soap as agents for maintaining a healthier environment for plants. I learned this from a horticulture "expert" on PBS who recommended these as additives for maintaining a healthy lawn. According to this person, the soap acts as a deterrent to insects in that it interferes with their ability to reproduce and the beer (not "lite" beer) provides carbohydrates that beneficial soil organisms use. I guess we all are in the search of the things that one day, might lead to a "foie gras" of cannabis......i.e. that wonderful taste (when smoked), that wonderful high without anxiety, etc. I don't know the formula and species for it but I am trying......
  12. Tentoes1962

    Indoor Growing of Species other than Cannabis....

    Oh and also........ has anyone here ever heard of using soap (in diluted form), along with real beer (not "lite" beer) as agents to assist in promoting healthy soil organisms?
  13. Hello everyone: I am planning to do an indoor grow and was wondering if anyone does any growing of plant species other than Cannabis? I ask this for several reasons: 1) I happen to like peppers and other vegetables and it would be nice to have some fresh veggies for the dinner table and 2) I know that some plants have natural insect repellents (peppers, neem, cedar) so it might be of benefit to grow some concurrently with Cannabis to help reduce pest problems without resorting to chemicals to try and stay organic. In another state I did a stealth grow using 5-gallon Homer buckets with Fox Farms Ocean Forest, grown under 5000K CFLs for vegetation, then 3000K CFLs for flowering. I only very rarely used a "fish emulsion" fertilizer with some added neem oil (only once at the beginning of veg). The results I got (using some unknown bag seeds), especially in vegetation were excellent. By this I mean there was very dense vegetative growth and I hardly ever had to cull any fan leaves at all. I am also trying to make the change from CFLs to LEDs and I plan to use some cannibalized 5000K LEDs from Costco in the hope that I can replicate the excellent vegetative results I got from the 5000K CFLs. but I doubt that the spectral content of the LEDs will be the same. Any constructive criticism is appreciated......
  14. Tentoes1962

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Thank you Humble Servant!
  15. Tentoes1962

    Type 2 Diabetes

    So if I mash up some flower in an ethyl-alcohol (ethanol, aka Everclear) bath, then strain the liquid to remove the leafy matter, then let that dry completely, will the remnants be a "good" oil to consume?