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  1. boxofrain

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    It happens....and when it does I use raw honey to dress the wound. I also use the honey whenever I take cuttings or just shaping the plant. It helps prevent infection and other pathogens from forming at the damage site.
  2. boxofrain

    curing your medicine

    when curing in the damp time of year, or if you are worried of mold growing because you trimmed some botrytis from your fresh harvest. Run the temp in the drying area up to 80* for 24 hours min., 48 hours is better, this will cause most mold spores to go dormant. Finish the cure with a slow go by matching your drying temps to the RH of the drying area. This may mean adjusting heat and/or air flow as the buds dry slowly. Also remember, air works like a sponge, so heat the air and provide circulation for a couple of hours, then exhaust that warm wet air and draw in fresh. Repeat......until you have achieved the moisture content you desire. Seal in airtight container and wait a month if you can, very smooth and good burning. Curing can make or break a great flower... curing is a most important crusade.
  3. boxofrain

    Room setup

    Kilz is the stuff! Be sure to get the water based product as it cures faster and with much less VOC's. The oil based Kilz will run you out of your home for a few hours at least.
  4. thanks for yr participation....

    1. boxofrain


      Thanks for letting me play in the sandbox with Y'all!

  5. boxofrain

    Pest: Root Aphids

    I used a soil drench called Pyganic, omri certified and wiped them out with a two hour flush in my hydro. Complete kill.
  6. boxofrain

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    I'm new to this site....and am wondering if Avid and /or Floramite are out of your choices to treat mites?
  7. boxofrain

    LED or HPS

    Old post I know...... but whatever lighting you choose to use for vegging, double the amount when going to flower. I always have an HPS in the bloom room, the red end simulates a later time in the year, spurring the plant to flower more readily and thicker buds in the end. BTW I veg under 1 1000 watt MH and bloom room has 1 1000 wtt MH and 1 1000 wtt HPS both are moving at all times with a Solar Revolution light mover.