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  1. Oregonak

    Nectar anyone?!:)

    A little nectar update. Not the best pic because it was early morning (and heavy dew) and...my phone camera skills are crappy...didn't even get the top of her! The pic in the first post was early evening. Will try for a better pic next weekend. She's still rocking despite dealing with a heavy marine layer every morning and even had a few night time lows in the upper 30's into June. The nectar is still in testing...she finished well last year in the ground so we're giving her a pot trial. :)...pot trial😂
  2. Oregonak

    Starting my grow again!

    That first seedling has huckleberry ptk written all over it! Complete with early trichs. Looking good Popeye. Huckleberry from dynasty? If the huckleberry is from dynasty those little ones should get moving for ya. All the dynasty huck crosses I've popped have had some serious vigour. Combine that with the ptk and watch out...gonna be amazing. HUGE fan leaves!
  3. Oregonak

    Nectar anyone?!:)

    Hey good folks of pif! Kind of just like saying that...pif...pif...pif...think that's going to become part of my vocabulary:) Well...we join this previously scheduled program already in progress. This is Nectar. She's happy to meet you:) Have only been playing with her for about a year so we're still getting to know her. She seem to eat well, is not overly finicky. Stinks to all get out in veg...smell of flowers is hard to contain. My first thought when smoking was fruity pop rocks with a sprite soda back. Very crisp. Not the most potent but the terps are something to write home about. You can taste the smoke in your throat and lungs! She's a joy:) She came to me with an unkown background. Since then i have only been able to find her once online at a site called allbud. Says the parents are bubba x paris og. Not sure if that is fact or sure if its from a fem cross or not. Either way, I'll be chucking some pollen to see what other flavors she'll gift us:) This lovely lady is in a 30-35ish gallon pot of used roots organic. Approximately five gallons of a home made fruit based compost was mixed in a week before transplant and has been fed nothing else but a bit of liquid kelp in her water. If anyone has any info about Nectar I'd love to hear it. She's a bit of a mystery to me. Hope alls well:)
  4. Oregonak

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    Hi Dhoo! One method we've found for speeding up the bloom process is planting in pots that are a bit on the smaller side. We've had cannabis plants grown in ten gallon pots finish a month sooner than the same strain planted in the ground. Noticed the difference years back growing yellow squash. Had squash on the porch in #5 pots with their first fruit sets within a month of planting when the same plants in the raised beds would continue veg growth for up to two months before producing fruit. We would get more, smaller fruit faster in pots than the plants in the ground. Seems to do the same with cannabis. Thinking its a survival response to becoming rootbound. It does require you to be more diligent on watering/feeding...but has helped with harvesting before the mold takes hold. Maybe something to try in seasons to come😀
  5. Oregonak

    Starting my grow again!

    Hey Popeye. Looks like you're off to a good start with the ha og and the huckleberry x pinetar. Hope you don't mind if i tag along for this one. I love me some huckleberry crosses:)
  6. Oregonak

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Thats a beautiful looking led bloom cycle you have there tumbleweed. Haven't made my way to leds yet...still using magnetics and digis...looks like its time to make the switch. The white nightmare looks amazing!:) Have some super lemon nightmare (super lemon haze x white nightmare) beans I've been wanting to pop but just haven't had the space with the other projects. Be sure to let us know how she smokes:) hope alls well
  7. Oregonak

    How do you consume cannabis?

    My go to is a water pipe cuz it filters out the addictive parts! tee hee. Joking of course. The only addictive part is growing it:) pipes and doobers for on the go and edibles when saturation is the goal. Wish i could use edibles all the time and keep my levels at peak but i'm just not able, have to work. Sometimes...wait for it...gonna get all hippie dippy, i feel that just being around the plants gives me an infusion of their healing energy. Running my hands through the canopy gives me a refreshed feeling, the smells, the physical beauty, gives me a charge and puts a ☺ on my face.
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