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  1. dhoo

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    SUCCESS! I see flowers on all three. Those in the pictures are cheese. The others have buds also. If I were to count the days in bloom I would start in late June. Should have smokable in late August. I have no problems with spider mites. I heard that chives keep them away. I had chives in the garden anyway so I divided them ans spotted them around the area. No problems with mites. Dhoo
  2. dhoo

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    That's really interesting, another method. I've tried holding them in darkness for a bit more than 36 hrs. They came out of darkness with a yellow center in the colas, looking like it would flower, but then reverted to normal color. No harm done but it didn't work. This small pot idea gives some flexibility. If it doesn't work you have a portable plant you can bring inside when bud rot hits. Thanks for the info. Dhoo
  3. dhoo

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    I'm growing cheese, northern lights, and bruce banner. I picked the northern lights because it had some popularity and finishes quicker than most. Cheese I have grown before and I like and trust it. Bruce came from free seeds. All growing well now. I've covered one of each for almost two weeks. Looks like they may be in flower. The lights is a smaller plant, like it will mature quicker. I cut the daylight off these about 5pm each evening, wait 'till it's dark, then uncover. I'm not fertilizing a lot since I usually do too much. But to encourage these plants to bloom I gave them a shot of 15-30-15, rather than the 24-8-16 I use for the veg state. A couple years ago some my green beans wouldn't flower. the answer I found, too much fertilizer. Last year some geraniums wouldn't bloom, too much fertilizer. So I'm backing off fertilizing in all my growing. By the way the geraniums made it through the mild winter and are looking good.
  4. dhoo

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    Thanks for the input, Pop. I've got some of the issues covered. I have large tomato cages for support, and when these get too short I put in a single pole to take some of the weight of the bags . The strong gusts we had the other day worries me some but there was no damage. I cover these late afternoon and uncover after dark. They get no late sun so I don't worry about them cooking in the bag. They seem to tolerate the shady heat ok for 5 hours or so. About growers info: time to flower. Does anyone have any idea how accurate that is? It seems to me that it's a only a tongue-in-cheek guess. Dhoo.
  5. Growing outside in NW Oregon my plants have never finished their cycle before bud rot sets in. I get a decent yield but I'd like to see the complete cycle. This year I'm going to cover some of them completely with extra large, black plastic garbage bags to block off the light for an extra 4 hours each night. It doesn't hurt anything except slow down the growth a little if not successful. I'll abruptly change the timing 'to 12 hrs of light which means I will cover them around 5pm and take the covers off after dark. ( Sunrise 5:22am, Sunset 9pm.).. This may get them to flower early. Then again I've heard that if you deprive them of light for 36 hrs this will do the job. I'd appreciate any tips or tricks you know of. Thanks in advance. dhoo I
  6. Welcome to the website. Feel free to send me a personal message, or ask here on your profile any questions about finding a topic or making a new one. We understand how difficult it can be using a new forum. There really is no wrong way. Just start a topic and one of the staff will either move it or direct you to an answer.  We have hundreds of active members here on the website and on our facebook page. 


    1. dhoo


        Germination rate was high and  bag seed  (Bruce  Banner) turned out to be females,  I have more MM plants than I can use;  five  plants, 18" to 24', hardened, in small pots ready to go in the ground.  I'd like to donate these  to someone.     Maybe you can put me into contact 

      Thanks,   Dhoo.