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  1. Mike

    Room setup

    The space is in my garage and has a cement floor. I do have air intake from a conditioned space, and exhaust to the exterior. I have my one tent elevated a few inches (pallet with cardboard) so it's not sitting directly on the cement. I like the paint idea, easy to refresh too as needed. Thank you all for your input
  2. Mike

    Room setup

    Hello all, i have an 8x8 space in which I must contain everything I need for growing (nutrients, tools, space to trim, etc) I currently have one 3x3 tent setup in there which serves as veg, flower, and drying room. Would I be better off getting another tent, or mylar the walls and just use the room to grow? Divide the room? Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Here is the first of my harvest...i know I'm not very good at trimming yet, lol!
  4. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Thank you, and i will definitely post some pics. I may give her another day or two with that nice weather
  5. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Ok, my trichomes are roughly 40% amber. Time to harvest. My question is what time of day? Or does it matter? It's very wet here in the mornings...88% humidity
  6. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    I have two plants, the other one isn't looking so hot... long story. A lot of the fan leaves have fallen, but there is still alot. I didn't realize I needed to cover my plants... I'll put out my ez up, thank you!
  7. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Hey y'all, how do I figure the correct harvest time... I'm sure it's getting close! Blue dream, pics at 0x and 60x. Mike
  8. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    I discovered it was cucumber beetles, I was able to remove about ten and haven't had any more major damage 😀
  9. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Thank you for the help!
  10. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Would you reccomend diatomaceous earth? Thanks for the help!
  11. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    Aha, I've seen those cucumber beetles...i thought they were good like ladybugs.
  12. Mike

    First outdoor grow

    I just recently saw markings like this on about a dozen leaves. I ordered a microscope, but it hasn't arrived yet. Anyone know what could be causing??
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