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  1. I miss you on the website. I hope you have a happy birthday tomorrow and everything is going good for you.

  2. Anyone heard of this strain? I picked it up from a friend, and now that I am about to put it into my room, I can't find a stitch of info on it on the web, Curious if anyone has heard of it? Wonder if its just BC Big Bud? Its a healthy plant so far (cloned, in veg now). Just want to know some strain traits, but can't seem to locate any info on the interwebs. Thanks! -Z
  3. Late to the party, elev8ted, I grow small moms, 4 of them to be exact. If you have any questions, please let me know. I switch between 400w MH and 24inch T12s depending on if I need clones (400w), or if I just want them to grow slow (T12s). I do not change the light cycle, or dilute the nutes (not saying those are bad idea's, I just don't use them). I also replace my mothers a couple times a year, this helps keep the vigor in the plant, and also keeps them short. -Zombie
  4. Happy Birthday Zombie

  5. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    I was going to raise my GH Micro this morning 1ml/gal, but I am noticing less and less canoeing. Its possible the additional Cal-Mag is addressing the issue. So before I add more variables to the problem, I want to see if it clears up with the bumped Cal-Mag. Here are a series of shots from this morning showing lessening in canoeing. I am not seeing it as wide spread across the Mango as I was before. The canopy shot shows some slight canoeing, it appears to me to be on a corrective path from what it was a few days ago; Lots of leaves are like this now, half canoeing, half normal healthy green; Another canopy shot of the Mango showing less and less canoeing compared to a few days ago; With this shot, I tried to get a two leaves from the same plant in focus, one with some canoeing, the other with none, the shot isn't perfect, but I think you can see what I am seeing; Another canopy shot; In this show, I rotated the garden, the Jack, and Strawberry are in front, and the Mango in the back. You can really see how the Mango is towering over the other two strains. Im still leaning a little towards the Mango just being an aggressive grower and needing "more" nutes over what I am used too; Nice healthy shot of one of the leaves on the Strawberry plant; So I think I will let this play out for a few more days and see where it goes. If there is no improvement, I will start increasing the Micro by 1ml/gal and watch it. Thanks again for all the feedback. -Z
  6. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    I only noticed the dew a couple days last weekend, I havent seen any dew since, or prior. I typically run my 440cfm fan at about 60% during this stage of growth, as we start getting later into the cycle, I turn it up. I monitor my humidity pretty closely, it was 52% this morning, and typically runs between 40% and 50% during lights on. Typically, my veg room is just the mothers under the CFM's, but when I am cloning for the next cycle, I move them under a 400W MH, when I have this light running 18h on, both rooms stay warmer. When its off (during the first 5 or so weeks of growth, its cooler in the flower room). pictures from this morning coming...
  7. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    Thanks for the feedback. I will up my Micro tomorrow morning, I typically add 5ml/gal, but I may up that to 6ml/gal to see if it makes a difference. If nothing changes in a few days, I will up it another 1ml/gal.
  8. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    Hey all, just checked the room. Temps - 73F humidity - 45% Kpin- Regarding the light distance, when I put them into the room, I had the light 3 feet away or so, and over the next week, I slowly lowered it to where it is today. I am just confused if its heat related, why is it not all the upper leaves? The leaves that are canoeing are mixed in with leaves that are not, my thoughts are if its heat related it would be wide spread. But, maybe that's just how this plant reacts, like I said early in this thread, this is my first go with this strain. Eddie- That is a Hortalux 1k HPS, the room is very cozy. The wading pool is actually on a huge 5 foot lazy Susan I built. It allows me to sit in the door and work on the plants without having to try and get into the room. The room is approximately 6' by 6' by 7'. I've tested the heat with my hand, not my ear, I can go and see how it feels, to be honest, and maybe its strain specific, the light is farther away then I've ever had it with my Jack Herrer, Strawberry, or the first Bubbleicious I grew. I suppose this new strain could be just light/heat sensitive. ES- I upped my Cal-Mag, but haven't upped my GH Micro/Bloom mix. My PPMs last night were 770, and PH 5.9. I could push my ppm up some more, but these are only in week 2 of 12/12. I don't want to burn them or anything. Anothertime- No folier feeding, or misting, tho some mornings its "dewy" in there. Again, this is only effecting the Mango plants, and only some of its leaves. Thanks for the feedback, I will measure the temp at canopy level, and maybe increase my nutes a little. -Z
  9. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

  10. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    When I first started in October of 2011, my straight water was 6.0, added GH nutes, and it was 5.8 to 5.9, I never checked it till I picked up a water filtering system. Once I installed the system, I tested the water again, if memory serves, it was approximately the same as before, so I ignorantly never tested it again. This last round in my garden, I noticed the plants just seemed to stop filling in (about 3 weeks to harvest), and when I cut down, my yield was not as good as I expected. When I tore into the root balls, I noticed the root systems all looked very weak. I then tested my PH and it was really low (5.4). This was before this latest round, so maybe 2 weeks ago. Since, I have been religious about monitoring it, I check it daily, and adjust it as needed. This round has been between 5.8 and 6.0 the entire time. Run off PH is between 5.4 and 5.8 last I checked, I will check it tonight once I get home and there is run off in the tub. With regards to the fan question, I only have one fan on at the moment, there are two in my little room, one just to the left in the pictures, and the one on the back wall. The one to the left is the only one on, and its on low, and farthest from the Mango plants. Thanks all!! -Z
  11. Zombie1970

    Canoeing leaves

    Having to do this one post at a time, I couldn't figure out how to reply with multiple quotes to the questions in a single post. I will spend more time playing with it later tonight. Some updates; Room temp this morning - 61f High temp last night - 72f Humidity this morning - 50% The plants are actually closer then I originall thought, I measured today, and its a little more then 15" to the tallest plant (Mango), and 20" to the canopy of the Jack/strawberry. Here is a side picture, you can see how lanky the Mango is (its only day 10 in 12/12) compared to the Jack and Strawberry. Here is another side shot showing how lanky they are. Everything is very green and looks healthy otherwise; Here is a canopy shot, just to display the whole plants and how they look overall. Again, they look really healthy to me aside from this strange canoeing; This last picture is of these new veg pots I picked up, they are "supposed" to work like the air pots, in that they cause the roots to self prune. I have my mothers in them now, and will veg my next round in them as well. They are pretty inexpensive (like $1.15/each for the 1 gallon size). I believe they are called Hercules pots; on to the next post...