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  1. tomalock

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    No kidding, scared me the first instance I saw it coming down until I saw it was falling away from me. Yea, something is attacking the some of the oak trees in this area a fungus or some insects I don't know which. It starts on a limb and just spreads, they need to go threw and cut down all those infested trees and burn then right over the stump. Grandpa always said if you have something in the soil that hurts plants just build a good fire on the area then whatever was bad in the ground is gone. Cows came by this morning and checked everything out, glad they decided not to get threw the fence and eat my cannabis plant I'd hate to shoot my little brother's cows in the face with bird shot.
  2. tomalock

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    Look what just happened in the back yard while I was checking things out: I heard some popping thought it might be hail starting to fall, I looked over and down it was coming. 1 pic I took from the bottom view was from where I was standing as it fell.
  3. tomalock

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    No problem, I posted the pic of the biggest one. All of what I grow outside is pretty much to let it reach maturity under conditions that doesn't cost anything, then around 5-6 months later or right as it starts to flower I clone as much as I can to grow inside.
  4. tomalock

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    That's a cutie, love to see it this fall.
  5. tomalock

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    When did I start my outside grow? To be honest it was started the day this thread was started, here is a pic of one on the back porch I have in a big containerI took this afternoon. It's a Aurora India x THC Bomb cross
  6. tomalock


    I know I'm going to get blasted for this but it's true and never has the taste been effected. Out of all the years I've been growing (since I was 15, 60 now) not once have I ever flushed them like what I have just read. Outside it's not even a factor, inside 2 weeks before harvest I cut nutrient level 50%, then the last week nothing but water is given. Then plant inside will use up the excess nitrogen pretty fast since the nitrogen levels are so low anyway. What I have found is the drying and curing process what makes the taste right, same as in curing tobacco, no different really.
  7. tomalock

    How To Become a Private Member Of PIF

    How about someone from a different state on the other side of the country? I use to live in Or. (Upper Applegate Rd., Jacksonville) but that was years ago?
  8. Sounds like my ex. Peggy Sherman of Elimira, NY. too
  9. tomalock

    How is your relationship with your siblings?

    Yep me also.
  10. tomalock

    Updated: U.S. Army to Grant More Marijuana Waivers

    Why isn't that nice of them, to ok something our founding father not only grew but consumed it like anybody else. Really nice of them since the seeds from it as well as other plants have feed the masses for centuries to help them stay alive.
  11. Welcome.


    Be sure and let us know how we can help.  :)

    1. tomalock


      Getting use to the name will be the biggest problem but it's not hard to figure out.



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    Welcome to Pay It Forward. If you need help, just ask

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      Hello, just popping in to check things out. I'm friends with Brother Will and Know&grow from another site.