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    Harvest time!! :) trim bin?

    Good afternoon all! Harvest time is quickly approaching and things are looking frosty! In the past when trimming I have usually used a cardboard box but this time I am trying to step my game up a little bit. I am curious if anyone has a "harvest more trim bin" that I could borrow for five days or so? I would definitely make it worth your while, banana OG, tiramisu cookies, and gorilla glue are all coming down. Timberrrrr! 🌱🔥 Thank you! Peace and Plants
  2. AfternoonJones

    Goodbye to flowering under LEDs.

    I'm sorry to hear that you were underwhelmed, I know there definitely are some LED lights that leave things to be desired. Hopefully your next LED experience goes better, I believe that this technology is just going to increase in efficiency and led strip arrays/panels are the way of the future for our beloved plants
  3. AfternoonJones

    Goodbye to flowering under LEDs.

    the day of the flip
  4. AfternoonJones

    Goodbye to flowering under LEDs.

    In my experience if you build your own fixture or get one that is built with a high enough efficiency, using current LED tech for flowering can yield amazing results, not to mention you don't need to wear those color correcting glasses because the spectrum is near that of daylight. The important thing to make sure of is using the correct spectrum and also that the light is actually rated for the power it says it is. I built this true 400w fixture for just under $400 and it was very simple to do, no soldering at all just plugging wires in to ez connect terminals and the LED strips are rated to last for six years at near 100% efficiency and then they just go down a few percentile up to the 12 year mark and even after that it's a minor diminishment. The other cool thing is they keep updating these LED strips to be more efficient so as new models or different spectrums come out you can always just swap out the strips for new ones. Because the light is so evenly distributed the strips actually don't need to be mounted to heat sinks like I have them, you can build a frame for even cheaper than I did using flat almuminum stock from Home Depot. I chose to use the heat sinks to keep them extra cool. I completely agree though, just having one small under powered LED light is only good for vegetative growth, I started out with a Mars Hydro 317 W purple light and I was surprised once I started investigating the current LED tech and how cheaply fixtures could be made with stuff mostly found at the local hardware store I'd be more than happy to help on a build if anyone is looking to DIY a fixture.
  5. AfternoonJones

    Manny’s Mini MediGrow -

    Good evening Medical Manny! I'm grateful to see that your sprouts are still living, and the little one that COULD!! how far away are you running your LED fixtures? are those the lights from HD? looking good!