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  1. Mud

    Old seeds

    A friend of mine passed away 3 years ago, friend since high school. Back in 92-93 he would get qp's of schwag bricked and it was cheep. We would deseed a bunch and managed to fill 3/4 of a mason jar with seeds over 2 years or so. I have a few seeds left, Im pretty sure his wife tossed the jar. 90% were tiny and black, I've grown a few over the years with odd results. All had creamy yellow noticable not white pistols that turned super dark red. One had crazy fan leaves 12 blades on the fan leaves and the 9 blades coming out of the center of leaf, 20+ blades on a single stem, another I had pruned so light could reach mid plant and 4 or so days later the entire trunk was covered in tiny new leaves I'd estimate 5 or 6 per sq inch. All but one hermied, I saved a few seeds from the only one that didn't when she got hit from another hermie. This pic is one from a few years ago, put it outside because we ran out of space in flower room, it was about 2 feet tall beginning of july and in october 15' that's pretty good for Montana, all we did was pee on it everyday. It never finished. The ones that finished were so pungent with the grossest musk smell you could imagine. I liked it personally but overwhelmingly patients hated it, they just wanted northernberry and williams I didn't do anymore of the jar seeds.
  2. Mud

    Black cherry soda

    Pineapple express at almost 5 weeks, doesn't smell much unfortunately. I have a black cherry at 2 weeks that I'll post as it gets done
  3. Mud

    The Tobacco-Tomato Virus Article

    I agree with the russet mites, they wreck shit, if all your tips turn tan/khaki in a short period it's probably them
  4. Mud

    Cinnamon to control fungus gnats?

    I've done the cinnamon spray, gnats came back eventually but the thrips were wiped out. I spray 1 week into flower and see zero bug damage on any leaf entire flower cycle, my veg room is inside my flower room and has gnat/thrips outbreaks once a year, the definitely won't touch the leaves with cinnamon. Havent had mites but I doubt it would do anything to them. Mason jar with 1/2" of cinnamon, fill with hot water, 24 hours later strain with coffee filter or else your sprayer will clog
  5. Mud

    Rosin anyone?

    Ive pressed a little and used keif, afterward if you look at it under your scope its broken empty trichs. Like a bunch of empty egg shells.
  6. Mud

    Black cherry soda

    Lol that was avg 7 mason jars per run, I haven't weighed anything in years.
  7. Mud

    Black cherry soda

    I've been growing bcs for a few years now, the flowering pic is from a few years ago, the veg pic is just before it went into flower a week ago. Can easily lst it to take up a 4x4 tent in veg. I run 900 ppm in a 5 gal bucket with 5 inches of water in it. Yes I add water every day. I avg 7oz per go Anyone else grow this strain?