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    Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 ~

    if ever you need a great trimmer let us know my husband excels at it
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    Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 ~

    lovely looking beauties those girls look yummalicious and I bet smell awesome
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    (WINNER) WIN OMMP-PIF and RPD 2pc Elements Grinder

    Hello Everyone.... My name is Michelle and my husband name is Jammin. My husband has been using cannabis basically since he was in the womb and his mom would blow it in his face when was younger for his AdHD. My story is way, way different then that.... I will tell you my story it's more interesting... Because before I met my husband over 3 years ago I was totally against it. I thought like everyone else that it was the Gateway drug. I Grew up in Portland. I was always taught that drugs and/or weed were all bad and I should never ever do it. I never did until I was 41 years old when I met Jammin. I lived in Milwaukie, Oregon before I met him. I had like 3 people come to my door to sign a petition to get cannabis legalize on the ballot and I would tell them to get off my property, that I wasn't going to sign anything like that and the government would be crazy to legalize it. Well when I met my Husband he was everything I thought I wouldn't like in a man... haha!! guess God had other plans because it was love at first sight. We were married 4 months later. My husband has smoked cannabis his whole life and asked me why I didn't.... I was like well it's a drug and drugs are bad. He laughed at me and then was telling me about what it does... I also had a hard time inhaling smoke into my lungs.... I know, I know I didn't inhale!! lol! I seriously didn't know how to inhale smoke into my lungs... the first few times I smoked it he would blow it in my mouth, little by little I started learning how to inhale. What are the benefits Of cannabis a non user that was dead set against it until 3 years ago see.... I deal with Major Depression disorder and PTSD... from stuff that I went thru when I was little. I usually have to take depression meds, but if I smoke cannabis regularly I don't have to be on depression meds. I like how it makes me feel free, and I'm not afraid to do what I need to do without worry. I also have Cronic back pain, and Planters Facilatis in my left foot. and I can smoke cannabis and it takes most of my pain away. I never knew the healing properties of cannabis. I was always just taught that it was bad and that I shouldn't do it, so the good girl I was I didn't touch the stuff. I even had my 2 best friends tru to get me to try it many times and I would always say no that's okay I don't do drugs. The only thing cannabis is the Gateway to is feeling better about yourself, feeling good, and having no pain! I can't believe it took me 41 years to try it. I'm so happy that I met my husband and that he showed me what cannabis is really about. thank you for reading my essay a stony day! written by: Michelle.