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  1. StrangeGrow

    Deformed auto worth growing?

    Here's the last pic I took of the deformed auto. This is one of the two Dark Cream autos that germinated out of the four seeds I planted. This is the Northern Berry that replaced the deformed auto. Over the last week of rain that we got she decided to try and start to flower, but now that the sun's back out she's going back to veg. Simply swapping one funk for another.
  2. StrangeGrow

    Deformed auto worth growing?

    Yeah I got all my babies outside and they're loving it. Although one, my Dr. Grinspoon, seems to be having the longest time adjusting. As far as the deformed auto goes, she didn't make the cut. I have two other autos of the same strain (Dark Cream) so I replaced the deformed auto with a photoperiod Northernberry.
  3. StrangeGrow

    ♥CONTEST WINNER♥ -20X Watch repair glasses ~

    Nice! I'm definitely gonna be putting them to good use :-D
  4. StrangeGrow

    Deformed auto worth growing?

    Thanks for the timeline Suzy and the advice EK, it gives me a better idea of what to expect and when to expect it. This is my first time growing outside and I know that I'm cutting it close, but with school and finals around the corner I've been a little occupied. As for hardening, I've been moving my plants in and out for about a week now. I've mainly been putting them in a shaded area, but over the last couple of days I've been exposing them to direct sunlight for a few hours give or take an hour depending on how they respond. Once I see any kind of cupping or edges start to curl I quickly return them back into the shade. Am I going about this right? If either of you have any experience with hardening off your plants, how long do you usually have to go before you can transplant to their final container and leave them outside?
  5. StrangeGrow

    Deformed auto worth growing?

    Hey y'all, I have an auto that's looking all kinds of funky and was wondering if I should even bother to put in the time and effort to grow such a plant? Also this is my first time growing autos and I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be stretching as much as it is or is this normal? I'm currently working on hardening off my plants.
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