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  1. IammuA

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    methinks about 13-15 seconds is the longest recorded flight of a chook....they are more of a walking bird. muA
  2. IammuA

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Cluck Norris? Scratchy McPeckPeck? Mrs McPecky? JanFran Disco? Chooky ChookA ..... Buela? muA
  3. IammuA

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

  4. OMMP'a's of Umpqua! muahahaha The Doctor had better be cannabis friendly! teeeehheeee OK....I throw ma toupee in fer the job of town fool! and chief crop tester! muA
  5. Sooooo.....can we all pitch in some cash and group-buy the town? OMMPaville holiday grow park? muahahahaha muA
  6. CBD helps seizures? Have been braying about its benefits for years! MUAHAHAHA.... IME not mixing THC and CBD gives the best benefit....it seems when THC is combined with CBD when administered, it does lower the CBD's effectiveness. take the CBD seperately from and THC ya might be taking for best benefit. muA
  7. THCA has been found to be beneficial for those with FM....this means juicing fresh leaf and bud, a little each day. muA
  8. IammuA

    Rosin anyone?

    A most interesting method indeed! muA
  9. IammuA

    Rosin anyone?

    an Iron? muA
  10. IammuA

    Rosin anyone?

    is this an alcohol extract? muA
  11. IammuA

    Northern Storm Autoflower (by Sillydog) ~

    got 2 hijack AF's on the grow right now and they are similar looking in size and form.... but then growing in pots does keep them smallish. muA
  12. THCA has been found by many with rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and CNS [central nervous system] diseases. muA
  13. IammuA

    What am I doing wrong???

    Those type deficiencies are usually associated with nute lockout, no? My best guess is the roots were waterlogged, soil got anaerobic and problems ensued. First step: flush the medium with ph'ed water with some H2O2 [just enough] to sterilize the medium, then water if with 1/4 str nutes and let it dry some before watering again. muA
  14. IammuA

    What am I doing wrong???

    Nice link GrowGeek I was suggesting H2O2 because it not just kills the bacteria etc but also because it does have the O2 to add to the soil. Your advice of a bacterial tea to tip the balance back is a good one. Methinks this is a case of a bit too much waterlogging and the seedlings roots were inhibited from doing much due to the anaerobic condition of the soil. muA