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  1. Happy Birthday!

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    Thank you everyone
  3. Roger Hulett

    Help please

    Hope this helps
  4. Roger Hulett

    Help please

    Okay. So I had a dual 600w ballast that took a shit on me and I would like to splice the plug on the air cooled light so as I can use it with my other ballast. My question is the light has brown, blue, and yellow/green wires, the plug has black, green, and light green wires. Can anyone help with what goes where? Thank you
  5. Roger Hulett

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    This helps a lot. I appreciate it
  6. I have some clones and some plants I started from seed indoors, and was planning on putting them outside (5/20) is that too soon? Or should I wait til June 1? Any opinions, thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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