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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday. Join us in chat tonight at 7 PM Pacific. :)





  3. Everything looks awesome bro, I'm really happy for ya. We will have to get together again and have a smoke sesh cause I had a killer harvest off my outdoor girls and I would like to try some of yours. I did find 1 mature seed off my Pennywise lol. Any way just a heads up, from my experience and a little experiment I'm doing with this current harvest don't put the r/h packs in with them for the first week or so just burp them like normal for week or 2 depending on personal preference until they are just right to the touch then add the packs. My experiment has so far shown that adding the packs right away takes away a lot of the smell and some of the taste compared to not adding them at first. Take it for what it's worth, just some info I'm learning. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Look tasty bub. 14hrs huh, lol I'm on day 5 of trimming and my hands hurt like hell. But as the song says, it's a good kind of pain. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Thanks again for the clone and seedlings. They are looking nice and healthy for me and getting ready to clone so I can flower it out. Never stop growing
  6. Highly oxygenated water will show low pH (potential Hydrogen) because of all the extra Oxygen active in the water. Turn the bubbles off for about 30min then check it again and see what it says for a better idea. Also if really concerned about it do a slurry of the compost your using before you brew it. Never stop growing
  7. They look good buddy! Love the pink on the bbk. For future reference though if your slurry test was 5.8 in 6.5 water then your soil was around 6.1 1/2 - 6.2. You split the difference of the water and soil to figure it out. 6.2 - 6.8 is the sweet spot IMO. Never stop growing
  8. What time do u think that might b bud? Never stop growing
  9. Yeah I was just giving u a hard time brother lol. What time do u think you'll b up this way? I'm good today anytime but not available till mid afternoon (after church) tomorrow. U can bring the clone also if it makes it easier for ya, I have a quarantine area for new clones and the mites don't scare me, I kill em pretty quick on young'ns. It's when they get in flower that makes it a pain. I'll shoot u my cell # so we can coordinate. I'm still working on the green house and I have to go to the dump but other than that I'm free. Thanks for the kind words about my trees, they are looking pretty good if I can say so without being arrogant lol. Never stop growing
  10. How did u get 2 different ones lol? They signed me up for a side by side test grow before I went on vacation but they only gave me one pink bottle and a bunch of paper work to keep logs on. Just from what I've seen so far honestly not much of a difference from my compost teas and amendments etc. but there is definitely a difference in straight bottle nutes with it. I am currently doing a side by side comparison grow of Nectar For The Gods vs. Peak Harvest Organic with a test grow of Goliath Grow. From the best I can figure it's a amino based activator for calcium based minerals, completely hush hush from manufactures. NFTG has basically the same thing with their Bloom Khaos additive, label is blank as far as ingredients but looks pretty much the exact same as Goliath grow. Here is my gorilla glue, it's 6' tall and about 5' around no lie. Started budding about 2 1/2 weeks ago The G.G. Is on the right, the one one the left is my Death Star. Here is some shots of my Platinum Girl Scout Cookies buds. They are very stinky and very sugary. Never stop growing
  11. Greentmeds

    Blake ommp grow any warm help welcome .

    Stretch really depends on strain but rule of thumb is veg until half the desired height. Some strains will triple while others don't at all. My rainbow stretched about a quarter while I've had blue dream almost triple. Indica dominate plants usually don't stretch as much as sativas but like say every strain, even every plant is different. Never stop growing
  12. I have another question for anyone using compost, castings, guano teas, do I cut back on the amount of compost in the tea for flower or what changes do I need to make for flower if any? I started adding the home made bloom booster but first I added some ground dried banana peels to the mix thnx GTM and have been using molasses every feed all along with great white every other feed. No problem buddy. They looking good bro!!! As for your ?, hate to be the one that does it but there is way to many variables depending to give straight answers. Here is a basic concept that I hope helps. You've heard bacteria based compost and fungal based compost, u really need to know what's in them to know if u should used them. I make my own compost mostly from bunny poo which is nuterul 2-2-2 as a base along with recycled amended soil. I kind of work three months ahead on my compost based off what I need it for later. If I am making flower base I take the base then amend with stuff like crunched egg shells, banana peels, rice, alfalfa and bone meal etc. so when I make my teas I don't subtract the compost and get what I need if that makes since. By making base first you can just amend later for flower, veg, high n for hungry plants like tomatoes northern lights etc. I usually start the compost cook when I start the clones that way it's ready to go when clones are ready to flip into flower. Never stop growing
  13. Oh yeah!!!! Sea of green right out your door, or as I call it green front property lol. They look great bubu. Can't wait to get home and see how my girls are doing. Also if interested, instead of cal-mag recipe, u can use the eggs just like u are but instead of vinegar add baked banana peels and some molasses for a really potent flower booster of p-k. U can either grind really finely and put in soil dry or use some aminos to chelate for couple weeks and turn into liquid. I usually use it in my teas. Never stop growing