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  1. Happy Birthday. I hope you're doing well. :) 


  2. RoseCityMedicineTree

    Pacific Crest Gardens LLC ~

    Got any deals on agsil right now? This is so cool! Is a full bag of the neem meal still $3/lb?
  3. RoseCityMedicineTree

    Jazz ~

    Great review, the lady and I both love Jack..didn't know that about the Pinene, so cool!
  4. RoseCityMedicineTree

    Built 2 grow llc custom built grow spaces ~

    This is awesome man! Also, I thought it was Eric. My bad. When y'all are ready to expand I'd like to submit an application.
  5. RoseCityMedicineTree

    Water Cure

    They actually dry out really quickly at the end of the process..can't remember exactly but it was less than 24 hours..it's real smooth just not the same smoking experience, vaping is more similar (to vaping traditionally cured flower) but it definitely still medicates..I turned all my watercured into coconut oil this time, but I've kept it to smoke in the past.
  6. RoseCityMedicineTree

    SpeedDemon's newbie grow journal (1st one ever)!!

    Every grow I've had so far has been the best training for the next one..keep the faith!!
  7. RoseCityMedicineTree

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    That Medical Glue sounds intriguing..have you had it tested?
  8. RoseCityMedicineTree

    First time No-til grow. Cinderella99 and Nepelese Jamaican

    The videos are rad MM, thanks for taking the time to put them together..fascinating with the pheromones, lacking eyes to creep (well, potatoes I guess) they must rely much more heavily on pheromones to check out who's...crossing the street[emoji41]
  9. [emoji531][emoji531][emoji531][emoji531][emoji531][emoji531]!!! My wife has finally admitted these are roots:
  10. I probably knew that and forgot, I'm kind of an ass sometimes [emoji58]sorry[emoji41]
  11. If they're the ones you got from me, they're pretty elderly at this point..wanna say January..had to be rootbound..I'll get you another for sure...I think they're from before I switched to aloe and stopped using clonex so it's been awhile..just 3"x3" pots with a heating mat & a dome..they were in light warrior too so I'm guessing you were feeding them or they'd have died awhile ago..Not trying to be a d about it, just the facts:) and some guessing:) I only really know how long I've been able to keep clones viable..fwiw I don't recognize the deficiency but greentmeds often strikes me as someone who knows wtf they're talking about[emoji41]
  12. RoseCityMedicineTree

    SpeedDemon's newbie grow journal (1st one ever)!!

    Good luck Speedy, you got this!
  13. RoseCityMedicineTree

    SB 1511

    I love these posts because we need to stay informed but the article's referring to a different Tuesday, the governor actually signed 1511 into law, looks like the day before your post shortglide.. http://gov.oregonlive.com/bill/2016/SB1511/
  14. RoseCityMedicineTree

    First time No-til grow. Cinderella99 and Nepelese Jamaican

    I'm really glad we could all agree MM isn't an asshole:) Not to be needlessly cryptic but I would invite you to share about the person you met just before I saw you last month if we needed further proof, but rest assured you're not. Really it's enough that you go out of your way to share your great medicine. I was able to sample both the China Yunnan and the moorlandmoss bred BlueJam, the Bubblegum pheno, if I understand correctly. All of this was smoked. I know I should use my vaporizers but I like smoking. Get off my back, ma! The China Yunnan smells and tastes spicy, like an old hashbox with clove and cinnamon. A golden tinge to its ample crystals. I made the happy mistake (I do this too often to really call it a mistake..) of rolling a joint with it while already high, and it hit me hard. Which was great. That hashy spice was even better on the exhale. I wanna say there was an orange cardamom thing going on, but my palette isn't anything special. Relaxation all over, a lack of concern for the terrestrial and quiet floating ensued. It didn't, however, make me pass out before I was ready like certain strains will and for that I was grateful. When I smoked it while sober it came on really smoothly, going great with the morning stretches. The BlueJam I smoked was great, a pretty unique cannabis experience, for me at any rate.. I found it piney on the inhale and lemony on the exhale. The flavor wasn't what we found unique actually, both these flowers have a great classic weed smell and flavor, but the effects of this flower are. I'd be really curious to see the cannabinoid profile because it's most like the high cbd strains I've tried but with more of a sativa clarity of focus that I haven't felt before. While that was going on I wasn't thinking about my neck at all, just focused on the task at hand, most notably during band practice. I play bass with a songwriter buddy and we just started playing with a new drummer so there's a lot of repeating the same song over and over but the BlueJam helped me get into the details more instead of getting bored and spacing out. Good for ADD, plus my neck didn't hurt. Again like the high cbd strains I've had this does ultimately have me reaching for something stonier to smoke with it but it's truly medicine on its own or in conjunction..that's one of the amazing things about this plant and its endless combinations. My wife loves it exactly because it isn't a fog machine. She likes to smoke before she runs and she says this snaps her focus into place (I think everyone's ADD like me sometimes) it's one of a very few she'll smoke on days she has to work. So thanks moorlandmoss, it was cool to meet you again. Awesome of you to be so generous and sharing. Your passion comes through in your work and I've learned a lot from your questions and your answers and your philosophies about our relationship with this plant.
  15. Good looking harvest there man! I just got my LL pair transplanted and they are loving life..I'm sure I could figure it out from your thread but do you remember how long you vegged your pair for? You built a separate box for them, right? Weird question, do male flowers smell? I'm imagining a skunk in a locker room and it's horrible. Trying to decide if it's even worth suggesting to wifey that it live upstairs..