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  1. Happy Birthday. :) 


  2. Back here to report to you guys about my experience with using Sinful Bonaticals. It was a sigh of relief when I found such a fair split %, as well as cash options. We talked out the desired results easily over dabs then it was finished really. I reached the yield % (and then some) i was looking for without substituting any quality...I was kept up to date thru-out the process and offered many options with regards to purge time & consistency and my preferences. Even though we live 3 hours from each other delivery was quick, and delightful! I invited my new friend in to set up his nail and rig and have a proper session during the moment of truth. We had a cool conversation, and the perfect process was had in my opinion. The oil is so flavorful and well rounded, i could not be happier! A+++.... and he even left delicious pineapple upside down cake edibles to apologize for the delay in delivery. A TRUE GENTLEMEN AND SCHOLAR THAT ONE IS! Thanks again to all who helped, you stepped up to the plate for a total stranger and lived true to the PIF name! Green Leaf Lab test results
  3. yeah, i was just up incredibly early and having fun looking around all the different forums. good advice, appreciate it was going to do that in a day if i didnt get a response. cheers
  4. Hello first off thanks for that amazing offer! Really cool! My mother is a legal patient, she needs a larger run processed. NUG. She just had her second hip replacement surgery so cannot travel out of grants pass for a month or so but can meet up or host a meeting. I recently got her onto vaping oil and she loves it for her glaucoma and implant pain. Let me know! Happy New Year!
  5. Hey quick question, my mother is a patient and needs a larger run done but is not online with us does this extend only to PIF members or my family as well if legal? She just had her second hip replacement surgery so cannot travel out of grants pass for a month or so. I needed a run but already comitted to a friend or else i would've love to cut 20% of my split. Thanks in advance, if so i can submit her info here if needed before calling whatevers clever!
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    1. troutmouf


      Thank you, unfortunately right as i made this account i had to go from southern to northern oregon for uncool legal reasons. You know how 503 is with that drug court scam at least im not in it anymore! Back in Josephine County thankfully! Good to see activity on here, i will be submitting my info ASAP. Thanks for the love. Peace have a safe new years!