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  1. So you're deciding rather or not to become a grower or even if you can grow. The good news to this is yes you can become a grower. I am sure by now you have read many post on the subject On other Post on the forum. We are very fortunate to have many excellent growers on this site who are willing to help teach you. I'll give you this quick tip on learning much faster if you are brand-new to growing and you do decide to take a mentor do yourself a favor. Follow and do what your mentor tells you and do not bring other growers opinions into the conversation he/she is the teacher Keeping this in mind will take you far. So you've decided I have the room I have the money to get everything I need but have you decided rather or not you have what it takes to become an excellent grower so I have come up with the three D's of gardening to help you determine rather or not you should grow the first D of growing is Desire this one you have covered or you would not be reading this post so that's an excellent start the second D of growing is Dedication Ask yourself, Do I have the time on my hands to devote to gardening it is a lot work but done right pays off big and saves you money in the long run lots of money saved if you're a devoted smoker LOL. The last D of gardening is Determination Without it you will not go far. So ask yourself this What kind of determination do I have within me to learn how to grow. There will be times you have to garden when you're frustrated, not feeling well, and when you don't want to. You have to have the determination it takes to get past these things doing so will only lead to your success as a gardener. So there you have it the three D's of gardening. Desire-Dedication-Determination. If you are already a grower your input is most welcome. If you are just figuring out rather or not to grow I would love to hear if you found this helpful. My goal here is not to hinder you but quite rather to help you Succeed with the 3D's and if you have any questions feel free to ask myself or someone else will be happy to assist you good luck and happy gardening.
  2. Theo

    Stoned Soup

    I talk a lot about the importance of good soil and a nutrient line as well, I have moved to the coast and I do not have parts of my nutrient recipe so I have been trying to substitute. Does anyone know where I can get bio-biz Bloom, and for that matter grow as well. We can't get it on the coast so I would appreciate any information anybody has the rest I can come up with but I do need to ask a friend to confirm that my nutrient line has been preserved.
  3. Theo

    Stoned Soup

    Anyone want to try some stoned soup? Not only is this a grow lesson but it is a kind of way of making learning fun so in part it's a Game to. Everything posted has to be feasible or already tried This is a great place For experienced growers to teach the beginners how we can manipulate the smell and taste of marijuana. How is it done? Well we use all organic ingredients in both our soil recipe and our nutrient line. By manipulating them around you can get different smells and flavors out of the same strain of marijuana. Think not well use too much bat guano During flower On a Strain you know well Smoke it and you might say that's good shit something you would hear right out of Cheech and Chong LOL! Anyway you may not like it then I don't know what you would say?? LOL. So here's the basic idea of how it works simplified. Take two plans of the same strain give them different soil and nutrient recipes and compare the results you will like one over the other Let's get started I like: a good rich earthy smell And the sweet earthyTaste. This is the ingredients list you can use to do this. You'll need Fox Farm bloom Bio-Biz grow Hydro grow earth juice micro nutrients and molasses to sweeten. For soil I get two bags one of happy frog And the other ocean forest.I also add a bag or brick of cocoa fiber. Just to make me feel tropical LOL. That's all you need to accomplish this. Give it a try !! You will love it!! Now the game part. Into the stoned soup pot I can Put in Molasses Sweet Yum. Now someone else contributes to the stoned soup pot When there are enough Things in the soup someone say batch number one is complete who wants to try it? And someone goes on of course and starts batch number two. if anyone tries them let us know please and give us the recipe you followed. Enjoy everyone!!
  4. Many years ago I started growing in a grow tent that measured 4 foot 6" x 4' 6" x 7', this of course gives you a limited amount of space to grow in so I started looking closely in their space not being used by growing my plants oversized I can bend out to the walls and up Them with no problem and then coming back in across the ceiling thereby using more space getting plants larger and maximizing yield. I wish I could give you a picture of this however one is not available right now. I will post the results. Oh and if anyone thinks they know something about what it is I'm doing and have some tips would love to hear them. It is also important that I put the plants in a row down the center so I can bend out to the sides as opposed to using the triangular pot method. I gained space and I'm going to utilize it.
  5. I would like to welcome you all to the world of canoeing , for those of you with canoeing experience your input is most welcome. As our questions from the newbies. Now admittedly I take the minimalist approach to outfitting. I make it a rule to only take things that I actually need and will actually be using in the course of the trip otherwise it does not go. The canoe I am outfitting for is a square Stern canoe which enables me to put an outboard motor on it The first thing you need to do is take down the big ticket item that is your canoe. You need to select a canoe of the appropriate size to meet your needs. You also need to choose whether you want to paddle or if like me use an outboard. Do your research and take a look around to see what's available for you. Bear in mind when selecting a canoe there is a maximum weight capacity not to exceed for safety please select an appropriate size canoe for you. This is one safety rule you do not want to break never overload your canoe. It can be a very dangerous thing. When they are speaking about the capacity of the canoe they are speaking of every single item going aboard. A good tip is to weigh yourself and everything going into the canoe when preparing for long trips you don't want to just guess the weight. Now that you have selected your canoe with or without a motor you're ready to move on to the next thing and that is your safety equipment. In regards to the safety equipment I even practice the minimalist approach here I only take what is absolutely required by law & one or two other things. I believe in Oregon you must have a life vest a spare paddle, a bale device, A flotation throw device with rope. This is so you can get a flotation device to a man overboard. You must also have a whistle or blow horn. I generally add my anchor to the safety list I generally get an 8 pound mushroom shaped anchor with a plastic coat to protect the canoe. Oops I forgot if you have a motor you are required to have a fire extinguisher I need say no more on that subject. But As you can see writing this out helps me to identify what I do and don't have to take. make a checklist this may sound silly but will prevent you from not having what it is that you need And no I did not forget Also on your safety list a critical thing to have is a good first aid kit please do not skimp on this and select a decent one that will be of actual good use if called upon. Be sure and do inventory on it and make sure the pain relievers in it are going to be adequate for you if not replace it with what is suitable for you. Now let's talk food, Water and snacks. This is quite obviously the fun part of outfitting after all who doesn't like to think about or talk about food. Let's let us look at water first when going on a trip you will need to locate places along the trip that have sources of water it is the single most heavy thing you will carry aboard. You can save some money by using plastic pop bottles . It doesn't cost anything and allows you to know easily how much water you have left. You may find yourself in places where there is no water available along the shore line. So stores and gas stations to name two are places that may not be there so carry with you on every trip a survival water filtration system these are lightweight and are critical to have in regards to your safety. Being dehydrated on the river and in the sun without adequate water can in fact kill you so please be certain of how and where you can get water. Now that we have discussed water let's discuss our food. How much food you are going to carry will be determined by how many days you plan on going. I am currently planning a three month trip with food and supply stops along the way. If there are no stops along the way you have no choice but to rely on what you brought. Look into dehydrated food the water content has been taken out and so it is much lighter but you need to add water to rehydrate them so you can eat it. I recommend when it comes to freeze-dried food to go to your local camping store and purchase just a few of them and try the meals. The reason for this is that I found that dehydrated foods irritate my mouth it may just be me but you may want to find out before going. Another choice for food is the MRE ( meals ready to eat)The military uses them and they are self h eating meals with no fire necessary. I avoid canned goods as they are considerably heavy and takes up your weight capacity quickly . You can select from grocery stores things that are dehydrated like powdered milk macaroni and cheese. Summer sausage cheese crackers. You can also get your chips and snacks as they keep long-term or at least long enough to suit your purposes. If you have noticed I have not made mention of a cooler. Coolers take up a lot of space and weight so I avoid them on long trips short trips when you don't need as much that's okay. As you can see you have to pick and choose what's going or not. Please do not expect this list to be complete It is a works in progress And needs work. Now the fun stuff deciding where you want to go as you know I did a topic on this. Now is where you select the river of your choice and you obtain river navigation charts and maps so you can navigate through a good river guide will also list places for fuel food and water. You want to look at the towns you will be passing through because if you can't carry enough aboard you will either need to purchase food along the way or have it all boxed up and ready to go and have it shipped to you at post offices Locations along the way it's a great little trick. If you are going to use canned goods on your journey I recommend canned meats Like Can Chicken Canned ham & spam that kind of thing. Now that I have given you a general idea on food we can move on Tools toys Toys and odds and ends: if you have an outboard motor you're going to need a small emergency tool kit generally a toolkit will come with outboard motor. You also need an emergency patch kit for both your canoe and tent. A sleeping bag and Mat to sleep on are highly recommended Along with the pillow like the ones used for hiking they are compact and lightweight quite adequate for your purposes.. Take clothing with you that is adequate for the weather conditions this is a good place to take the minimal Approach when selecting things such as jeans and shirts how many do you really need and are there laundry mats along the way. That kind of thing use your imagination and it will take you far. I generally like to take a hatchet and a machete these are two tools I don't like to go without as there are so many things you can do with them. A knife and pocketknife is also recommended. Just for fun If you are a birdwatcher take some Binoculars I like the compact 10 x 25 I find it more than adequate on the river. No I did not forget the fishermen Same thing goes Take only the tackle and weights and what you absolutely need. I have put quite a lot of information in this post so please bear in mind after having read this it is actually my rough draft for my trip so if you see anything missing that is absolutely needed please feel free to comment. And no I did not forget waterproof matches and lighters LOL. g. I look forward to your replies and thank you for your time.
  6. Today is a grand day as I will have my three big ticket items paid off, that would be the canoe a 5 hp outboard and also a 4 hp as a backup motor. Whenever I'm planning a trip that requires outfitting I make it a rule of thumb to get the big ticket items out of the way first that way as you go it gets easier and easier. Now that that's out of the way I can concentrate on the less expensive things that are needed to go on a trip. Things like dry bags water containers and all the items the law requires which I am looking into. If I am able to keep going at this pace I will be in the water by late spring and have all summer to play with my canoe and hang glider good times are on the way., If anybody is interested in going on a canoe trip in the Columbia River going island hopping please by all means let me know and I will set it up.
  7. Great starts good potential hope to see more thank you for sharing
  8. I know what you mean I had to shut down for two years/grew again and had to quit again for about another two years. I'm accustomed to getting colas the size of 2 L bottles well maybe not quite so damn close I can claim it LOL.
  9. It looks cool anyway do you have a larger picture so I can obtain the big picture in my mind.
  10. You bring up a very good point Eddie and yes theft can sometimes be a problem. This is a good place for some creative thinking let me come up with some ideas that may help. I say may help because of a thief really wants it he'll get it no matter what you do. ( sad fact) so let me see here the first thing of course would be to lock it up. That's if you can on your particular canoe. Mine has an eyebolt on the bow is not actually called an eyebolt I just forgot what it was called LOL. If you cannot lock your canoe up then you can try to find a person and ask them if they wouldn't mind watching your canoe while you pick up your supplies at the post office or grocery store. I personally will be looking for a stoner and will pay him in weed a bona fide stoner will stay for hours for 1/4 ounce or so LOL. A lot of this depends on location as well for example if there is a beach with woods you can take your canoe and hide it in the trees and underbrush should be safe. And there is of course the possibility you will have a partner along in that case one watches the canoe while the other fetches the supplies. If there's quite a bit alternate. Then there are places you can more where there are lots of other boaters around so a thief wouldn't feel comfortable just up and taking it. Boaters are generally really good at looking out for one another. Always be willing to assist someone in trouble as you may need assistance yourself one day you never know. If you are really worried about it and there's no place available to lock up whatsoever have good insurance on your canoe just in case a thief does get it. Yes your trip may be ruined But the insurance company will pay for a new canoe. It is always a good idea to have insurance. I'm going to be looking into a policy that will cover all my gear aboard as well. Be sure and take pictures of all your canoeing supplies so they can be presented to the insurance company if need be. The bottom line of course is you pays your money and you takes your chances LOL funny but no joke!
  11. Now what I am basing this post on is by no means anything new. In one very well-known experiment plants were grown accompanying them with music. While other plants were grown with none. Everything else was the same for both plants with one exception of course some got music others Silence. I propose we do our own experiment with growers such as myself who have never done this experiment before. The other thing that makes this post interesting is the fact that I do not listen to music at all!, Anyone who knows me is aware of this. It started in school I was in music class and given an instrument the drums well drum anyway. I couldn't help it if all I knew was how to hit it like a caveman. Long story short I was soon kicked out of music class. I guess I just wasn't the musical type. Later in life my teens I had a stepbrother who crammed rock 'n' roll down my throat and I despised him for it. So now many many years later I still do not listen to music. But this old dog can learn new tricks. Let's select some songs were types of music that I will play for my plants and myself I want to see what benefits my plants again as I know approximately what to expect out of them I would definitely be able to see the difference if any. This may lead to my liking music and perhaps a whole new world opened up for me. If my plants like it I'm going to love it I also want any of you out there who have not done this, Experiment to join me in this quest. I would like to also hear input from the growers who have done this or who are currently still doing this .It would be wonderful to have your input. So hit me with it give me your best shot what is it that my plants and myself will listen to? And what changes will occur in both. So my experiment slightly different as a person is added into the mix. Think of it as a kind of musical gardening therapy. For that's exactly what my Grow room is a place of therapy. So without further ado let's proceed Shall we. With my plants 30 days in flour It is the perfect time to start as I know approximately what to expect being so familiar with this strain. And I would like to thank everybody for your participation
  12. Currently I am playing Christmas music to my plants 24-7 if the weight exceeds my normal range then I will know rather or not it worked. Even though I stuck the music in 30 days I should be to get better results just the same actually I don't know yet if anybody knows please tell me thank you
  13. I just got done looking at the river pictures and I can't seem to find any rapids anywhere so I think I'm going to be okay on that. I'd like to be around the Columbia area and go down from there. Once I get some river maps it will take a lot of mystery out of it for me but I still have to get outfitted before that. Then comes the map and river planning itself
  14. Right now I am at square one, the equipment a 15'11" square Stern Canoe, 5 hp outboard short shaft. The rest is as required by law lifejacket throw device fire extinguisher spare paddle etc. etc. my job is to obtain the the canoe motor and everything else required. Your object is to suggest and describe in detail the trip to be taken. Limit of 1500 miles in navigable waters. For example I've always wanted to make a trip on the Amazon River since coved that's not going to be possible yet anyway. I am looking for replacement trip or trips and just might be yours if the plan suits me I would like to see maps and pictures all the information you can put together I'm very curious just as to where you are going to take me LOL let's have some fun. Outfitting takes time so be patient and keep the plans coming as I really do need them it's a vital part of my planning as I don't know the best locations thank you for your help. Trip or trips selected will be posted
  15. What I'm going to try to do is find a section of the river that does not have rapids . If I'm unable to avoid them altogether I will either shoot them or carry the canoes around. Originally I had planned on Paddling The 1000 mile journey. Now that my body won't allow me to paddle for long distances I am going to get a 5 hp outboard motor. The trip will be faster of course so I may add 500 or so more undecided at this point. I have great news in regards to the outboard motor I only need 320 more dollars and I have my motor. The main motor will be the workhorse I will have a second outboard as a backup it will also be smaller 2 to 3 hp. With a cost of $200-$300. It looks as though things are coming together. Whith this pandemic going on I may have to select another river which would be sad because I've always wanted to do a trip on the Amazon. All I can do is get prepared for a trip and go on the one that allows me to do so. I will keep you informed as to my progress until later .
  16. I hope you are doing okay haven't seen or heard from you. When you get a chance shoot me a message would love to know you're okay thanks

  17. We oftentimes hear that growing is an art and science, most often the science is spoken of but what about the art. This is where art meets science It all began for me when I started growing in a grow tent measuring 4'6"x 4'6"x 7'0". It was a limited amount of space that I had to work within flower. I was running three plants in flower. But as you already probably figured out it was choking themselves out. I needed a solution to the problem. So I learned how to grow my plants square with rounded edges of course. So I started cutting them back as soon as possible to produce 4 limbs done correctly you will have a plant with four limbs Starting Just about 2 inches above the roots. Then I had another problem I had a ceiling of 7'and I use a 6-inch cool tube so now I only have a 6'6" height limitation I wanted my plants to be big so I would take those four stocks and bend them out the word to the outside 15-gallon pot And Secured the limbs to bamboo stakes 4'0" now the plan has all the stock of a large plant and all the lower limbs are cut off as the plant grows maintaining a 16 to 18-inch canopy. The advantage you have now is that you can put the stocks anywhere you like. So that the colas get the best light. This requires you to bend and shift until you have a canopy and rows of tops to become colas. All done from yo-yos from the top of the tent Attached to 1 x 2 slats secured to the tent frame with zip ties. Coffee cup hooks will hold your yo-yo in place anywhere you like thereby allowing you to pull the plant into the desired position That you wish you wish. Just by pulling in the right direction from the top. This is the first step in learning how to bend and break. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have in regards to this post. In my next post, I will go more in-depth about bending breaking shaping, etc. etc. I will give you a list of items needed to accomplish this growth style. Before you know it you will be doing your own artistic expression in the stocks of your plans it really is a kind of living art and you have to experience it in order to fully appreciate the art form.
  18. Hello and welcome This information I am sharing with you is the method I use to feed and water my plants. It is also advised that when following this advice that you stick with organics. When using this method,( with chemicals you will burn your plants).Organics are more forgiving I developed This method on my own and the result was very happy plants. I call this method my one-shot method. The nice thing about this method is that anybody can learn it even those of us who are not good at mathematics and measurements. When watering you want to water your plants deep and allow them adequate time to use most of the water up before your next watering. Never allow them to go completely dry! There are three ways that I know of that you can know when it is time to water. The first method is to use a water meter you can purchase this at any grow store stick it in the soil and take your reading it will tell you to water or not. The second method I know of is to tip your pots grab on the outside edge of your pot and lift it slightly and if it feels heavy it has plenty of water if you were to do that and it feels light it is time to water. It will take you a few times to catch on to the ideal watering time with this method. And the third method in finding out when it's time to water or feed I just started doing on my own and I have no idea why. What I like to do is go down to the base of the pot and stick my finger into one of the drainage holes on the pot if my finger is wet it is not time to water if my finger feels dry I touch it to my lips if it feels just moist I know I have one more day if it feels Just not quite dry to my lips it is time to water I know this sounds stupid but our lips are in fact much more sensitive than our fingertips not only does this method work but I nail it every time. It should not feel absolutely Dry on your lips just barely moist is what you're looking for. You are going to need plant food that is of course organic as stated earlier. When it comes to burning plants with fertilizers organics is far more forgiving than chemical plant foods. When selecting your plant food you need to look for the following key words (grow Bloom and micronutrients.) grow is used in veg only the other two are used all the way through the plants entire life. With the exception of course to the last 10 days when you will be feeding with nothing more than water and molasses, I will get into this a bit later I also recommend using a broad nutrient lineup as opposed to just using one or two types of plant nutrients ( plant food) in doing this it ensures you are going to get everything your plant needs. Also remember it is important to select top grade soil with plenty of nutrients you also want to make sure the soil content is 100% organic. Otherwise even though you're using organic plant foods you are not gardening organic as your soil contains non-organics also the organics work best with this method.. My plant food lineup is as follows. I use molasses, Alaskan fish fertilizer, Fox Farm grow, bio-biz Bloom, earth juice micro blast and HYGROZYME. Now all you need is a standard size shot glass a 5 gallon bucket, 3 gallon bucket, And a stir stick or spoon. For feeding your mature plants in flower With this method works for 3-15 gallon pots. Fill a 5 gallon bucket Now take your pH test kit and test the waters pH I apologize I forgot to mention the pH test this is important so please don't forget to do this. Just simply follow the directions on the test kit it is simple a child can do this it just looks intimidating. Now that you have proper pH level we move on to the nutrient line. Now remember this is for flour. Fill your shot glass to the rim and add it to the 5 gallons of water repeat this with all six containers of your nutrient lineup. For veg and this works with 3-3 gallon pots you will need 2 1/2 gallon bucket or just fill a 5 gallon bucket halfway. The plants in the 3 gallon pots are teens or they should be. Believe it or not do the same thing adding one shot to 3 gallons of water with all of your nutrient lineup except for Bloom and molasses. Mix well now take your pH test kit and test the pH again. Adjusted if need be. I generally do not have to adjust my pH level after having added my nutrients but this is the proper procedure so follow it as sometimes the pH can in fact be off. Now divide 3 gallons of water or plant food to each and every plant equally, I say it like this what you do with one you do with all. Sometimes when you're feeding or watering you will have slightly too much other times you're going to nail it perfectly generally speaking there will be a bit extra. Take this bit of extra plant food and simply dilute by 50% now you can add this to your juveniles after there are approximately 4 inches high. If you are a forgetful person as I am I also recommend the following take some paint stirring sticks and cut them into small lengths, on one put H2O-on the other put feed. Then you will need one that says molasses only. Simply do what the markers indicate if on the watering cycle water and switch out the marker with feed and vice a versa. You will never again forget rather your watering or feeding consistency pays off big. During the last 10 DAYS Before harvest what you want to do is to use water and molasses the rest of the way through do not alternate you want your plants to take up as much molasses as they can during the last 10 days of their life. What this does is It has a sweetening Effect On your bud. If you are following this method and you are still having difficulties please let me know and I will answer any questions you may have happily. Remember my goal here is to help you have the best garden possible. I shared this method with one of our members and he uses this method to this day as far as I know. Hopefully he will step up and say so if not you just have to take my word for it. Great talking to you and happy gardening! PS the plants in this picture were raised under a 600 W HPS Using this method as you can see the colas are quite huge. I also combined this feeding regiment with my bending and breaking techniques please see my post on bending and breaking. Combined together You too can have huge colas and fantastic harvest a bumper crop each and every time
  19. Now that I let you look under my girls skirt ( hope you are turned on LOL) I will speak a bit about the canopy. Of the people live actually allowed in my garden, the one question that stands out to me is how are you getting such large colas under a 600 W HPS. So I happily explained to them that it is not only my work under the skirt but it is also the manipulation of the tops so they all get equal light on as many sides as possible. What you are attempting to do with your tops is to put them in row's while it is difficult to get the row's perfect you will soon improve with practice. It is great fun to manipulate the plants and what occurs is quite amazing. When you are bending and manipulating The plant sends out its healing properties which also carries growth hormones to reproduce and make up for the damaged areas. One would think all this bending and twisting would do the plant harm and have a negative effect on the outcome. However it does not the opposite is true your colas Get huge, And believe it or not , also seemingly makes the THC stronger. ( is that possible you ask?) well yes seemingly so I discovered this by accident. I was growing my plans and smoking from harvest to harvest and it seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. The day would come come a that I would have to shut down due to my motorcycle accident. So years later when I started to grow again I didn't begin right back in With bending and breaking. I started off simple like I did in the beginning with the same exact strain which a good personal friend of mine Eddie Kirk saved for me I can't thank him enough for returning this outstanding Strain to me. Anyway as I was saying when I grew them just as an ordinary Bush my colas were no longer huge and the end product been seemed Not near as strong. Am I wrong? I really don't think so. Don't believe me try it yourself and help me prove my theory. You will not be disappointed. (Please get back to me on this As I would like to know your results)Was it stronger? Is my belief that this is going to be the one time I enjoy saying I told you so LOL. Happy gardening on my next post I will speak to you Of the tools and supplies needed To do your own bending and manipulating. I like to think of my grow style as a kind of freestyle bonsai technique Done with marijuana rather than the traditional bonsai plant. Take that Japan LOL I do ponder if this is an insult to their bonsai practice or rather it's a compliment LOL. I hope it is complementary to our neighbors across the pond.
  20. So you're wondering what you need to start a marijuana garden, well no worries we all had to start from ground zero. There are two ways for you to start up a garden the first way the way I began get a single light and a single pot and a timer then get the rest as needed. This method in my opinion is a mistake but you're welcome to try. The other method is to purchase all of your equipment and everything you need to get you through your first harvest. When I had to shut down and restart that's how I started with everything I needed before hand so this is what I recommend hope you learn from my mistake LOL so now that we have that straight let's take a look at what is needed to start a successful soil based garden. I will assume you have gardening space so without further ado the list: gardening pots with drain pans and to clone boxes, lights for veg-4 foot shop lights Two of them Also a workbench measuring 2' x 6' workbench for your cloning and juveniles Now either Use eyebolts on studs in the ceiling or make a 2" x 2" trellis to suspend the lights from. To actually hold and suspend the lights you will need light fixture cams this includes for all lights to Per light. Start 1 gallon pots juveniles I use 12 now onto the next page which we call teens you will need four : 2 to 3 gallon pot per plant you will Also need one 4' x 2' foot four bank T-5 Light fixture As well as one in 2' x 4' T-5 Now for your flower room if you don't have one you are going to need a grow tent I recommend a 4' x 6" 4' x 6" x 7' make sure to get mylar as the reflective material and avoid any tents using PVC. Now for what you need to flower you will need a light source I recommend a 600 W HPS with a Cool tube or Hood in a six-inch you will need a ballast to run the light this also must be 600 HPS. Also needed is a timer. Now that you've gotten all this stuff included in the Mix is two in-line fans Size 6 inch and to correspond with the rest of your equipment We are also going to need an adequate supply of 6 inch Ventilation tubes. Need a piece of plywood to fit in your window with an intake and an outlet and weatherization fome to seal the window. Oh yeah the tubing should come with callers if not you will need a supply them for should do. Bamboo gardening stakes, prooners Room thermometer with humidity reading the dehumidifier you can get away without I do air conditioner can also do without I do I did not in the beginning what kind of climate you are in will determine the need or not. Also if you can draw air from a source of shade Or not And other variables Not to concern yourself with in the beginning. Now for actual gardening you need Good soil ocean forest is good, a nutrient line to include grow micronutrients bloom or flour can be said both ways. Hydrazine sorry can't spell it nor can I say it well enough for my speech recognition hopefully someone will step in with the proper spelling and know what it is There are many other things people can get to garden it is endless as you will learn. Happy gardening to you I may have missed a few things but I assure you this is more than enough to get you going happy gardening any questions get back to me know someone starting up refer them to this if you have some input please do so thank you and good day either go with
  21. What if I was to say to you I can make all of your gardening problems go away as far as pest and fungus are concerned (well I can't) however the good news is I can teach you how to do it! When I began to grow I had very little money to speak of most people with my income who try to grow generally wind up not doing very well as they can't afford the treatments and other cost involved in gardening in doors. I have been in many Gardens And I noticed the problems These gardens were having To deal with. I looked at what they all had in common and the most common cause for gardening difficulties when it comes to bugs and fungus was and is these rooms were all filthy providing everything bugs and fungus need to set up home, my garden was no different. I also could not afford the pesticides. So I decided to make my grow room as clean as possible so neither bugs or fungus would like it . I cleaned my walls I cleaned my equipment from the ceiling right down to the floor if it wasn't grow related out it went. Picture your garden as an oasis in a sterile lab. I treated my garden for one final time and started to filter my air intake with a HEPA filter that can be cleaned and used over and over very inexpensive when you compare cost to preventative maintenance. The result was a grow that I did not need to treat for over 10 years. Right up till I shut down no problems. You will still encounter nats unfortunately they come with the soil fortunately you only need a fly strip. You can also save money on the number of fans you use. It is said that you should have enough airflow in your room that the leaves on your plant are moving. That requires use of numerous fans which all cost money to run. If I understand correctly the reason is to discourage bugs from taking up home. But if the bugs aren't there to begin with you don't need the fans. But you do need adequate airflow. I am currently running my room on just one six-inch in-line fan recycling it using it to heat my home saving even more money. What I am telling you is a secret!!! Don't say a word!! LOL. Also remember Gardening problems Are hitchhikers so always go into your room in fresh clean clothes anything that's been outside is contaminated when it comes to clothing. Also handling pets is a no no sorry to be a hard ass LOL it's all for the benefit of you and your garden give your dog a bone and tell him or her I said sorry Let me know how this works for you having problems after doing this I will take a look see help you put your finger on it if at all possible.
  22. I am currently working on something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. I am fulfilling my dream of hang gliding. With some luck I will be making a trip to dog Mountain for my high-altitude flights. Once I have completed this project it will be time for another. I will however keep hang gliding for as long as I'm able. Other things on my bucket list I have accomplished include shooting class III rapids on an inner tube, scuba diving, bungee jumping, kayaking and camping the islands of the Columbia River, cross-country motorcycle riding,Spelunking. Remaining on my list is a canoe trip on the Amazon River of no less than 1000 miles. Also on my list is making a trip through the Panama Canal also by canoe. I took skydiving off the list because I learned that you have to make a certain number of jumps tandem meaning attached to your instructor. So I said forget it if he has a bad day I have a bad day and the way I see it I am smart enough to pull that damn cord. I'm also currently looking for other things to put on my bucket list. If you post something I see as thrilling I will take you up on it. Who's in!
  23. My little project, is looking up as I managed to put my order in for my canoe. With the high ticket item out of the way the rest should fall in place. I have decided to do some trips on the Columbia River first, that's a lot of fun island hoping on the Columbia. Doing the river trips on the Columbia Will give me a chance To field test all of my equipment. At that time I will be ready to start looking at possible journeys I can make. My dream of course is doing the Amazon but with C-19 might not be able to do that one for a while. I think I'm going to research it.
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