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  1. Why do one when I can do both, I'm fortunate enough to have a good strain Sustiva Indica mix And it knocks my socks off. He did however bring to light I'm going to need to take marijuana with me LOL
  2. While this news is old news I do enjoy to share it from time to time as it still amuses me. When I was on section 8 housing there was an inspection every year and because it was a federal program I had to hide my garden. The night before inspection I took my plants across the skywalk to the other side of the apartments were my friend lived there they stayed till just after the inspection it was midafternoon and I wanted to put my garden back together so we took the plants uncovered as they were in full flower back across the skywalk and somebody saw and reported me for growing marijuana. By time the police had arrived I had my entire garden put back together just the way it was. When I opened the door the cops happen to see a plant that was intended for donation in the living room, they told me they had just cause to search. I invited them in promptly showed them my medical license and garden without hesitation I had a license I wasn't worried LOL. Anyway they asked me a bunch of questions of course and at the end of it they told me that they were going to tell the lady that she did not know what she was talking about that it wasn't marijuana LOL my foot the buds were massive and there was no mistaking it. I would've given anything to be there to hear them tell her that. When the police were leaving one of them had told me that it was the nicest garden he had ever seen I told him coming from him is quite the compliment Thanked them and off they went. Is that Wilde or what?
  3. Right now I am at square one, the equipment a 15'11" square Stern Canoe, 5 hp outboard short shaft. The rest is as required by law lifejacket throw device fire extinguisher spare paddle etc. etc. my job is to obtain the the canoe motor and everything else required. Your object is to suggest and describe in detail the trip to be taken. Limit of 1500 miles in navigable waters. For example I've always wanted to make a trip on the Amazon River since coved that's not going to be possible yet anyway. I am looking for replacement trip or trips and just might be yours if the plan suits me I would like to see maps and pictures all the information you can put together I'm very curious just as to where you are going to take me LOL let's have some fun. Outfitting takes time so be patient and keep the plans coming as I really do need them it's a vital part of my planning as I don't know the best locations thank you for your help. Trip or trips selected will be posted
  4. When I take a look around and listen to the people, I hear great disappointment in regards to our own government. I'm not into politics per se. But I will tell you what it is I believe I'm seeing. I have seen the rich get richer while the poor get poorer of course. We also have seen our basic human rights slowly disappearing, when I was in school we did the Pledge of Allegiance. I was told the reason they removed the Pledge of Allegiance from the schools, was the fact that God was mentioned and they didn't want to force students to hear that. What I believe they didn't want the students to hear and understand is the phrase liberty and justice for all. When you have a legal problem you should not have to pay an attorney. It is our justice system paid for by our money we have the right to use our judicial system but only if you have money the poor in this country cannot have injustice. I know this to be true from experience. What I would like to know is why the people are not putting the government in place. The way I see it government is all about business and No longer about people. Dollars before people is the order of the day. Make me president the government would change into a government for the people by the people and ruled by the people and truly justice for all not just the rich who can afford high expense attorneys to lie and cheat their way out. My adviceIs to take back what is ours before it is totally gone forever. And remember this True basic human rights if they are in fact rights cannot be removed from a US citizen ever unless of course in jail but once term is served all rights are returned just a thought. The justice system should have a debt paid law once you've been through your punishment nothing can be held against you any longer nor will it be public once you've completed what has been assigned to them. I want to hear all of your complaints I will get the popcorn out role some joints and get down to work. What's on your mind? Oh yeah my prediction is that if we don't step up now we will be working slave wages and have no rights whatsoever unless you are in a certain income bracket. If this sounds fun You need to do nothing
  5. Chat night at 7 PM. Join us if you can. :) 

  6. Where are my photos? LOL, drop them here if you want. 


    1. Theo



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      there they are, beautiful, really getting fat


    3. Theo


      LOL those are old pictures have not got any of the new yet, I was trying to show you the ones that are about the size of 2 L bottles did not get them in.

  7. Good morning are you online, if so meet me in chat.



      Good afternoon. I'm always online after 4 pm. Join me in chat.


  8. Happy 50th bro, for my 50th birthday I took up hang gliding. So what are you going to do special for yourself? Don't forget you deserve it happy birthday!!

  9. Theo

    Stoned Soup

    Wow! That's more than just a potato you're tossing into the pot thank you so much. While I have heard egg shells do good for calcium I never really thought much about seashells till now egg shells take a long time to accumulate while on the other hand I have access to all the oyster shells I want by the pickup load of I wish and it's for free. This is definitely going into my pot and hopefully the community will need your advice as I know it is true and by the way that is a gorgeous plant in the photo I would like to know how long you had that In veg before you put it outdoors? I plan on putting one or two plants outdoors next grow season and I am thinking about getting it started right now by the looks of things you are truly an accomplished grower my hat is off to you. You're my new best friend LOL!! So would anyone else like to toss something in we have soil, egg shells, molasses, and cocoa fiber. It's looking great so far anyone else like to toss something in help us make it yummy thanks.
  10. Theo

    Stoned Soup

    Anyone want to try some stoned soup? Not only is this a grow lesson but it is a kind of way of making learning fun so in part it's a Game to. Everything posted has to be feasible or already tried This is a great place For experienced growers to teach the beginners how we can manipulate the smell and taste of marijuana. How is it done? Well we use all organic ingredients in both our soil recipe and our nutrient line. By manipulating them around you can get different smells and flavors out of the same strain of marijuana. Think not well use too much bat guano During flower On a Strain you know well Smoke it and you might say that's good shit something you would hear right out of Cheech and Chong LOL! Anyway you may not like it then I don't know what you would say?? LOL. So here's the basic idea of how it works simplified. Take two plans of the same strain give them different soil and nutrient recipes and compare the results you will like one over the other Let's get started I like: a good rich earthy smell And the sweet earthyTaste. This is the ingredients list you can use to do this. You'll need Fox Farm bloom Bio-Biz grow Hydro grow earth juice micro nutrients and molasses to sweeten. For soil I get two bags one of happy frog And the other ocean forest.I also add a bag or brick of cocoa fiber. Just to make me feel tropical LOL. That's all you need to accomplish this. Give it a try !! You will love it!! Now the game part. Into the stoned soup pot I can Put in Molasses Sweet Yum. Now someone else contributes to the stoned soup pot When there are enough Things in the soup someone say batch number one is complete who wants to try it? And someone goes on of course and starts batch number two. if anyone tries them let us know please and give us the recipe you followed. Enjoy everyone!!
  11. I just planted some clones, Into 1 gallon pots. The humidity in the cloning box was a bit much so they were slightly limp however once planted they all perked up. Give me a call without the chat and would like to ask what color spectrum you use during flower. I run 600 w With the highest red spectrum I can find.I got a bulb with a similar name and I noticed that the red spectrum was very low. They were the bulbs I started to use when I moved to the coast. I believe that explains the drop in my yield.



      I know nothing about spectrums and so forth. These are the exact lights I use, perhaps you can find the info here?


    2. Theo


      Thank you my friend, your input is always appreciated. Truthfully I don't know a whole lot about color spectrums myself. I know just barely enough to get by for my needs. I am however always working on it. Let me give it to you in a nutshell. Basically light produces multiple colors and the ones I know to look for are red blue and I'm looking into orange. While you are in veg state blue is the better spectrum. And in flour red is the better choice.As to exactly why can't say. This has just been from looking at different bulbs Trial and error and word-of-mouth. Not bad for never having read a book on the subject LOL

  12. Happy Birthday, Brother!!

  13. I am currently working on something that has been on my bucket list for a long time. I am fulfilling my dream of hang gliding. With some luck I will be making a trip to dog Mountain for my high-altitude flights. Once I have completed this project it will be time for another. I will however keep hang gliding for as long as I'm able. Other things on my bucket list I have accomplished include shooting class III rapids on an inner tube, scuba diving, bungee jumping, kayaking and camping the islands of the Columbia River, cross-country motorcycle riding,Spelunking. Remaining on my list is a canoe trip on the Amazon River of no less than 1000 miles. Also on my list is making a trip through the Panama Canal also by canoe. I took skydiving off the list because I learned that you have to make a certain number of jumps tandem meaning attached to your instructor. So I said forget it if he has a bad day I have a bad day and the way I see it I am smart enough to pull that damn cord. I'm also currently looking for other things to put on my bucket list. If you post something I see as thrilling I will take you up on it. Who's in!
  14. wishing you a happy birthday, and many more.