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  1. It was great talking with you on the phone. See you later in the chat. peace. :) 


  2. You're in the private senior group. Nice to see you on site, 

  3. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    I will not go into detail on this but my best friend and I on a camping trip had what we believed to be an encounter.
  4. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    The idea of us screwing up the planet is not news to me. I've been saying it since I was a kid (man will go extinct by his own hand) the problems this planet is having now is most likely beyond repair. No I don't need the news to tell me we are screwed. We will see a lot of it in our lifetime. But the next generation is what concerns me The things they will see are those things we have only seen on SCI Fi. Perhaps SCI Fi is a form of news
  5. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    What I want to know is if they have such good control over the weather why is it so darn hot!??. At least Bigfoot is cool ha ha!
  6. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    That doesn't sound very promising to me. I guess we're not gonna be happy until we totally screw this world up all together . I think I will go out into the woods and smoked a bowl with Bigfoot I think I have a better chance of doing that than they do at controlling mother nature.
  7. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    Say it I don't even know what it means. What does that mean?
  8. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    I don't think anyone should laugh at someone else's expense unfortunately there are those that do.
  9. Theo

    How to fish for fish (By a bird)

    That was truly amazing that bird can go fishing with me anytime.
  10. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    Thank you very much I must say I think you're pretty cool as well. I do so love a good debate especially when it's all in good fun. I just like to get people to use their imagination nothing wrong with that. Depending on the outcome of this debate I may still consider you a friend LOL seriously though I enjoy our talks We'll have to get together one day later my friend
  11. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    Let me see now the bottom of the sea. Well there's King Neptune, mermaids, and killer giant squid. I'm sure there are more but these are just off the top of my head. I wouldn't mind hooking up with a mermaid LOL Oh yeah there's also the sea serpent I almost forgot that one.
  12. Theo

    My encounter with Bigfoot!!

    Truthfully I believe in Bigfoot as well. I also believe that there are different species of them found around the world. Like the Skunk ape which I believe is found in Florida. I could be wrong though. And the abominable snowman which also has another name.There's also the yeti . Can anyone else come up with some names for Bigfoot?