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  1. GeneralSmokeUpington

    RAW Mini Tray with Lid Bundle Giveaway @ShopRPD

    Can each of my personalities pick a number? Or is it one pick per inhabited vessel?
  2. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Yeah Obama care came with a huge sucking sound. If you put you ear near your wallet you can hear it very clearly They refer to the president as SCOTUS, I believe. IMO, it should be SCROTUM ;) Spanish word of the day... "bishop" My girlfriend got drunk on Tequila last night and fell down. So I had to pick the bishop! That there's funny right there, I don't care who ya are ;)
  3. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Oh yeah, another hobby of mine. They weren't supposed to be in the shot. They're fun guy pots ;) There's usually a piece of cardboard there blocking them from view. But I need the space around them to hang bud more than they need the extra darkness atm.
  4. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Thanks ODB. Not sure what you mean by "wrapped" ? Can ya point to it on the map ? lol
  5. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Pineapple Kush... I'll finish her tomorrow. AK-47 finished I put another AK into flower today too.
  6. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Started chopping the AK yesterday evening. Not quite done with it yet. Then I'll be moving to the PK right away. Haven't had a spare minute most of the last few daze, I'll get some bud porn up asap ;)
  7. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Hilarious & true. Make sure ya watch part 2 ;) The sauce is simmering. Looks like I had more tomatoes than I thought. Maybe about 10 qts of sauce. I won't be sure till it's done cooking down.
  8. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    My little busted up AK that I propped up and mended. I think she's around 6 weeks or so? The AK I'll be chopping Saturday or Sunday. Pineapple Kush, I think it's 59 days? Looks like another week to me, but I haven't scoped her yet. Never know. Sometimes some things don't look done but they are and the other way round as well. A little closer ;) Not so great pic of most of the flowering girls. Some of the kids. Something new, to me. Bubblegum. And some nice heirloom tomatoes ;) Night night ;)
  9. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    No problem Eddie, I was just joking. You may have noticed by now I like to keep things lite. Sometimes it may be hard to tell as I'm usually on the sarcastic, (but true), side of things ;) I don't trash talk. However, if it's the truth, it's not really trash talking
  10. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    I'll move you to the Seniors group. That will give you more room. Naw, a membership would only allow you to make clone/medicine requests, Hmmmm ;) Thanks for the additional space Eddie. I'm a pretty pic intensive poster, I'll try to take it easy ;) Heeeeyyy, wait a sec. Seniors group? Are you callin' me old? LOL I haven't had time to get those pics posted. Work is wearing my oldish ass out this week. I may as well just take new pics. Won't be long now and I'll be chopping an AK & a PK. I'm hoping for this weekend. Picked a bunch more tomatoes too. Gonna be making sauce again on Friday. Stay high folks, cuz being low sucks ;)
  11. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Oh, I had no idea. Not sure how to proceed as I'm not too keen on the Photobucket or other pic storage sites. Does a membership remove this , for lack of a better term atm, restriction? I got no problem with that ;)
  12. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    Hey guys. Been super busy this week/end. Next week won't be any better either I run a Vortex 747cfm fan with a big assed carbon filter. Along with an 18" wall mounted fan for the flower side. I have a smaller 10 - 12" fan for the little 4'x4' veg area. The Vortex pulls air out of the room and pushes it upstairs into my kitchen through the floor. Helps keep me warm in the winter time ;) The house A/C takes care of it in the summer ;) Mostly I just keep taking cuttings from the ladies that go into flower and round and round we go I do have panda film on the two walls, then I have a sheet that hangs from the ceiling to separate the veg & flower area. This "curtain gets opened and closed manually / daily. The flower area is about 10' x 10'. Only about 2/3 is actually used by the plants. Gotta have room to walk ;) On the one side of the 10'x10' area is two smaller rooms that are 4'x4' each. The one is actually a shower. That's the veg area. The other 4'x4' area has a toilet, which is handy ;) And I still have the tower unit in there I made for storing RO water from when I ran hydro. I keep it full at all times for daily watering needs using a float valve. I'll try to get ya some pics of that stuff sometime in the near future then. I took these pics the other day. Hopefully I can remember what they are? A pic of the kids trying to root. System doesn't seem to like that pic. I resized it 3 times. Won't upload It's down to 440 KB and still won't take it. Here's the same kids transplanted a week later. Same deal on this pic I don't seem to be able to upload any pics atm Not sure why ?
  13. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    I can only do it for semi close & close up shots. Farther away and they get all yellow and dreary looking. Different settings for different light conditions. Probably need a big flash or just a non yellow light for the far shots. Not worth it IMO. I'm using a cheap HP CB350. Just gotta learn to tweak them settings ;)
  14. GeneralSmokeUpington

    AK-47 Organic Indoor Grow

    A few quick pics... Veggers... Won't let me upload The kids... Won't let me upload Pineapple Kush AK-47 The newest AK from above has really started to take off now Off to the salt mine ;)