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  1. Happy New Year!

  2. MycoDan

    Rolling Paper Depots Holiday Contest Winners ~

    Awesome! Thank you kindly to all who donated to make this contest/raffle possible. It was a pleasure reading the essays.
  3. MycoDan

    How Older Portland Dealt With Floods ~

    Hahajaja, this is golden! A few more kegs strapped to a pallet or two and he'd have a pontoon party boat.
  4. MycoDan

    How Older Portland Dealt With Floods ~

    Awesome post, EK. Something just fascinates me about the history of Portland and the Pacific Northwest in general. Thanks for sharing.
  5. MycoDan

    Winning Essay: Chug-A-Lug

    Haha, medibles can do that to you. I've woken from medible induced slumbers many times to find myself melting into the bed, gravity seemingly twice normal. Speaking of medicated smoothies, I've always wanted to make some bhang or thandai, sure sounds yummy.
  6. MycoDan

    Big Thanks to TumbleWeed & Papaw49 ~

    Thank you TumbleWeed and Papaw49 for your generosity.
  7. The same person who said "a lot of people who go into prison straight, and when they come out they're gay." http://www.ontheissues.org/Archive/2015_Hopefuls_Ben_Carson.htm
  8. Cured Green will not have clones on display initially due to logistics; however we are working on sourcing genetics. Would you wait a week for clones if you had an extensive list of genetics to choose from? How big is the medical market for non feminized seedstock?
  9. MycoDan

    OMG I have gotten them this far please help

    Solid advice from everyone. It happens, especially when working with new fertilizer or strains. Some substrains are much more picky about nutes, she will recover.
  10. MycoDan

    MycoDans house of vibrations.