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  1. Buddah

    Marijuana Trading Card

    Marijuana Trading Cards is a fundraiser started by HocG, anyone who helps contribute to the project in anyway is helping us provide free medicine to patients in need. HocG in general tries to help patients become self sufficient in producing there own medicine. For more information on how HocG benefits people and the requirements, please follow these links for more information about HocG and Marijuana Trading Cards
  2. Buddah

    Marijuana Trading Card

    Hello my name is Buddah and I am currently starting a fundraiser for HocG an Oregon based medical marijuana company. In short we give free hash to people who need help. We are looking for photos to start Marijuana trading cards. If you would like to provide photos for use on our cards we will put your name on your card and add you to our strain holders club. for more info on Marijuana Trading Cards please go here: http://marijuanatradingcards.com/strainholdersclub.html for more info on HocG: please go here: http://helpourcirclegrow.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=80_86 Thank you for your time and consideration Hope all is well Peace
  3. Buddah

    Curing Hash

    I have tried many different ways to cure and age water hash. I will describe my favorite way to cure water hash so far. Well to start with when I pull my bags I will give the hash a light squeeze and then crumble it onto a flat surface. I jar my wet hash multiple times here is a breakdown of the cure over time. Starting fresh: 6 hours of open air drying Then airtight jar for 2-4 hours Then open air drying for 12-24 hours Then airtight jar 4-8 hours Then open air drying for 24 hours (note should feel mostly dry now if not leave it to open air dry for another 24 hours) Now put hash back in airtight container and burp it every few days at first, after a couple weeks burp it about once a week, do this for 6-8 weeks. (note if when you are burping it the hash seems wet or like its melting together than leave the lids off your jar for awhile or dump it back out for awhile) Once your done with all of this just replace your lid with a paper bag, piece of cotton or wax paper, I use mason jars so I just replace the metal lid with one of those things. If you choose to store it long term in airtight jars, I would recommend letting it open air dry for about 3 days after the curing process before long term jarring Store in a cool dry place and Do not press hash before you store it I have started to store my long term aging hash in jars without airtight lids like the ones above, it seems to be better but the oldest hash I have thats been stored like that is about 2years. Its aged perfectly though. I have hash thats has been stored in air tight containers for about 5 years and when storing in airtight containers you have to make sure to check them approximately every 6 months, if they are moist at all you will have to open them for a day or two. Personally I have noticed that aged hash seems to have a full balanced flavor, is less harsh than fresh stuff and gets you higher. Fresh bubble seems to have a nice tasty fresh flavor but less high. I prefer hash that has been aged for at least 1 year. I have had a little bit of testing done and these were my results from 09/21/14 Aged unpressed hash from Nov 2011 THC 54.17% CBN 5% CBD .15% Aged unpressed hash from Sep 2012 THC 62.38% CBN 2% CBD .15% Aged pressed hash from Sep 2012 THC 49.64% CBN 5% CBD .62%
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