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  1. Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    Absolutely!! I just got the 12" roller I ordered...not sure if it will be a "gag gift" or if I'll keep it, but either way, a good time will surely be had by all
  2. Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    If no one else enters, you should pick 31
  3. (WINNER) WIN OMMP-PIF and RPD 2pc Elements Grinder

    Hey, here's an entry for you...talk about "how many times can a guy do a 180"! I grew up in a church, back in the 70's, that had it's own treatment facility for addicts. They were pretty good - local judges used to offer deals to first-time offenders, as an alternative to incarceration. Needless to say, marijuana was a BIG no-no. BTW, it didn't matter that our parents were "teaching us to drink in moderation", even if they were usually too drunk to spell "moderation" - just DON'T let those kids use drugs!! By the time I was seventeen, I was a daily "maintenance" drinker, and I tried pot for the first time. Within a short period of time, I was going through an ounce every 2 - 3 weeks. When I went off to college @ WSU in Pullman, the guys in my dorm called me "Potsie"...and NOT because I looked like the guy in "Happy Days"! Anyway, I pretty much kept up my use of anything that would get me loaded until 1986. I had "laid off the grass", but my drinking was way beyond manageable. In November of that year, I got a DUI. That was when I got clean & sober. Okay, so now I'm back in the "pot is bad" camp. Very little was known about the medicinal benefits of cannabis back then, so yeah..."pot is bad". Right? Wrong!! About 14 years after I got sober, I was walking down the hallway at work, and I suddenly dropped to the ground. My head felt like someone was using it for batting practice, and I couldn't see. That was December of 1999...my first migraine! I was given intravenous Compazene, and my wife had to come pick me up from the hospital. But I couldn't keep going back to the hospital every time one of these hit...the ER bills would kill me, if the pain didn't! So, I went north of the border, and got codeine. I only used them when the migraine kicked in, and sparingly, at that. I bought a total of 3 bottles over the years, and all three expired while still quite full. That experience introduced me to a concept that most of you might laugh at, but is something the addict doesn't think about....we only take medication when we're sick! In 2008, I moved to Ohio. That was when I started reading about cannabis as a treatment for chronic pain, including migraines. I have to admit, I was very, very scared. Other than alcohol, pot was my drug of choice back in the day. But this goes back to the statement I just made. This isn't "pot", and it isn't "grass"....this is CANNABIS...and it HEALS. I became involved with different movements to help Ohio get a medical cannabis law. Along the way, I met patients. People who had MS, people with epilepsy, people with fibromyalgia. Most of those people weren't in a position where they could produce their own cannabis. I was - but I don't use much at all (remember that whole "we only take medicine when we're sick" thing?) Anyway, I started growing...for them! Yes, I do charge....but nowhere near street value...probably about 60% of what you would pay in a dispensary. That covers the cost of lighting, equipment and supplies. When someone can't afford it, I've given away ounce after ounce. This isn't business...this is more of a non-profit, and sometimes we don't make enough to cover expenses....oh, well... Yes, what I do is illegal. Though we now have a medical cannabis law, after two years there is no way for patients to get a medical card, or a way for them to legally purchase cannabis. Sweet law, huh? I look at it this way - if I see a suffering human being, and I'm in a position that I can help them (especially when the State is saying "Neener, neener, you can't have any") I'm a total asshat if I look the other way. Yes, my freedom is important - but is it more important than the people I help? That's where you have to learn about putting your money where your mouth is (quite literally!). My favorite story that I love to tell in circles where people argue about the "dangers of pot", was when my wife and I went back to Seattle to see my daughter graduate. My wife can't fly, so we drove. Okay, so I will preface this by saying up front that people who suffer from migraines should never spend two days in a row driving into the sunset, no matter what kind of sunglasses you wear!! By the time we pulled into the 405/I-5 traffic that *is* Seattle, I was pretty much on the floorboards of the car, with my wife driving. She kept asking if we should go to a hospital. Can anyone say "Out-of-Network"? Yeah....no. No hospital. We found our hotel, dropped everything off, then headed for the first rec dispensary we could find. I got a 10mg square of indica chocolate. We went back to the hotel, and I ate that thing like it was going to crawl away if I didn't. I slept for 12 hours. When I woke up the next day, there were NONE of the attendant "day-after" symptoms from a migraine - no nausea, no confusion, no problem focusing my attention on things. I went out, bought my coffee and pastry at one of those "Hey - y'r boobies are almost showin!" coffee stands (Gotta love Seattle, right?) and went to have breakfast at the marina. So, do I smoke/use to get high? NOPE. When I use, it's enough to knock me out and get whatever that broken thing in my head is to do a reset and ditch the migraine. It works - just like I've seen it work in my patients with diabetic nerve pain, fibro, MS, and other ailments. There is NO legitimate reason why what I am doing now is not legal, and I will keep fighting to make it so!
  4. TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains~!

    Hey, stranger!! Been a long time...loving the posts!
  5. Which fox farms to choose?

    I use FFOFS regularly for transplants, and LightWarrior for seedlings. The FFOFS is about $17 for a bag that will handle 3 5-gal bucket transplants.
  6. Welcome to the forums Know&Grow :)

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