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  3. Plus You Never Followed Me On My Profile And You Almost Never Hit The Like And Etc Buttons-Other Member Sure You'll Like And Etc Theirs !

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      There....I switched it up so you wouldn't think I was doing it by rote...remember, though..it's more of a schedule thing if I don't

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      By Rote/Schedule Thing/What Are You Chinese Retarded ?


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      Bear-Ass Me Again --->LMBO !

  4. Ugggh Gotta Shower Pretty Soon Again.... Oh Man, My Hair Will Take 45- Mins To An Hour Alone !!!


    ALL Your Fault Ya Know---> Good Morning !

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    Act Your Age - Mimicking Birds

    I miss your voice...hope to hear from you soon!
  6. Well Slap Me Silly ! LOLOLO !

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!. 


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      Thanks :-) just glad that today beats out my yesterday!!


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    Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    I'm not saying you *have* to call my number...but it was my birthday yesterday...lol :-)
  9. Happy New Year. 

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      Same to you!!  It may be frozen outside, but it's warm in my heart, and it wasn't the red beans & rice :)

  10. I grew up in Seattle, and have done my fair share of runs south of the corridor & back. I still have family in the area - hell, my niece lives about a half-mile from the accident site! I was surprised to not be surprised when my wife & I drove back to Seattle about 2 and a half years ago...we pulled into the I-90/I-405 interchange on a Thursday afternoon, about 3PM. It wasn't a holiday weekend, or close to "quitting time", yet the interchange was jammed for about a mile back, and it took us longer to get through that mess and onto 405 than it took us to get from the summit of Snoqualmie Pass to Issaquah! I think the thing that makes me shake my head and want to weep was the whole reason the news said that Amtrak gave for making the route in the first place...to shave FIFTEEN MINUTES off of the passengers' time! And I'm sure they were charging them all handsomely for the "shortcut"! It's just not worth being unsafe! Now, I will confess to having driven "balls to the wall" before - there was a medical emergency with my daughter, who was working in Bellingham, back in 2000. I made it from the Des Moines exit on I-5 to St. Joseph's Hospital in B'ham in about an hour and 45 minutes...you do the math. However, a) it was an emergency, and b ) I have had professional training in being able to drive (okay, relatively) safely, at high speeds. Personally, I'll take my "home office" any day...no commute, no traffic, the most irate thing I run across is my dogs wanting out :-) If any of y'all need to get away, c'mon out...there's hot tea...old movies...puppies that won't leave you alone...and...and...things...lots of...things... : -)