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  1. Know&Grow

    The Pathway to Natural Health!!

    I started out with the Natural Solutions Kit 6 years ago. I still have, and use, the wooden box!! If you run out of the Sanitizing mist, open the bottle and put in 15 drops of OnGuard. Top it off with witch hazel, and you're good to go! The sanitizer that is anti-viral and anti-bacterial! As for the hand soap, you can put in one of the dispensers 2 tbsp of castile soap, 1 tbsp of fractionated coconut oil, 10 drops of OnGuard, and fill the rest with RO water...boom! Full bottle! A bottle of OnGuard has 300 drops, so you can get quite a few fill-ups!
  2. Know&Grow

    The Pathway to Natural Health!!

    Here are the kits on sale...PM me if you're interested!
  3. Welcome to some surreal times in America! We're all using a LOT more hand soap, and a LOT more hand sanitizer these days. But - those items are all ANTI-BACTERIAL, and we are fighting a VIRUS! I've asked LOTS of people about this, and their response is, invariably, "Well, it's better than nothing!!" - that would be true, except what you have isn't handling the thing that we are fighting! I have been doing business for six years with a company called doTerra. They are the world's leader when it comes to essential oils. Their products are all thoroughly tested - they know that a) The FDA doesn't manage the essential oils industry, and b) If the government steps in, the cost of all that oversight will do nothing but DRIVE UP the price! That being said, they make certain that ALL of their products are tested and that they can make the claim of CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) - this means that the OnGuard (the anti-viral, anti-bacterial blend that I go through a bottle of each and every month) that I buy is the same in April as it was last December! I actually use that oil internally, putting 3 drops in a large mug of cinnamon tea every day! That oil is so beneficial that the company has incorporated it into a number of other products, namely: Laundry detergent Hand Soap Hand Sanitizer Cleaner Concentrate (2 tbsp plus water = a bottle of cleaner that's better than 409!) Toothpaste Mouthwash They also have a hundred plus other oils (singles and blends) that can help you replace most of what you have in your medicine cabinet with a natural, safe alternative! The only way to get these products is either a) online, retail (if you want to do this, I can give you a link to my store @ doTerra's site) or b) wholesale, with your own account. In fact, there's been such a rush with the OnGuard products as of late, the company is limiting the purchase of those products to enrollment kits (those that folks buy when they're setting up their own account) or Loyalty Reward Point orders (the products I keep in my monthly order). The good news is that the company announced that this week (last week of March, 2020) most of the enrollment kits are 20% off!! So the Natural Solutions Kit, which is usually $570, is $459 - and it still has all the benefits (100 loyalty reward points with your first qualifying LRP order, collecting LRP points at 15% out the gate, instead of 10%) as it did before!! If you're interested, please send me a message on here - I'd love to see you stay healthy, and share with you the knowledge I've gained over the years when it comes to natural health!! Stay safe, stay healthy!! K&G
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    Gotta love fashion! :smile:

  5. Know&Grow

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Those are gorgeous, TW Can hardly wait to get back in da game full speed...
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  7. Plus You Never Followed Me On My Profile And You Almost Never Hit The Like And Etc Buttons-Other Member Sure You'll Like And Etc Theirs !

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      By Rote/Schedule Thing/What Are You Chinese Retarded ?


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      Cunt Understand

      Bear-Ass Me Again --->LMBO !

  8. Ugggh Gotta Shower Pretty Soon Again.... Oh Man, My Hair Will Take 45- Mins To An Hour Alone !!!


    ALL Your Fault Ya Know---> Good Morning !

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    Act Your Age - Mimicking Birds

    I miss your voice...hope to hear from you soon!
  10. Well Slap Me Silly ! LOLOLO !

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!. 


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      Thanks :-) just glad that today beats out my yesterday!!


  12. Know&Grow

    (Over)Win this Rolling Paper Depot 'Sesh' Tray + Goodies

    I'm not saying you *have* to call my number...but it was my birthday yesterday...lol :-)