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  1. SomeRandomGuy

    Everclear Tincture/Green dragon

    If you let the alcohol evaporate then yes the extract could be smoked. I would not smoke the liquid tincture though. Only if you were extracting and evaporating off the alcohol to leave you with concentrated trichomes.
  2. SomeRandomGuy

    Everclear Tincture/Green dragon

    The longer you wait the better in my opinion. You want the plant material to be in the alcohol long enough for the trichomes to dissolve into the alcohol.
  3. SomeRandomGuy

    Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 ~

    That is a lot of ash eddie. Not sure if were getting that much or not here in Beaverton. Can't tell.
  4. SomeRandomGuy

    Goodbye to flowering under LEDs.

    Haven't you gotten better results in the past?
  5. I doubt that this will happen. That is like saying. Will pain patients get heroin for their pain anytime soon? Or will people with adhd get cocaine or meth anytime soon? Although they did prescribe methedrine which is prescription meth at one point but not anymore. I will say i do not disbelieve in these things for ptsd as stimulants actually help my ptsd and ability to function normally but can't get them due to my diagnosis.
  6. SomeRandomGuy

    Sensi Seeds Skunk #1 ~

    Any updates?
  7. SomeRandomGuy

    Starting a dwc for the first time

    Nice setup! And ive always liked the GH products.
  8. SomeRandomGuy

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Great looking bubble!
  9. SomeRandomGuy

    Americans Want Trump to Respect State MJ Laws

    If you are comparing cannabis to heroin you have zero idea what you are talking about. It is safer than alcohol. Does anyone ever consider alcohol in these statements or is the legality of alcohol what causes nobody to look at the problems with it.
  10. SomeRandomGuy

    Deformed auto worth growing?

    Got a picture update?
  11. SomeRandomGuy

    First time outside

    3 of the seeds look decent
  12. SomeRandomGuy

    Mexi Schwag ~

    Cool you got some started!
  13. SomeRandomGuy

    Leaf Septoria/ Yellow Leaf Spot

    Thanks for the info!
  14. SomeRandomGuy

    DogWalker and Pineapple Kush

    Did you change the light cycle to 12 hours on and 12 hours off?