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  1. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    I got 4 clones on March 31st. Moved them to larger pots 5 days later. On April 26th I put 2 of them in the ground. They are in a small hoop-house that's about 32" tall, but at this time of year it does not get direct sunlight until noon, so I was concerned about how they would react. So far I've been lucky, they seem to be doing fine. I will be sure to inspect them closely for signs of flowering. I've got two more that I got at the same time that are still vegging inside. I'll probably put them out early next week.
  2. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    Thanks EddieKirk, that does help. I live in the far NE corner of Multnomah County, so there are some micro-climate concerns, but that's why I have the cold frame and the greenhouse. The ones that are starting under the cold frame will be under a big hoop house come September. Really, I think the only thing I'm lacking is patience, I'm just a little too excited about getting them into the ground. But I'll exert some self-control and wait until the time is right.
  3. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    I've got some fresh clones and I'm hardening them in front of a window but keeping a couple of CFLs on them to keep them at 18/6. I haven't met much community on the ground, but online the feedback I've been getting is that the days are too short in April, and the plants (if they have been vegged indoors and are mature enough) may start to flower. Then late May/early June, they will go back to veg, and then in August start to flower again, and all of this can kind of mess them up. The suggestion was, if a person wants to put them out in April and has a greenhouse, they can hang a light and keep it on from 8-10pm until June 1st, to make sure to keep them in veg. I have enough strange glowing lights coming from my house, I don't think I'll put a light out in the back yard. All of that is apparently less relevant if you start from seeds and not clones. As I understand it, if you start from seeds then you can put them out earlier -- but I have no actual experience with this, its just what I'm being told. So... all that said... I'm going to play it by ear and see how I feel. I have a small hoop house/cold frame to start a pair under, hopefully that will give them some early protection. And then two more for the greenhouse. It's more the lack of light than the cold I'm worried about at this point. Do y'all usually start from seeds or clones?
  4. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    ooops, meant to say "amended soil" not "augmented soil"...
  5. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    One of the pots was made of cloth, that one I dug a hole and sat it in the hole, I did not cut the bottom out of the container, (Thinking the roots would just push through the bottom on their own as I'd seen others do.) But that is not what happened, At the end ot the year when I pulled the planter out, I found it sitting in about 4 inches of ground water, So the plant was always sitting in water (Im thinking) This year I'll do it different. The second plant was just in that 10 gal plastic pot that sat above ground, This year Im going with much larger smart pots (35 gal or more) and I will cut the bottoms off and work more on the drainage, I don't want to find they were sitting in water. so it was not the best grow yet. Im hoping this year will be much better. That's all very interesting and helpful. I have two 100 gallon "smart pots" (cloth pots, which are 3 feet wide and 19" tall), and I dug 4 foot wide by 2 foot deep holes. I then back-filled the holes halfway with augmented soil mixed with native soil, because I was told where I bought them (as you had assumed) that the roots will grow through the material. The pots will be filled with highly augmented soil. I am sinking them partway into the ground for two reasons -- one is to keep the roots cool, the other is because of the height issues, I don't want to start the plant 16 inches off of the ground, lower is better for me. I realize I lose some of the "breathability" of cloth pots, and I will lose the very fast draining aspect, but I just don't have the height to work with. My soil down below the pots is pretty sandy/loamy, so I believe it will drain sufficiently. Initially I had planned on just dropping them straight into the ground without any pot, so I suppose this will be a good compromise. It's my first outdoor grow, and my first one at this house in this area... lots of firsts.
  6. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    Beautiful grow! Did you cut the bottoms off of those pots, or are those huge girls only have access to the soil in the pots? Or are they shooting roots through the drain holes?
  7. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    Since my first post I did some more research and all things considered, I'm going to finish the ones inside that I started inside, and get some fresh ones for the outside when the time is right. It appears to be too risky/too much stress on the plants, to go from 10 weeks of indoors and 18 hours of light, to outdoors and 12 +/- hours of April light, then have it warm up and the days lengthen, then have the days shorten again... They are in a kind of weak CFL closet, so the yield won't be much, but in the end that seems like the best option. As far as theft goes, I'm going to have to chance it. If I can get even a half pound out of each of two plants (one pound total), then I'll have almost enough medicine for my patient for a year - if I get 3/4's of a pound, we're golden. So its definitely worth the risk of it being stolen to not have to rely on the small closet grows I've been playing with.
  8. Possibly

    When are y'all starting your outdoor grows?

    I hear you about the smell and all, I live on a busy street with a bus stop adjacent to the property... and... I live about 100 yards from a police station. It's all a bit surreal for me. I'm hoping that by August the smell of ripening buds will be so ubiquitous that people will have trouble figuring out where its coming from! But that could be a fantasy of mine. I'm also thinking that if you're going to hop a fence and steal something, maybe you don't do it so close to a police station? I really have no idea. We're going to give it a try and see what happens. If it fails for any reason, we'll still have the greenhouse, and we're putting in fruit trees, berry bushes, and lots of veggies this year, so that'll come in handy as time goes on, no doubt. Right now I just have the framework of the structure, I'll post some pictures when its complete.
  9. I've lived on properties with outdoor grows, but never been responsible for one myself, before now. I have four girls inside now, and two are going outside as soon as its time... This has been such a mild winter but late March/early April can still have some hard frosts. This is especially true where I live, east of Portland in a Gorge influenced micro-climate. I've built a 4' x 10' structure that will be a greenhouse/hoop-house combo, and dug two four foot diameter by two feet deep holes, and I have two 100 gallon smart pots and a really awesome soil combo, so I'm all ready to go. I'm going to premix the soil and let the microbes get happy, while I wait for the right time to plant. I'm thinking mid-April? My girls will be vegging under CFL's for 10 weeks by then! I hadn't actually planned on putting them outside when I started them, I was going to do the full run indoors... but now I really want to get them under the sun and let them do their thing. Well, sort of. The law, as I understand it, is that an OMMP patient can not smoke in public view, and a grower can not grow plants within public view. So even though I intend to finish the 6 foot fence before the plants are nearly that high, I can't have them growing over the fence. To that end, the structure I built has an area for a SCRoG to be built into it, so that I can keep them wider and shorter. Anyway, I'm babbling. When are y'all putting your girls outside? How long (or to what size?) are you starting them in pots before you put them in the ground? Thanks!
  10. Welcome to the forums Possibly :)

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