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    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    Grabbing all the popcorn in the world and following.
  2. Hey EK, I've been consumed with other things....but yes...I have an oscillating fan running 24/7. I turned it off for the filming though :-) The lady Guatemalan I pollinated with the China Yunnan did wonderfully. I've cracked a few seeds already and I'm expecting some interesting developments...
  3. Soil mix, 1/3rd Lava rock (perlite is too degradable), 1/3rd local compost (mixed 50/50 with local EWC), 1/3rd peat moss/sphagnum moss... amended with azomite, alfalfa and kelp. Cover crop Alpine strawberries, NW native blueberries (max height 14"). Regular mulching with trimmings, straw and local sourced botanicals, such as nettles, comfrey, berries. A big pile of worms. A ladybird house. Regular applications of foliar sprays to stimulate hormonal response..for example, taking dandelion buds (via bio-reactor) and using that to give flowering plants a big push...Coconut utilized, as the biggest seed, to also introduce enzymes....also Aloe for cloning as well as foliar feeding. Worms fed with botanical infused applications ie..Alfalfa seeds, Kelp meal, barley seeds, food scraps and the cover crop. AACT, Fermented teas, sprouted seeds...all to be utilized. i will be avoiding bat guano because of the potential environmental impacts on those furry little .....also steering clear of animal products cellular memory and such. Ace seeds nepelese Jamaican " NEPAL JAM STANDARD FAST FLOWERING NEPALESE HYBRID WITH EXCELLENT RESISTANCE AGAINST COLD AND RAIN The Nepalese sativa is a strong and compact highland sativa with short flowering and excellent resistance against mold and cold. Its dense and resinous flowers produce first class hash. The Nepalese was crossed with a touch of Jamaican 85 to add vigor, yield, bluish colors and the classic positive Jamaican effect to the final hybrid, whilst maintaining the original Nepalese sativa behavior. Excellent sativa for rainy and cold climates, and for indoor growing. F6 STABILIZED HYBRID STANDARD - FEMALE AND MALE PLANTS 60 % SATIVA / 40 % INDICA FLOWERING INDOORS: 9 WEEKS FLOWERING OUTDOORS: END OF SEPTEMBER/ EARLY OCTOBER YIELD / M2: AVERAGE-HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST SPIDER MITES: AVERAGE-HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST MILDEW: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST BOTRYTIS: HIGH RESISTANCE AGAINST COLD: HIGH LATITUDE: 0-47º GENETICS FLOWERING 60 % sativa / 40 % indica. F6 stabilized hybrid. (Nepalese/Jamaica '85) x Nepalese. End of September / Early October STRUCTURE YIELD / M2 Small-medium structure with columnar growth. Average-High. BOUQUET HIGH Seductive sweet and caramelized aroma with hints of honey. Warm, clean and expansive effect that leaves you happy and floating on air for 2-3 hours. GROWING TIPS Nepal Jam has acquired a surprising resistance against cold, rain and all types of fungus. It produces excellent results, flowering even on foggy or icy days (in conditions where other varieties would easily die or rot). It has been grown in a great variety of climates: warm or cold, dry or wet, including northern countries from Central and Eastern Europe. Due to its stability, adaptability and resistance, we highly recommend Nepal Jam for breeding projects, and to develop fast flowering hybrids of warm and expansive effect. We recommend average fertilizer levels for the whole cycle. Female seeds of the Netherlands " C99 Product description The C’99 is the holy grail of the cannabis strains. As she resembles the high and the taste of an exceptional sweet landrace sativa, which normally takes half a year to flower. But the C99 flowers in 7 - 8 weeks. On top of that the buds are quite sugared. This new batch is a cross of two exceptional basic pheno types, the Grapefruit and the Pineapple. Both derived from the original Brothers Grimm C99. It matures in 4 weeks from seed, which is much faster than the original C99. (6 - 8 weeks) One not to miss! Flowering time: 56 days Height: 80 - 100 cm Seed to Harvest: 75 day Yield: high Taste / Smell: Extremely fruity like a pineapple / grapefruit"
  4. MoorlandMoss

    DIY Cloner

    One thing I found out recently from reading DJ Shorts book, is that the more photosensitive the plant is, the easier she will be to clone. One aspect of a plant being photo sensitive is how quickly they respond to the change to flowering light schedules.............That response points to how well the plants will clone. Also DJ short recommends potting the clone cutting as soon as white bumps appear on the base of the stem....those pre root nodules are prime to be transplanted. I've had continued success using this cloner and I'm learning how to use it better with what the plants are telling me...
  5. MoorlandMoss

    Fungus gnats

    I'd recommend rubbing the top layer of soil to crush anything you can't see crawling about a little before applying the DE. If you have worms they will eat the DE. I would apply a light layer, a dusting... A glass/cup with a little red wine, or apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap.....they will through themselves into that solution to die. popping your head in the tent and telling them they'd better stop breeding because you don't want to be responsible for a genocide... I've tried the small ball shaped fly traps, the sticks, and the paper...... I'd go with sticks or flypaper, because the traps with fluid in dry out and become useless really quickly because of the grow room conditions.. Spraying with a mild solution, with essential oils or just olive oil....and natural dish soap. 5ml of olive oil, a few drops of Apple cider vinegar and enough drops to emulsify the solution....this sticks their wings together and is super effective, I would spray in the top corners of the tent too, because at some stages they seem to prefer that space... watering by hand....with a jug or something, so you can pour the water gently around the plants stem and reduce the overall surface dampness compared to the watering can....
  6. Downtown Portland, Paris theater and voodoo donuts. invading council crest park on a sportbike.



      Sounds like fun, thanks for transporting me there.

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      Cheers Moorland.

  7. SD, RCM, EK, Redmund, Flyin1420, SRG... Thank you for the support on the videos, it bears weight for me.
  8. Nothing complicated, fresh air pulled from outside with a 4inch ventech fan and controller that is usually between mid-high. Exhaust goes outside via another 4inch ventech and controller. I have a table fan on the floor of the tent. I really prefer the fan to blow across the pots rather than across the plants. The advice I got on here from day one, was 4inch intake and exhaust, plus controllers and carbon filter, then an oscillating fan. I've never needed to change that...I have shifted my light cycle so the plants are sleeping during the hottest part of the day, but it's still cool in the tent, and the extra 6 or so degrees the 600W Led light throughs off, nicely offsets the late night early morning chill. I also, expect the plants to deal with swings off 30 or so degrees .80 degree day and 50 degree night isn't that extreme for plants above 2000ft+ , so I need everything to adapt to that type of low altitude mountain side type place and this is one way to harden them, that is to do with me and where I want to ideally live ,between 2000ft - 4000ft, south facing side of a mountain etc, etc,etc Thomas KinKade, Jack London..... However, temp swings above 20 degrees are supposed to increase inter nodal stretching so I wouldn't suggest other people do the same...I've used an thermostat based fan controller and it worked really, really well/ It would spool up gradually and be very stealth in operation...but, I'd rather it get hot, I'd rather it get cold and they have an absolute constant supply of fresh air being exchanged. The thermostat variable fan speed fuzzy logic controller only worked on Temp and not 'breathability' and so it didn't work in that way. Also, I went to the Human Collective yesterday. Great service like before, courteous staff. The regular selection of hydroponic non-organic growers, and they had sold out of the organic med's when I was there. Without being critical of that dispensary, I hope more of us find a way to start growing for ourselves. It is almost like homegrown small farm apples, backyard grown tomatoes and veggies are all distinctly better than anything you can buy at a big retail food store. Homegrown medicine is better perhaps also because of the months in close contact with the plant and the nurturing going both ways....it doesn't matter how you grow if your caring for the plant your caring for it :-) Something must be happening and altering between the grower and the plant just because they are alive in the same space.
  9. I spray the top of the soil, sometimes daily, sometimes every other week. It is totally dependent on the pot. I do very little to control the temp', so with our daily fluctuations I respond, with more or less. At the end of a hot day, I sometimes like to mist down the whole tent and give them that hot, late afternoon, semi-tropical like passing shower. Sometimes I pour the water by using a QT glass jar as a scoop, it makes the process a little more attentive. Sometimes it's the watering can :-) The top few inches are the worms playground with leaf debris and other things like oat grass straw, anything green cut down from any plant. On my newer pots that worm playground is about 4-5 inches deep, on the older pots about 2-3 inches because the soil is bound with roots. When I water I'm concerned for the soil and worms...a plant that wilts will bounce back within hours so no big deal. But, if the top layer of soil dried out, that takes weeks to rebuild and get smelling right again. I do have a lot of regular plants growing outside that provide me with an ongoing assortment of green biomass. I also, mix into the top soil varying seeds/grasses/legumes (so helpful), and I'm happy if they grow no bigger than a sprout before I roll them back into the soil.. I haven't top dressed with anything for months, so the worms haven't had any sudden rich additions. The green biomass is really useful, as are having things growing and being cut back regularly. I keep the soil covered with something in all my pots..even the 1 gallon pots have a layer of lava rock. I also, like having extra lava rock in the top layer of soil too. Placing a bunch of green biomass in a corner then covering it with stones, is like a worm paradise hotel. I actually need to get some large flat pebbles/slate in the pots for the worms to have that near surface moist underside of a stone place.
  10. I did another video. This one shows my soil in the a 4th cycle no-til pot and one on its first cycle. Also, shows three China Yunnan sisters and the plant I adore, NepJam. Also, the Bubblegum pheno of 'Bluejam' living the life in her no-til and the only living cutting of the humongous China Yunnan strain. I'm learning video editing and getting a youtube channel up and running....all things I never would have dreamed of doing 4 mths ago :-) Vitam Horm. 2005;72:457-78.Plant sex pheromones. Sekimoto H1. Author information AbstractAlthough plant pheromones have been much less studied than animal pheromones, they are involved in a wide variety of processes in the life cycle of many plants, particularly in sexual reproduction. In this review, the current knowledge concerning sex pheromones in plants is described with emphasis on their structures and functions. PMID: 16492479 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] “It’s a very significant discovery that plants can perceive chemical signals from an animal – our work provides some of the first evidence for this,” said BTI professor Daniel Klessig. “This discovery also has great potential for protecting plants against pathogens and pests in an environmentally friendly manner.” http://news.cornell.edu/stories/2015/07/worm-pheromones-trigger-plant-defenses-study-finds Not editing that stuff down :-) interesting the technical support for a very different methods of agricultural practices are easy to find. In this video I talk about getting to know your plants via scent and intuition and choosing the type of relationship you are going to have with the plant.
  11. I gave them over a week together. For anyone, who doesn't watch the video (forgot to put a description on it). I was explaining in the slowest possible way, that I'm letting the male and female spend about a week together as apart of their breeding. I didn't want to put pollen on a female , but instead give both plants time to become aware of each other and start to respond..... Does the method of conception for cannabis matter? Maybe in some way to the plants it does... Epigenetics and all that.. In a natural setting they would have time.. So I literally gave the plants a courtship time before pollination. They had their own tent and sat next to each other for about 10 days. I see it that the plants communicate with us and each other and their environment. Not exactly like triffids, but they do send of different scents.... I will get an update up here soon on the plants..I've NepJam, China Yunnan, and Guat' x Nepjam in flower. Still not running a full run of the same strain at the same time and staggering my flowering plants.
  12. MoorlandMoss

    DIY Cloner

    As an update. The functionality of the cloner machine is spot on. It's been running virtually non-stop for about 6 weeks. One of the red little sprayers popped off when I was changing the water, but no issue to pop it back in again. I knew when I put the strains I wanted to make clones of in there that they may not take. That's to do with the strains, and where and when I took the cuttings. However, I have put some new cutting in there in the lasts week and can already see a lot of little white root nubbies.. Also, running water only with no additions is enough. Foliar misting can be used for feeding.
  13. A video of a Guatemalan x China Y female being pollinated gently by a male of the same cross.
  14. MoorlandMoss

    SpeedDemon's newbie grow journal (1st one ever)!!

    Tea Tree oil and or Eucalyptus oil...with a little natural dish detergent I've found really messes up the flies....I think it's the almost caustic nature of both those oils plus the detergent. I'm not sure if I missed if you've got the gnats and mites under control. But, keep fighting them.... You have so many options for applications to kill and ward them off...I think you'll be alright, just keep trying to spray almost daily across the edges of the pots and handles and those places they go too, for the mites and the soils surface for the gnats. Other odd remedies...I've half a young coconut with a little water in it..the lady birds drink from it and the gnats just plunge to their deaths!!! Also, a cup with red wine and detergent and a little apple cider vinegar...they dive to their deaths in that too.....I'm not sure how effective either of those things would be for control but they do warm the soul.
  15. MoorlandMoss

    My No-Till Garden ~

    The clone you gave me is "The One" for sure...she looks almost identical to the plants above. I think it is wonderful testament to how well this grow is going looking across that canopy and seeing happy, healthy plants providing... :-) They are even crowding each other in their efforts to pray to the sky :-)
  16. I don't remember seeing anything, anywhere about her flowers turning white...although I was sure she was going to have pink flowers. The cutting I have from her is doing well and is going to be used for breeding. It would be freakish, if in her seeds there was some all white flowers... you called it totally...those white flowers do you look bleached.
  17. Redmund, I'm exploring landrace variaties... At the moment I'm gong down too different avenues.....one with NepJam and the other has China Yunnan in there (both crossed with Guatemalan) . Both those strains touch on pain, but trying to get that type of discomfort relieved, plus anti-inflammatory, plus the emotional lift and all other concerns, I know this will be years of work. AT, what your saying about daytime activity and pain management versus needing something to keep sleep restful is that crucial thing I want to get too...daytime functionality and evening peace . I've two lines going now and each one I'll tailor for day and night...so there will be 4 different crosses eventually. What you said does help...especially hearing what strains are working for you. I've never heard of Herijuana before. She sounds like a really interesting plant. An IBL. I really appreciate the offer of seeds...
  18. MoorlandMoss

    my first grow log, please advise LST

    She is starting to look a lot healthier. As a tip for looking for PM ..FLASH photography will show PM really well. I don't see any signs of PM...
  19. Wow, I've been busy and pre-occupied, thank you guys for the kind words. I try and watch out for negative self talk but..thank you for picking up on it and saying something....it's warming and felt. ---- I've been fortunate enough to meet a few ommp patients randomly whilst out in the world. I really appreciate any and all feedback on what I'm growing, its invaluable. I really need other peoples input. It is impossible for me to really know how well something deals with a particular issue without hearing from people. The BlueJam is received generally the same way...... The China Yunnan has been going through selections and cross breedings... bizarrely enough, women seem to have a stronger liking for the strain.... One of the issues I've been wanting to breed a specific type of strain for is rheumatoid arthritis (and closely related illnesses) and I've just been put in touch with someone. That is wonderful news for me...and hopefully that will help me and others.
  20. Yeah I've a new motovlog

  21. Yeah I've a new motovlog

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    my first grow log, please advise LST

    Good call Flyin1420...are these the lowest leaves?
  23. MoorlandMoss

    my first grow log, please advise LST

    I understand your consideration Dudz..after applying a lot of different kinds of bacteria I think something as benign as breast milk will be gentle enough. The other thing I want to stress again, is that we have a long, long history with this plant, however it may sound, we come closer to the plant by consuming it and I feel that the plant comes closer to us...like it wants to come closer to us..and by consuming a little of what we are (we are mostly bacteria a wonderful person told me today) I feel the plant comes closer. It can't just have been us making the plant listen to us for thousands of years, that wouldn't be a relationship...something more symbiotic I feel is the norm...and maybe giving them a little breast milk is how they hear us :-)
  24. My kitty in a cardboard box

  25. MoorlandMoss

    my first grow log, please advise LST

    oh as for terpene profiles being more expansive with organic methods...I have heard that from people like DJ Short and The Rev' and others...