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  1. Happy Birthday. your missed.

  2. Caedmon Michael

    Jazz ~

    Thanks, all. Sometimes, you love a strain at first smoke, but a couple grams later, you're ready for something different? Not this. It's all I've been smoking and I finish every joint looking forward to the next. I was in bad health when I went in, so I really didn't catch a whole lot about the story or whether they sold seeds/clones. I had the feeling the guy I talked to was very knowledgable and would know where to find them if they don't.
  3. Caedmon Michael

    Rolling the Perfect Small Joint - A Tutorial with Photos

    My first roller was smaller than my papers. I had to cut them down to size. Whatever works.
  4. Caedmon Michael

    Jazz ~

    Jazz is a cross of Jack Herer and Raspberry OG. I bought it on a whim because I wanted Jack Herer, but the dispensary's strain was higher THC than I was looking for. I'm glad I did. The bouquet is piney and sweet. Very pleasant. The pine of the Jack really comes through when smoking as a joint, with a strong vanilla undertone. As a migraine sufferer, it's the pine I was looking for. Pinene is the cannabinoid that helps more than anything with a migraine, making Jack Herer one of my go to strains. However, I like to be able to sleep once the pain is down and Jack tends to keep me up. Crossing Jack with Raspberry keeps the strong pinene levels—the medicine I am looking for—while softening the energetic effect. The Jazz didn't knock me out, but it allowed me to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep well. It also knocked a moderate migraine out as fast as anything I've smoked. The head high came on fast and hard, but felt more like a clarity high than a stoned high (though I was definitely both). If it wasn't for the migraine and just wanting to get to bed, I would have been comfortable doing business or holding a conversation with a non-smoker For the moment, this strain is a one off. I found it at Local Herb Collective at SE 160th and Division. I hope it's a strain that takes off and sticks around, as I'd like to make it a regular piece of my medicine cabinet.
  5. Caedmon Michael

    Rolling the Perfect Small Joint - A Tutorial with Photos

    woohooo! That's good news. How did it go? Have you been practicing, since?
  6. Caedmon's Mini Medistick Intro A little over a year ago, my neurologist suggested I give medical marijuana a try for combating complex migraine headaches. Clueless, I went out and got my OMMP medical card, ran to the nearest dispensary, and stated, "I'd like some marijuana, please." When the budtenders realized I wasn't joking—I though marijuana was marijuana was marijuana—they laughed even harder and then helped me into an eight of Jack Herer. I was so excited, I didn't even think about how I was going to smoke it. It didn't help that I hadn't smoked anything in my life up to that point. So, I jumped online, found a number of creative ways to smoke using only common, household items, and coughed up both lungs on the first draw. I nearly gave up after my first day. Friends at OMMP Pay it Forward and two new housemates with considerable experience rescued me and convinced me to build up some tolerance and keep working at it. I'm thankful for their support as I experimented with glass and wood pipes, water pipes, and vaporizing herb and concentrates. Joints A simple, wood pipe became my go to consumption method, but came with drawbacks. It was a pain to keep clean, for one, and not very discreet for medicating away from home. Oil vaporizers that looked just like all the e-juice vapes were clandestine, but the oils were killing my asthmatic lungs. My housemates suggested I try smoking joints. It sounded like a great idea except for two things: Joints are a pain in the ass to roll. Pre-roll joints from the dispensary are expensive and way too big. I embarked on a quest to roll the perfect medication joint. I have to admit, experimenting has been fun. Worst case scenario, I'm stuck smoking an imperfect joint. And let me tell you, I've smoked a lot of imperfect joints. While I hope I never find the truly perfect joint—what's left if there's nothing to improve upon?—I'm here today to share the best I've rolled to date: Caedmon's Mini Medistick Method Without any judgement toward others, I use marijuana for medical purposes. To be honest, I don't really like being high, but I do like the relief it gives me from the debilitating pain of a migraine or the gut busting cramps of Crohn's Disease. My joint is intentionally small. I don't need a whole gram at once and don't like reusing a single joint over multiple sessions. Depending on the strength of the weed, I find a quarter gram joint to be about perfect. And, if it's an especially bad migraine or the marijuana just doesn't hit like it normally does, at 0.25g, I can always smoke another. I've also found that smoking small amounts more frequently gives better lasting relief than one big joint up front. Equipment Here’s a list of the equipment I use in the steps below, with links. Most of the links take you to Rolling Paper Depot, a sponsor of OMMP Pay It Forward. There are no affiliate links and I receive nothing for you clicking them They are there for your information, only. MyWeigh Triton 2 Mini Scale When you’re smoking for fun, eyeballing your weed is just fine. When you’re rolling for medicine, it’s important to know and understand your dosing so you can adjust for weaker and stronger strains, and relief needed. You don’t need an expensive scale, but you do need one that will measure down to .01g. A .1g scale just won’t cut it for the weight range we work with. Space Case 2-Piece Titanium Grinder - Large This thing is the size and weight of a hockey puck. It’s not the grinder I want to carry in my back pocket all day. For all other purposes, this is a premium grinder. With a little practice, you can control the size of grind with precision. It’s the only grinder I own. When I need to take loose weed with me, I grind at home and carry in a small TightVac. I have ground anywhere from 0.1g to a full quarter ounce at one time in this grinder. RAW Roller Eco Plastic 2 Way Adjustable 70mm Rolling Machine The adjustable roller makes all the difference and gives you choices. Without it, a smaller amount of weed in a standard roller will tend to compress the weed and make a smaller diameter joint that will burn slower, with a harder draw. With the adjustment, you get a looser joint that does the job just as well, but lets you smoke it down much more quickly. This is great when you’re smoking on the sly or just need to get meds in your system. RAW Unbleached Roll-Up Tips I go back and forth on tips. I like the slightly salty flavor of a crutchless joint, but tips give structure and something to hold onto. Play with crutchless for fun, but use tips for your Medisticks. I prefer the roll-ups to perforated or rolled because I can adjust the size more easily. For a quarter gram Medistick, I’ll tear the tip in half and roll a tight “w.” RAW Natural Single Wide We all have our favorite papers. I like the RAW naturals because they’re easy to work with, the glue sticks, and the flavor of the weed really comes through when you smoke. It’s so thin you can see the weed through the paper, but I haven’t had one tear. Most importantly, they burn at just the right speed and don’t race or flare out. RAW Clipper Lighter OK, any Clipper lighter would work, but you’ve probably noticed a pattern. Everything in the list above but the scale and grinder are RAW. I’m not a fangirl; I just like their product. When I saw the RAW lighter in the display at my local head shop—The Third Eye—I had to buy it. The Clipper isn’t even the best lighter out there, but it has one, unique feature that makes it an invaluable tool for anyone rolling joints. The removable flint housing hides a joint poker, perfect for tamping down loose weed at the end of your joint. If the poker is too large for your joints, you might try the RAW Clipper Mini Lighter. It’s exactly the same, only smaller. Both sizes are refillable. A Postcard or Similar Piece of Card Stock I use magazine inserts, junk mail postcards, those double-size business cards that fold in half, or any other paper product that’s big enough to dump my grinder onto and will fold down the middle to make pouring easy. If the thought of newsprint makes you squeamish, you might try the RAW Scoop Card. Rolling Measure If I’m just rolling one joint from bud, I’ll weigh the bud on the front end before tossing in the grinder. If I’m going to be rolling multiple joints, I’ll just grind enough into a small TightVac or other container and then weigh out per joint. How much is determined by a number of factors including the strength of the weed, the strength of the symptom you are combatting, and your tolerance. I use 0.25g as my baseline and adjust up or down from their. If the weed is strong, I might only roll 0.2. If the migraine is severe, I might roll 0.3 or 0.35g. If I’m rolling ahead for the week or for a trip, I usually roll 0.2 to 0.25g joints, depending on the weed. I can always smoke two if I need more medication. Grind I know prevailing knowledge says to use a fine grind for joints, but that doesn’t work for the Mini. I like a grind that’s larger and almost fluffy. In my large Space Case grinder, I give three, back and forth, quarter turns of the grinder. That’s all. Just enough to break the nug up. It should still look like broken up flower more than cracked pepper. The Fluff Grind gives the weed structure in the joint, allowing you to roll it a little fatter (giving that nice draw) without it falling apart. Now we’re at the fun part: loading the machine and rolling the joint. Roll the Tip Start by tearing the tip in half (so that it’s half as long, not super skinny). Then, fold a small “w” in one end by folding the paper one way, then back the other. I like to build the w with 1/16” folds. Continue rolling the rest of the tip around the w. Load the Weed If you started by weighing your bud, just dump the grinder onto your scoop card. If you started with ground weed, tare your scoop card on your scale and measure out your dose. Open the adjustable rolling machine and set it to the right size. For joints up to 0.35g, I like to use the vertical setting (Setting #2). For everything bigger, I use the horizontal setting (Setting #1). Insert the tip on the left side. Carefully pour the weed into the rolling machine. Tamp it down until it’s about the height of the tip or as pack as you can get without forcing the issue. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Close the rolling machine and give it two or three full rotations. I like to start with the “RAW” logo facing me. When it’s in front of me, again, I know I’ve gone once around. You shouldn’t need to force anything. A light finger is best. Insert the paper. It’s a bit tricky, but all you need to do is set the paper down into the opening on the machine as straight as you can. Make sure the gummed part is on top and facing you. Roll the paper. It’s just like rolling the weed, earlier, except with a piece of paper in the way. Just before the gummed part gets sucked in, give it a good lick, then finish the job. When the whole paper is in there, I like to give it three more full rotations. Finishing Up Open the rolling machine and gently remove your joint. Inspect the paper for tears and make sure the gum has stuck. If you see openings, just lick the outside of the gum, lightly, and press to the joint. Sometimes, especially if the joint is on the smaller side, the tip will push toward the middle of the joint. That’s fine. Just trim off the excess paper (fingernails work great for this; so do scissors). If the weed is loose at the open end or there is a gap, use the poker in your Clipper lighter to press it in, holding the joint close to the end so you don’t bend it. Twist the end to close it off, if necessary. Ta da! You now have your first Mini Medistick! With just a little practice, you’ll be turning these out with ease
  7. Caedmon Michael

    2016 Summer Grow Pre-Season Awards

    Hoo-wheee! Y'all are making this tough on the red shirts around here. So much going on in our gardens. As one who must grow vicariously, I love the journals and photos, the amazing help that's even showing up in intros, and all this soil talk that's climbed way above my head. We're in the final days and, while you don't have a clue what the contest actually is, you really don't know what to keep up doing. Except… Except, I did just tell you you're making it tough on the judges and you can probably assume that's meant in the good way by the rest of my words. So, keep doing what you're already doing. Y'all aren't here because PIF rocks. PIF rocks because you're here. Standby for announcements. And prizes! As PIF thanks you, our growers, for giving yourselves forward to this community.
  8. Caedmon Michael

    curing your medicine

    It just sounds so painful for the plant. Even if it "works," I'm not sure I could boil the roots of a living organism. We do have a responsibility to the plants who give so generously to us.
  9. Caedmon Michael

    Rest In Peace "Tigger" ~

    Hugs to shorty.
  10. Caedmon Michael

    Rest In Peace "Tigger" ~

    Hugs to you both.
  11. Caedmon Michael

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    If someone is renting a 3br house that's no different than any other 3br house but is seriously jacking up the rent just because they know they can get away with it because it's harder to find grow-friendly houses, I think that's dirty pool that goes against the entire ethos of this community. However, a 3br house that has dedicated grow space built-in, electrical and venting already figured out, &c., is a 3br with serious added value. I would expect to pay more for that house because it gives me something more that makes my life easier. It's not just a 3br house. This is a good time to say everything in this post is my personal opinion and not the opinion of PIF or the Administration. I haven't talked to the others about this and am replying here solely as a member of the community. As a member of the community, thank you IOAP for bringing this up. (I'm sure not going to take it down, though if it turns into a good discussion, I might consider splitting the discussion out of the classified, into its own thread.) There is a charge here for those of us looking for grow-friendly properties, too. We have a responsibility to say no to ridiculous terms. They only take advantage of us because they believe they can. JohnnyAveo: Just to be clear, I think what you are doing is fine. If I was a serious, potential renter, I might want to have a conversation about what that "value added" is worth, but that you are adding to the basic rental price is not a problem for me (again, speaking for myself, not the board or itsonlyaplant. What I am against is the landlord who isn't offering anything extra other than allowing growing. Just allowing growing, with nothing special about the structure or property, is not a value added feature. I might understand an argument to add 10 or 20% for perceived risk/cost to the landlord, but that's better put into a deposit or cleaning fee than monthly rent.
  12. Caedmon Michael

    Changes coming March 1

    Actually, most everything on that sheet looks like a good idea. People already doing the right thing shouldn't be hurt. The only piece I don't like is the plant limits. I'm even okay with setting reasonable limits as a general rule, but this system is too simplistic. I mean, four cardholders in the same house should be able to grow all their plants. The rule needs automatic waivers for that and application waivers for people with oversized lots, backing up to non-residential land, etc.. Reporting and inspection are only going to be bad fo the people who are breaking the rules. Otherwise, it's too easy for a street dealer to get cards and look like it's abojt medicine when it isn't, giving the rest of us a bad name.
  13. Caedmon Michael

    What is CBD? ~

    We would be so much better off if we knew about the primary cannabinoids, the primary terpenes, and how heat affects them. Misinformation and lack of information are doing damage to the cause. And, if we're going to play doctor and pharmacist for ourselves, we should really know what we're putting into our bodies and why. Education is good for all of us.
  14. Caedmon Michael

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    I can't commit to anything more than interest, but this really does intrigue me. I'm originally from Eugene and would love to get back down to that area, someday. I'd also really like to be able to grow for myself and can't do that where I am right now. Indoor only is fine. But, I'm a disabled veteran with limited income and there's no way I can afford a house on my own. I'd have to share with other/s. To clarify, are you saying there are three bedrooms in addition to the grow spaces? Potentially, three adults could share? If so, then this is a most interesting idea for me and you let us know as you get closer to this being a thing. Also means if there are other singles (or a couple) looking for such a place, we should talk. Even if this house doesn't come available, I'd be open to moving into a shared house with grow option in PDX or Eugene areas.
  15. Caedmon Michael

    Magical Butter 2e

    Looks like a great product, but I just retired and have no $$ for gadgets–no matter how great–especially whrn my kitchen already does the job. It's in the "someday it would be a nice upgrade" category.