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    Trimming wonderful meds, assisting farmers and dispensaries with business, purchases, and more! Gold panning, rock hounding, camping, fishing, hiking, ADVENTURES! Life is always an adventure with the BOATLADY! :)

    SAVE NOW just say the BOATLADY SENT YOU:
    Pharmers Hydroponics Tualatin Or. 503-692-4070
    Bounty Marine Inc. Custom windows and doors, plus fiberglass 503-705-0830
    Vendors United will take about $100 off for my clients to represent their business at all the high end realty offices, plus a meet and greet to pass out cards direct. Call Dustin in Lake Oswego... 971-272-1108
  1. Howdy folks, I just finish a page, that will save you time or money! These are some great services make sure you take advantage of the savings by saying you network with Cannabis Express Trim Team. Become a farmer in our group and get that many more advantages...
  2. SM $2. Med $4. Lg $6 Set of each size above $10. I have worked on this salve for over 10 years, I have tried various herbs, and pulling different compounds.... NO I GOT IT!!! This salve is amazing, I obtained a lump out fishing don't know how, rubbed it on and was gone in a couple hours, the Neighbors use it for restless leg syndrome. I have given over 100 Samples away most with amazing results... This price is super low compared to the cost and time it takes to make it... Get it now and you will sure to return before you run out, this works that well. I also have some SAMPLES of some with some Monkshood in it. This is to repair nerves not just help with pain. I would like to find some severely effected individuals to test this out on. Major Nerve pain patients will get a FREE Sample of salve with nerve repair herb in it...
  3. Try 120 mg gingko 3 times a day for a week, see difference lower dose to 120 mg a day....Also 1 tsp of coconut oil a day helps too. What that does is replaced the same fatty acids as in brain cells, thus the coconut oil is a great brain food, watch out for higher levels of acidic acid with this, I.e. Gout!
  4. Boatlady


    Just as a FYI I have been working on my roommate with her diabetes, I have managed to get her off 2 meds by giving her my clean tea remedy with goa liu gen... Clean tea Sarsaparilla Dandelion root Milk thistle Nettles Goa liu Gen Dong qui Mix this with water drink two glasses of water then follow again with another glass of this tea!!! Do this off and on for a bout two weeks and you should notice a difference at that time..
  5. Boatlady

    Disablity Scooter

    OH damn ok Rip out the motor I can get you a nice outboard motor to throw in GAS and then you be rabbit speed! LOL
  6. Great method for keeping Powdery mold from forming is one tsp baking soda to one quart water spray on plants prior to rains, spray on plants after rain... COAST GIRL TRICK RIGHT THERE!



      Thanks for the tip. :)

  7. Boatlady

    Disablity Scooter

    MAN take out the governor and soup it up! gotta go at least 25 miles an hour!!!! But ya know I like the BIG MOTORS! Give me a 5.7 small block any day! LOL VROOM VROOM!
  8. Boatlady

    #cannabis #friendly #landlords #wanted

    I have two farmers looking for a pole barn with water and elec to rent. I have one boat Yard looking for a building to accommodate mid size boat yard. I have one person looking to open a dispensary in Sherwood, Newberg area...
  9. Out side growers, please know you need to bring your trimmed meds inside, nice dry dark area with a fan on them, you don't take time to dry when your outside, mold has aready set in dont grow it, then give it to your patients as healthy meds. OUTDOORS MUST BE DRIED RIGHT AWAY! I have one farmer tell me it takes a week and a half to dry then he starts curring it when I saw it after he said it was dry it was still wet and very dark NOT A GOOD SIGN!

  10. I have a week open for trimming claim us now and enjoy the benefit of becoming one of our members...

  11. No wipes they don't work take top layer off and leaves the yuk! All you need is either gloves like some do, this keeps bacteria off the buds and is part of what is tested, but my test are always low so how much of that matters, I don't know. I use SKin so soft at the end, this takes all sticky off and you can just wash away the dirt with soap and water... THAT EASY! to take resin off the scissors you just take a lighter to them and it will wipe right off too!!
  12. Boatlady


    I need a cleaner and a gen labor to come clean my house and my yard for I live in Sherwood's uppity area and it looks like CRAP! LOL I am way to busy with the Trim team and creating working relations with Dispensaries and clinics. So my motto has always been do what you do best and save the other stuff for the rest! HUBBY AND WIFE TEAM GREAT it will take two people to move the swing to the truck for the dump! ") Looking for a family oriented person. If you know anyone who is interested in helping please PM me for offsite contact. Please go friend Cheryl Reth or look for Cannabis Express Trim Team and like it, then LOVE IT!
  13. Welcome to the forums Boatlady :)

    Welcome to OMMP Pay It Forward: Patients helping Patients. To proceed further on the forums please click this link to jump to our introduction forum. http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/forum/33-introductions/ There on the right of the page is a tab that says “Start New Topic”. If you are new to forums and UN-sure how too make that intro click me http://freemygreenpdx.com/index.php?/topic/264-how-to-make-an-introduction/ Once you do the site will open all...