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    RIP Speckles

    RIP Speckles, 2/27/18 to 9/9/2020. She died as a result to the fire set a few blocks from my house on Weds. She was an endangered breed, Speckled Sussex. I raised Speckles since she was 2 days old. She, like all of my pets, are my babies. It doesn't matter if they are a dog, cat, or chicken, I love and spoil all of them more then I did for my human ones. Speckles laid every day and was one of my winter layers. She was one of my lap hens, that would enjoy pets while telling me what's going on in the flock. Some times Speckles would lay an egg on my lap. She'd follow me around the yard while talking up a storm demanding pets. When she'd molt, her feathers would have more white tips then before. Her sisters and the hen that helped to raise her (Feisty) miss her very much. Speckles has been gone for a few days now and they are still looking and calling for her. I know there is a chance that Feisty will go broody once she relies that Speckles is gone as she has done this in the past. I'm researching endangered breeds and thinking of getting one each: Speckled Sussex. Delaware, and 55 Flowery hen. The question is if where I get my chicks is still standing and have them. +5
  2. Purple Power

    RIP Butterball

    Butterball Feb. 2018 to April 28, 2020 I still don't know how she got out in the yard when Chloe was in there. We both thought we both counted 21 hens in the chicken zone before releasing the dog to the yard. Chloe is still in training and FAILED MISERABLY YESTERDAY. Yes she was severely punished and I'm debated the death penalty for her now or use shock training with her. My cameras caught the death blow and my dog happily running around with Butterball's dead body in her mouth. I wasn't home when it happened. Butterball was happy hen that enjoyed her last day on Earth in the front yard eating grass, clover, and any bug, snail, slug, or worm she could find. Sour is looking for her since she has been grooming her to be a boss hen. She laid her final egg yesterday and a was great layer.
  3. Purple Power

    RIP Butterball

    Right now the hens are very quiet and in shock. Some refuse to leave the chicken only zone. Cookies is hiding under the coop, not talking or getting into mischief. I did find an egg under there too. Spikey was shaking when close to the gate to backyard. Sweet, Sour, and Feisty are where I found Butterball bowing their heads in silents. I think the hens affected more witnessed Butterball being murdered. I opened up the front yard to allow them to relax a little. Few hens have taken this offer and the few that did stayed close to me. I'm going to hung up some lavender in the coop to help calm them. This will effect their egg laying. I'm won't be surprised if most of the hens go broody. As for Chloe, she knows she fucked up bad and the two alphas are pissed at her. She didn't any signs that this would of happened. She wasn't staring/stalking the hens. might sniff a little for a sec then walk off. she never charged the fence, never growled or barked at them. She is in her crate looking guilty now. She'll wear a muzzle when out in the back yard. Once her new collar is here, it'll be on her inside or outside. She'll have the muzzle on and if I see her even look at my lady hens the wrong way she will be shocked asap. She will learn chickens = pain, stay away from them. When indoors, Chloe still messes with my oldest cat Nut Nibbler, so she'll be shocked too with this behavior. I think Nut Nibbler will start to mess with Chloe just to get her shocked as pay back.
  4. Purple Power

    RIP Butterball

    I just bought a shock collar and it'll be here on Saturday. Normally. I wouldn't consider this type of training, but her main job will be to protect the hens, not kill them. My son has volunteered to be shocked first as we set it up.
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  6. Copied from Facebook My public testimony, given today at the public hearing for House Bill 4034 regarding the takeover of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program by the OLCC. My name is Dale Petersdorf. Thank you for hearing my testimony today. I am a resident of Marion County Oregon. I'm a disabled veteran firefighter of the USAF. I separated from military service in 2012 and started growing cannabis for my younger brother who is a medical cannabis patient. I am also a medical cannabis patient, former registered medical grower, advocate and activist. I serve on the patient access and social equity subcommittees for the Oregon Cannabis Commission. I am the current elected Secretary for the Oregon SunGrowers Guild, a grassroots organization dedicated to advocacy and support of small family farms and naturally produced Sungrown cannabis and cannabis products. I am the CEO and founder of Project:Scarecrow. We are a 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is to facilitate access to quality of life, products, therapies and other services to Oregonians with debilitating medical conditions. At Project:Scarecrow, all of our patient members are OMMP patient cardholders; all have at least one documented, debilitating medical condition as diagnosed by a licensed medical practitioner. Over half are on some form of disability and have limited incomes. All have found a reliable form of relief from their symptoms by including cannabis or it’s constituents in their therapeutic regimen. Many find that using cannabis not only improves their quality of life, it reduces their cost of care. On behalf of our patient members and all OMMP patients. We oppose the passage of HB4034 and HB4035. Kill this bill now. The proposed legislative language is changing at such a pace that by the time the most affected community members, Medical Cannabis Patients, have formed a rebuttal, the proposed language has changed, rendering the rebuttal ineffective. This effectively muzzles the patients so that only the interests of the regulators and well paid lobbyists are heard when it comes to writing the laws about cannabis. It's important for the needs of OMMP patients be heard and heeded. The passage of these bills will put the State in a precarious position because moving the OMMP under the authority of the OLCC is damning to the OMMP as a viable program. The OHA is bound by HIPAA, the OLCC is not. Housing a medical program under the OLCC would compromise patient confidentiality altogether. Patients are under enough hardship, dealing with their own lives and debilitating medical conditions. They certainly don’t want to be put under a microscope by the state and scrutinized like criminals by the OLCC, arguably the largest law enforcement agency in the state. There is a grisly truth that patients are currently facing. Ever since the state of Oregon voted to regulate cannabis for Adult-use in 2015, the state's existing medical cannabis program (OMMP) began to come under siege. Back then OMMP was serving 78,045 patients registrants while simultaneously supplying the whole Adult-use market in the state of Oregon with "early Adult-use sales." Now, in 2020 there are 24,801 patients left. In recent years, we've seen change after change that has affected patient access. We’ve seen patient transaction limits from OLCC retailers reduced drastically from 24oz to 1oz per visit. The state decided that having a OMMP card was essentially a death sentence for any patient in need of an organ transplant and as recent as last year, the legislature created a new rule requiring all OMMP medical gardens to have a written consent form from the property owner. This put the patients in a position where they are forced to discuss their medical information with their landlord which exposes them to discrimination. Additionally, that information is available to banking institutions and a bank has the authority demand the mortgage be paid in full if they find out that the landlord is complicit with the medical garden on the property. No landlord in their right mind will sign that form. The Oregon SunGrowers Guild opposed that legislation last year and we were essentially told that it was happening, whether we liked it or not and that somebody would have to sue the state to reverse that rule change. This legislation puts the State in a precarious position because you can’t have an Adult-use program without having an existing medical program that functions. The passage of these bills basically overturns everything that was in Ballot measure 74 in 1998. We see that these bills were introduced by committee. Nobody wanted to put their name on these bills. Nobody wanted to take responsibility. We don’t blame you, they are terrible bills. But somebody approved for it to be introduced through committee. The states legal council must have approved it. You can do the right thing right now by stopping the passage of HB4034 and HB4035 right here in committee. Thank you. Dale Petersdorf Brother, Patient Advocate, Activist Project:Scarecrow, CEO, Founder Oregon SunGrowers Guild, Secretary of the Board Omnibudsman Enterprises, Sales Director Please keep calling the members of the House Economic Development Committee who have not yet committed to voting no on HB 4034. 4035 and 4088 Rep. Lively 503-986-1412 Rep.JohnLively@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. Fahey 503-986-1414 Rep.JulieFahey@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. Helm 503-986-1434 Rep.kenhelm@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. McLain 503-986-1429 Rep.susanmclain@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. Marsh 503-986-1405 Rep.PamMarsh@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. Bonham 503-986-1459 Rep.DanielBonham@oregonlegislature.gov, Rep. Barretto 503-986-1458 rep.gregbarreto@oregonlegislature.gov
  7. For the third time in less than two weeks, a soldier from the Chicago area has died. View the full article
  8. A Dixmoor cop is facing an aggravated battery charge over an altercation with a 66-year-old woman. View the full article
  9. A 69-year-old jewelry store worker was bound at the hands and held at gunpoint while three men robbed her on the Southwest Side Wednesday, police said. View the full article
  10. They'll be joined by The Notorious B.I.G., Depeche Mode, the Doobie Brothers, Nine Inch Nails and T-Rex. View the full article
  11. Mayor Lori Lightfoot scolded several Chicago aldermen for their comments on a proposed study that could result in set asides for LGBTQ-owned businesses seeking city contracts. View the full article
  12. Rocky "Soul Man" Johnson, WWE Hall of Famer and father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, has died, WWE said Wednesday. He was 75. View the full article
  13. The Chicago area could see up to 3 inches of snow, ice and freezing rain starting Friday, as a winter storm moves through the area. View the full article
  14. ABC 7 Chicago is partnering with the American Red Cross for The ABC 7 Great Chicago Blood Drive, Wednesday, January 15, 2020. View the full article
  15. A female African lion died at Brookfield Zoo just days after her mate. View the full article
  16. Democratic House leaders have set the stage for only the third trial to remove a president in American history. View the full article
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  20. Purple Power

    Midnight & Moon

    On Nov 21st, I had to put my late other 1/2's and that became my beloved Moose cat down since his kidneys were in complete failure and starting to show signs of cancer (bumpy kidneys). Moose's adopted daughter, Nut Nibbler, sank into a deep depression despite everything we tried to cheer her up. On Nov 24, we went down to the shelter to look at kittens. I must admit I'm a 2 cat min cat person. We decided to avoid black and white kittens they'll remind Nibbler too much of Moose. The first kitten we came upon looked like a smaller version of the mighty Moose cat and was very playful. There was a grey kitten with two orange ones that were very loving and playful. When I look for a new pet, I find the ones that its harder for them to find a home. We saw two black kittens with a sign that reads, " We are bonded and loving brother/sister team who would love to find a forever home together. We love to play and purr, but take some gentle attention at first." The pound had a deal on them get 2 for the price of one. They had to be adopted by someone who wasn't renting. They are very shy, but I knew we found the right kittens. The pound named the boy that is twice the size of his sister, Midnight, and his sister Magic. I'll probably change these name after I get to know them better. I decided to getting two kittens, so they can play with each other when Nibbler isn't in the mood and while she learns to accept and love them. We put a black collar on the boy and a blue collar on the girl. These kittens weren't used to people, and I think they were most like caught off of the streets when younger.Normally when I introduce my poor grieving cat to a kitten, they accept them asap and start to mothering them starting with a bath. This is to get them smelling like home vs their old home, shelter, etc. Nibbler fluffed and hissed, so the kittens were put in their 'safe room' for the slow intro. This method can take weeks or months depending on the cat. Patience is a virtue with the slow method, but if done right they will be best buds. This gives Nibbler time to adjust to the kittens and the kittens time to get use to their new home and family. They have a few toys (one toy mouse is already missing its tail), a cubby hole, litter box, and food and water (by door but out of the way of it). Scent is very important to cats, so some small towels were placed with the kitten (in a few days, I'll move them where Nibbler can read them) and one of Nibbler's small pillows was put in the kittens safe room. If you think about it, your home is covered in different scents from household, you, dog(s), and your cat(s) that rub everything. The trick here is to mix the kittens scent into this mix to help Nibbler accept them. When I pet Nibbler or the kittens i get as much of their scent on my hands (the cheek and chin are the best spots on the face) then I go to the other kitty and let them read my hands. After they are done, I pet them mixing these cat/kitten scents. Nibbler spent most of the night hanging out by the door of the safe room. The male kitten is more adventurous then his sister and stuck his paw under the door. Nibbler jumped and ran, she returned shortly after. When Nibbler is fed, its by the safe rooms door. Nibbler loves food (especially canned) as her fat belly will tell you. While she's eating, she can smell and hear the little ones on the other side of the door. I also pet her as she eats. My dog and pup are either outside or in another room given the sit or lay with wait commands. They watch my cat be fed first. This is teaching them that the cat is higher ranking in our pack. If anything should happen to them, they have to answer to me, their alpha. Eventually, I'll let Nibbler explore the safe room without the kittens in there. They'll be busy exploring the house. When they do meet eye to eye, I have the kittens in a carrier at first. Safety is the 1st thing to think of for everyone sake. Slowly they will be allowed to share the same room. I'll have them play a game together like chasing a red dot, string, etc to reinforce a positive relationship between them.  The boy kitten warmed up faster, and I used him to get his sister calmer faster. It didn't take me long to get him to lay on my lap and start a roaring purr. Later, the kittens were in their bed and I got both purring loudly ( I got my son to enjoy giving some pets and bonding). It's been years since I've heard a kitten's purr. I know Nibbler is still hurting with her daddy Moose death, but she doesn't seem to be depressed anymore.... kinda curious and slightly ticked (that will pass). During their introduction, Nut Nibbler needed to learn and understand they are not a threat to her or her resources (food, toys, turf, me-love/attention, etc), and in no way am I replacing our beloved Moose. I could never do that, there isn't a cat alive that is like our Moose. Every cat is special in their own way and have a special place in our hearts. I slowly introduce the house to the kittens. I used toys to encourage them. All other pets were either outside or in their own room during this process. these pics are from 11/26/15 The kittens are going to Nibbler's room 11/27 After the kittens were conformable with their new home and Nibbler was more accepting of them, I started having Nibbler out when the kittens had time out of their safe room. At first Nibbler kept her distance watching these little babies that weren't to graceful. Every time they'd slip or not land where they wanted to, Nibbler would turn her head sideways and have a confused look. When she was a kitten and did a miscalculation on a jump, she'd stop playing and practice that jump. These kittens could care less and continued to play. As time went on Nibbler got a little closer. If they were napping or at least laying calmly, Nibbler would come over and get in a few sniffs. As expected Nibbler likes the boy better even though he's most likely the one playing with her tail, stalking her, being a copy cat, or being her shadow. Pics from 12/8 pics from 12/9 12/12 I started introducing Copper to the kittens. These pictures are from 12/13. Chloe was still in the crate at this point. If Copper was younger when I got him, I would of named him wiggles since his rear end is always wiggling or wagging. Add this to two kittens and you have a dog that attracts frisky kittens. The boy kitten is the one that's after Copper more. His sister watches that tail move but for the most part keeps her distance. By 12/14, Nibbler and kittens can get close to another. There are a few play swats and playing with a toy by each other. This is similar to how little kids learn to play with each other. Nibbler's play style is a bit confusing for the kittens. Cats normally play quiet and when they make noise they either mean business or telling playmate they are biting too hard. Moose was an only cat most of his life, so when he got his little Niblet he'd hiss while his body said playing. Nibbler has the same style. I've noticed Nibbler doing things I saw Moose do when she was a baby. Moon is smelling where the dogs were laying For feeding, I fed the kittens on one side of the door and Nibbler on the other. at time went on her bowl got closer to the door. She would hiss and might run off if a paw with kitten sharp claws came from under the door and tapped her. Once Nibbler was more conformable, I'd open the door slightly. Just enough to let them see each other. The kittens normally the boy would try to stick his paw out and Nibbler would hiss and run to her safe room. As time went on Nibbler calmed down. By 12/14, they can be by each other. The only problem is Midnight and Nut Nibbler are both food bowl raiders. For the last week, the kitten are allowed to be out of their safe room at night. I've lost count on how many times my feet have been attacked or hear Nibbler hissing as she runs off with 2 kittens after her. Midnight is adventurous yet loving. He plays hard and loves to rub up against my legs and of course loves the lap. Moon is more so all about the toys and bird watching. She is a very sweet little girl and will enjoy some lap time. She normally play with a toy of some kind or has a toy mouse in her mouth when running around with her brother.
  21. Purple Power

    Midnight & Moon

    Last Christmas, Midnight & Moon were still adjusting to home life, so I didn't get a tree. This year these two precious kittens are fully adjusted and I got a free tree. It's not even or full, but for a great price of free. The cat first got to do some reading of the bottom part of tree. I turn this into a reef later. There were a few frisk/ambush attacks during this. The mighty queen Nut Nibbler is now seeing how poorly she's trained her minions. This round was being ambushed by Midnight who was using the branches as cover. Next was see how the kittens would react to a few of the things going in the tree like pine cones with glitter and beads. I'll start with my adorable little princess Moon. Sorry for the burry pictures, but she was moving like crazy during this test. Needless to say, Moon really liked them, so they were put high in the tree Midnight wasn't to sure with the pine cone, but loved playing with the beads Nut Nibbler was just not impressed in the slightest. Moose trained her very well The tree is a lot smaller then I normally get and put it up on the sewing machine table. My pup, Chloe, thinks the tree is a stick. My tree stand is heavy and lays flat on the ground as the picture with Nibbler shows It can be hard to get your cat to look at you long enough to take a picture. Luckily for us, we have doughnuts. Nut Nibbler loves doughnuts. This is how we got that great shot As I decorated the tree, the cats watched. After I let them explore for a bit here's an old trick I used all the kittens I've raised besides a heavy stand. I never had a cat even a big cat like Moose in his prime (20lbs) take a tree down. Cats love boxes, that's a fact. I use boxes that were used for shipping and put a few holes in them: entrance/exit, a couple side hole for poking then I wrap it. Moon helped. Cats seems to enjoy the boxes and play in them vs going up the tree. As you can see, these boxes are a big hit. not the tree Midnight has settled in and laying down when his sister come up. Isn't Midnight a good looking boy? Nut Nibbler has spotted her poorly trained minions and are at it again Will Nut Nibbler decided she wants that spot under the tree, but her minions are giving her some looks. I'm not sure what she said to her kittens, but it was out of range for our hearing This Morning, Moon found a new spot Moon has some special quarks like every cat does. Every time I go in the bathroom she follows me. She'll rub up against me on her way to the shower and rub and roll around every where she can reach. Then she's off to the sink and lays in it. She go in the sink 1st if she sees I turned the water on. Here's pictures from this morning. Nibbler waking up after a good night of sleeping. Every morning she gets tuna with her herbal meds
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    Are CBD Dog Treats The New Wave Of Cannabis?

    Are CBD Dog Treats The New Wave Of Cannabis? We tried some on a senior pup. This is what happened. Danielle Guercio Jan 08, 2018 Like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system. Since we’re not 100 percent sure of all of its functions and finer details, all we can really decipher is that it’s under-serviced for the time being. In humans, that often means throwing the broad spectrum of cannabinoids at a concern, but this strategy does not work with dogs. THC is never a good idea for a pup, as it makes them nervous and anxious. We do know that non-psychoactive in humans CBD is also not psychoactive in dogs, so many have been seeking it out to help with various canine issues. My babe Chaco is a senior Boston Terrier/Beagle mix and she’s got her share of quirks. A licking fixation paired with a traditional Beagle food obsession combines to make her one misbehaved mess if the conditions are right. For this reason, she is crated when alone and we keep anything she would eat out of reach. With such a high energy and potentially destructive set of anxieties, she’s a great candidate for something of this nature...... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/are-cbd-dog-treats-the-new-wave-of-cannabis/
  25. Experimental blood test accurately spots fibromyalgia March 18, 2019 by Misti Crane, The Ohio State University For the first time, researchers have evidence that fibromyalgia can be reliably detected in blood samples—work they hope will pave the way for a simple, fast diagnosis. In a study that appears in the Journal of Biological Chemistry, researchers from The Ohio State University report success in identifying biomarkers of fibromyalgia and differentiating it from a handful of other related diseases. The discovery could be an important turning point in care of patients with a disease that is frequently misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, leaving them without proper care and advice on managing their chronic pain and fatigue, said lead researcher Kevin Hackshaw, a professor in Ohio State's College of Medicine and a rheumatologist at the university's Wexner Medical Center. Identification of biomarkers of the disease—a "metabolic fingerprint" like that discovered in the new study—could also open up the possibility of targeted treatments, he said. To diagnose fibromyalgia, doctors now rely on patient-reported information about a multitude of symptoms and a physical evaluation of a patient's pain, focusing on specific tender points, he said. But there's no blood test—no clear-cut, easy-to-use tool to provide a quick answer. "We found clear, reproducible metabolic patterns in the blood of dozens of patients with fibromyalgia. This brings us much closer to a blood test than we have ever been," Hackshaw said. Though fibromyalgia is currently incurable and treatment is limited to exercise, education and antidepressants, an accurate diagnosis has many benefits, Hackshaw said. Those include ruling out other diseases, confirming for patients that their symptoms are real and not imagined, and guiding doctors toward disease recognition and appropriate treatment. "Most physicians nowadays don't question whether fibromyalgia is real, but there are still skeptics out there," Hackshaw said...... https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-03-experimental-blood-accurately-fibromyalgia.html