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  1. New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Just some hens enjoying baby backs It's common when hens fight over food, one will grab it and run like barred rock did And a poor dog watching them After they lost interest, my dog was allowed to enjoy the bones
  2. Oregon Marijuana: Lots of Data, Few to Analyze and Check It A huge amount of data is stored by Oregon's 1,800 licensees every day, a reality that means the state has a tremendous amount of information at its fingertips. But the reality also is the state doesn't have the manpower to monitor all that data. Posted: Apr. 26, 2018 9:58 AM Updated: Apr. 26, 2018 10:11 AM Posted By: Jamie Parfitt By ANDREW SELSKY , Associated Press SALEM, Ore. (AP) — To the beat of electronic dance music, men and women inside a slate-gray building harvested marijuana plants festooned with radio-frequency identification tags. In another room, an employee entered the tag numbers into a government database. The cannabis tracking system used by Avitas, a marijuana company with a production facility in Salem, is the backbone of Oregon's regulatory system to ensure businesses with marijuana licenses obey the rules and don't divert their product into the black market..... http://www.kdrv.com/content/news/Oregon-Marijuana-Lots-of-Data-Few-to-Analyze-and-Check-It-480958701.html
  3. Does Marijuana Improve Your Focus? A growing amount of users use the plant to get stuff done. By: Mike Adams Apr 25, 2018 Marijuana was once associated with an overall lack of motivation, but a growing number of users now claim that smoking pot actually helps them buckle down and focus. It’s true. Some of the die-hard cannabis connoisseurs out there swear by the morning wake and bake ritual, as they just feel less productive in their daily grind without the assistance of a little weed. Although there is not any scientific proof to support this claim, there have been enough anecdotal cases to suggest that there is something to it......... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/marijuana-improve-focus/
  4. THC Benefits That Have Nothing To Do With Getting High THC offers a myriad of medicinal benefits. By: Mary Schumacher Apr 25, 2018 As we delve deeper into the science of the cannabis plant more medical properties are revealed. While it’s long been declared by marijuana activists that full-plant extract is as medicinal as it gets, cannabinoids are still being isolated and bred for strength. A lot of the time it’s to produce as much CBD as possible. THC, cannabis’ most popular cannabinoid, is still the most well known of the plant’s components, though. It’s the reason we feel elevated, lifted, high, however you classify it, it’s what gets us in a different headspace. THC can be so potent, especially when dabbing or eating edibles, that a bad trip can manifest and that pleasant high can go right down the tubes........ https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/thc-benefits-that-have-nothing-to-do-with-getting-high/
  5. Editor’s Note: Marijuana is the Right Medicine for My Anxiety 0 By Lesley Nickus on April 25th, 2018 Hi. I’m Lesley Nickus, Marijuana.com’s new Managing Editor. Like many of our readers, I’ve been self-medicating for years. In the absence of clinical research and a solid bank of information for doctors to effectively recommend specific cannabis products for medical use, those in search of alternative therapies have been forced to take a “let’s see what happens” approach to evaluating the effectiveness of the cannabis products we consume — based mostly on the anecdotal experiences of our peers. Since 2007, I have studied the plant’s makeup, cultivation practices, extraction techniques and the science behind how cannabinoids interact with our body’s endocannabinoid system. But I never knew exactly what or how I could best utilize this knowledge for my individual wellness..... https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/04/editors-note-marijuana-is-the-right-medicine-for-my-anxiety/
  6. A marijuana compound to treat autism? Scientists in California are looking for answers By Josh Magness April 26, 2018 It's already used to treat epilepsy in some children — and now researchers are examining whether a marijuana compound could also be helpful for those with autism. The University of California San Diego announced in a news release that it will be conducting a test on children with "severe" autism to see if cannabidiol, commonly referred to as CBD, can help treat some of their symptoms. The research, which will involve 30 children, was made possible thanks to a $4.7 million donation from the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation in Lindon, Utah, according to The San Diego Tribune. The goal is to see if CBD can lessen seizures, anxiety and self-harming..... http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/national/article209872004.html
  7. Bye, Blemishes! How CBD Oil Can be Used to Clear Acne By Marijuana.com Staff on April 25th, 2018 By Kate Kasbee When the hurricane of hormones mellows out after puberty, we expect our acne to go along with it. Unfortunately, we aren’t guaranteed perfect complexions as we age. In fact, a majority of adults are plagued with pimples that cause redness, pain, and a blow to their self-esteem. To know how CBD oil can treat acne, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what causes those ugly lumps and bumps. Acne appears when the sebaceous glands produce too much sebum, and hair follicles on the face, chest, upper back, or shoulders become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. Bacteria that live on surfaces, such as cellphones, also can cause breakouts, as can hormonal imbalances...... https://www.marijuana.com/news/2018/04/bye-blemishes-how-cbd-oil-can-be-used-to-clear-acne/
  8. UC San Diego Receives $4.7M Gift for Medical Cannabis Research Funding will support first of its kind, multi-disciplinary research on autism spectrum disorders at the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research at UC San Diego School of Medicine Article ID: 693508 Released: 25-Apr-2018 Newswise — Autism is a complex neurodevelopmental disorder that affects an estimated 1 in 68 children in the United States, yet treatment options are limited. Could cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, hold clues for developing effective therapies? Thanks to a major gift from the Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation, researchers at the University of California San Diego will embark on a multidisciplinary study to investigate the potential of cannabidiol as a treatment for severe autism. The award was given in partnership with and based on recommendations the Noorda Foundation received from the Wholistic Research and Education Foundation. The $4.7 million gift to the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research (CMCR) at UC San Diego School of Medicine is the largest private gift to date for medicinal cannabis research in the United States. The funding will support translational research to investigate whether medicinal cannabinoid therapies can alleviate symptoms in children with severe autism—and if so, how. The groundbreaking study spans clinical, basic science, advanced mathematics and genetic techniques across the same cohort of patients, offering a comprehensive and systematic exploration of CBD efficacy on autism..... http://www.newswise.com/articles/uc-san-diego-receives-4.7m-gift-for-medical-cannabis-research-
  9. Pass the hemp: Colorado prepares to regulate the plant like any other food ingredient Apr 25, 2018 By Alicia Wallace, The Cannabist Staff With the stroke of a pen, hemp could be treated like any other food ingredient under Colorado law. A bill is on its way to Gov. John Hickenlooper’s desk to apply existing food manufacturing guidelines to products such as hemp oil-infused coffee and CBD-rich extracts made from the non-psychoactive cannabis plant variety....... https://www.thecannabist.co/2018/04/25/colorado-hemp-food-ingredient-bill/104230/
  10. Bill Maher: Democrats Should Represent Weed Like Republicans Tout Guns His argument is rooted in both being a lifestyle choice. By: Brendan Bures Apr 24, 2018 With the upcoming midterm elections coming into focus, marijuana will remain an issue at the forefront of the discussion. But for an episode that aired on 4/20, Bill Maher asserted on Real Time that Democrats need to use cannabis rights as a catalyst to activate young voters. “We can bring those jobs back from China, but they’re still gonna suck,” Maher joked. “You’re in an Amazon warehouse for eight hours with no one to talk to but the robots, you’re gonna want that vape pen.”.... https://thefreshtoast.com/cannabis/bill-maher-democrats-should-represent-weed-republicans-tout-guns/
  11. How “Track and Trace” watches cannabis’ every move in California By Lisa M. Krieger, The Cannifornian No Comments Posted on Apr 25, 2018 SOQUEL — With a fruity fragrance derived from generations of careful breeding, the tall and voluptuous cannabis plant at Utopia Farms is worthy of its strain name: “C. Banana.” But to state regulators, it’s #S0411180010-01. From birth to death — and beyond, when added to foods and extracts — plants like this will soon enter California’s elaborate new “Track and Trace” program, providing the same information you’d find on a pack of gum or box of copy paper. Like other consumer items that are scanned billions of times a day around the world, cannabis is joining the world of cold efficiency, identification and control that defines the mundane minutiae of modern life....... http://www.thecannifornian.com/cannabis-news/california-news/track-trace-watches-cannabis-every-move-california/
  12. Capitol Tracker: Cannabis banking, special event bills advance By Ruth Schneider, The Cannifornian No Comments Posted on Apr 24, 2018 While the recreational cannabis market continues to pick up steam, lawmakers in Sacramento continue to work out the kinks in the system. Several marijuana-related measures are moving forward. Lawmakers say the goal is to limit black market activities. Here’s where some of those proposals stand...... http://www.thecannifornian.com/cannabis-news/california-news/capitol-tracker-cannabis-banking-special-event-bills-advance/
  13. Over 200 Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Forced To Close With over 200 Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries forced to close, the fate of the state’s medical cannabis program hangs in the balance. Burgess Powell April 25, 2018 Last month, Michigan closed 40 unlicensed dispensaries and promised to shut a hundred more. Since then, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has sent out hundreds of cease and desist letters to unlicensed medical marijuana operations. Now, over 200 Michigan medical marijuana dispensaries forced to close are no longer in the running for official licensing. Here’s a closer look at Michigan’s medical marijuana program, and the Great Lakes State’s many off-the-books businesses. Dispensaries Are Closing Across Michigan. Here’s Why. Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008. Only when a Republican majority took over the state legislature in 2016 did they implement thorough laws for regulation, taxation and licensing. By these new legal standards, many of Michigan’s operational marijuana dispensaries are illegal...... https://hightimes.com/news/michigan-medical-marijuana-dispensaries-forced-close/
  14. Are New Proposed Advertising Guidelines for Pot Brands Too Strict? Celebrities, Joe Camel and stoner dudes are prohibited By T.L. Stanley 4/26/18 If the National Association of Cannabis Businesses has its way, there will be no celebrity shills, no stoner dudes enveloped in clouds of smoke in weed and no Joe Camel or Spuds MacKenzie in weed advertising’s future. The self-regulatory national cannabis trade group just released a set of ad guidelines aiming to further legitimize the “green rush,” the $10 billion legal marijuana market, and keep it out of hot water with lawmakers..... http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/are-new-proposed-advertising-guidelines-for-pot-brands-too-strict/
  15. Plenty of cannabis dispensaries in L.A. — but will permit backlog cause a product shortage? By Emily Alpert Reyes, Los Angeles Times No Comments Posted on Apr 24, 2018 Months after California legalized the marijuana business, pot growers and manufacturers lament that they are still locked out of the legal industry in Los Angeles. More than 100 shops have already gotten city approval in Los Angeles, but not the companies that have historically furnished them with cannabis, which were supposed to be second in line under a complex set of city regulations passed in December..... http://www.thecannifornian.com/cannabis-news/southern-california/marijuana-growers-manufacturers-yet-get-green-light-l/