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  1. Let me know if you need help working the new platform. 

  2. Im seriously hoping these polls are accurate! I cannot wait any longer. Its this year or bust florida.
  3. P8ntxtremist

    Grape Skunk from seed (unsexed) ~

    So beautiful! Nice job from start to finish!
  4. P8ntxtremist

    Grape Skunk from seed (unsexed) ~

    Nice broad leaves! She looks healthy!
  5. You guys now have a voice in your government! You are not criminals! Go speak with and get involved with your officials and extend the community. Take the fear away with knowledge and education. Much love! -Dan
  6. http://www.oregonlive.com/marijuana/index.ssf/2016/03/oregon_reverses_course_on_popu.html
  7. P8ntxtremist

    Magical Butter 2e

    Sometimes decarb goes to far on these and you get a fair amount more cbn then thc. It is a very lazy process though. Fill it up and hit the button. If you keep the lid on untill it completely cools back down you will safe a lot of terps as well.
  8. P8ntxtremist

    Phoenician Grinder @xRollingPapersx ~

    I've got the biggest phoenician grinder. The one that holds the rolling papers in the top. I love mine. Just the right size grind for rolling joints. Not too fine.
  9. P8ntxtremist

    CURED GREEN Strain review by EK "DogWalker" ~

    Great review! Wow chemdawg genetics got over 20 percent. That must have been some amazing og genes as well. What an exciting time for the breeders!
  10. P8ntxtremist

    curing your medicine

    Id guess that boiling the roots isnt for the killing or removal of mold, but to aide in the drying process.
  11. P8ntxtremist

    The Atmos Liv: Don't Waste Your Time With It

    I bet it was around 175 before tax for the 1st gen pax. Make sure you keep the device clean by running the pipe cleaner and alcohol through it about every 4 or 5 full uses. This will keep the mouthpiece from sticking and the sensor clean. Other then that vape on my brother!
  12. P8ntxtremist

    What a MALE plant looks like

    It's amazing how much pollen a room full of males will produce.
  13. P8ntxtremist

    The Atmos Liv: Don't Waste Your Time With It

    Thanks for the review! I've been enjoying my pax for 3 years now, i would recommend their newest version 2 model. Also volcano makes two bulky handhelds that are supposed to work great. Every other hand held vaporizer ive tried has sucked.
  14. P8ntxtremist

    Strain Review by EK "Orange Crush" ~

    One of my favorite strains to extract from.