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  1. Thanks for popping on site to help. 

  2. PaPa-Smurf

    GG's Adventures in LED

    DTW is nothing more than watering and letting the runoff go to drain. Fancy pants TLA (Three Letter Acronym) for just watering until runoff. Lol Oh.. So do you make a hole in the "pool" and attach a hose or something to drain it?
  3. PaPa-Smurf

    GG's Adventures in LED

    I use LED's myself, this will be fun to watch, I do LST/SCROG. DTW will be new to me.
  4. PaPa-Smurf

    TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains!

    I'd like to see you do a Lush Led grow. Have you ever thought about trying LED's?
  5. There sure is some current content here. Thanks once again for all you do Granny Storm Crow.
  6. PaPa-Smurf

    My No-Till Garden ~

    You can use Oxidate of to the day of harvest.
  7. PaPa-Smurf

    My No-Till Garden ~

    Were you able to knock them down?
  8. PaPa-Smurf

    Pacific Crest Gardens LLC ~

    Do you know the NPK values?
  9. PaPa-Smurf

    RIP Chakotay

    Thank you for sharing Chakotay's life with us. I'm sorry for your families loss.
  10. PaPa-Smurf

    Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    @Lush Led Lighting. Do you guys use Low Stress training to keep the canopy so even, or is it trimming? I am always amazed at how |high| you keep the lights above the plants,
  11. PaPa-Smurf

    Just wondering...

    I put mine out May 5th. I'm in the PDX area. I have no problems. Hope this helps.
  12. Its seems like the OLCC wants to monopolize the Cancer industry, Funny how they are allowing liqueur.One of the most flammable and easily acquired of all the solvents.
  13. I want to go to a feed store tomorrow, If there was one thing I should get for my mulch pile, what would it be?
  14. PaPa-Smurf

    Oregon Organic Elites

    Nice job Popeye! I cant wait to see some of the finished plants,