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  1. Brother Will

    Are you interested in growing organically??

    Very Kind Of You Popeye... I Really Like Everything You Put In Your Complete Mix Along With Utilizing A Nice Sized Tarp To Thoroughly Mix In All Of Your Components/Elements As You Demonstrated Clearly Above. I Especially Like Powdered Oyster Shell. That's One Super Sweet Recipe And Think Of All Who'll Benefit From Your Recipe And Sage Advice ! NICE ONE In PIF Popeye ! Thanks Very Much From Us Here And ALL Who Will Come ! Peace. Gratefully, Will
  2. Brother Will

    Just Sitt'in On A Fence Medicating...

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you planning a pilgrimage to the birthplace of yoga? If so, then congratulations on taking steps towards what will undoubtedly be a life-changing experience! Before you begin your sacred journey to India, it’s important to remember that the practice of yoga is the gift of ancient Hindus. And while yoga doesn’t require practitioners to adhere to a specific faith, Hinduism does remain the major religion in India with some 80% of the population identifying with the belief system. That being so, knowing a bit about the Hindu deities will certainly enrich your pilgrimage to India. There are said to be 33 million gods in Hinduism symbolizing one abstract Supreme Being. If wrapping your head around millions of deities seems like a daunting task, then we recommend getting started by familiarizing yourself with the following: 10 HINDU DEITIES EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT BEFORE A PILGRIMAGE TO INDIA: 1. BRAHMA The first deity of the Hindu trinity, Lord Brahma is considered to be the god of Creation, including the cosmos and all of its beings. Brahma also symbolizes the mind and intellect since he is the source of all knowledge necessary for the universe. Typically you’ll find Brahma depicted with four faces, which symbolize the completeness of his knowledge, as well as four hands that each represent an aspect of the human personality (mind, intellect, ego and consciousness). 2. VISHNU The second deity of the Hindu trinity, Vishnu is the Preserver (of life). He is believed to sustain life through his adherence to principle, order, righteousness and truth. He also encourages his devotees to show kindness and compassion to all creatures. Vishnu is typically depicted with four arms to represent his omnipotence and omnipresence. It is also common to see Vishnu seated upon a coiled snake, symbolizing the ability to remain at peace in the face of fear or worry. 3. SHIVA The final deity of the Hindu trinity is Shiva, also known as the Destroyer. He is said to protect his followers from greed, lust and anger, as well as the illusion and ignorance that stand in the way of divine enlightenment. However, he is also considered to be responsible for death, destroying in order to bring rebirth and new life. Shiva is often depicted with a serpent around his neck, which represents Kundalini, or life energy. 4. GANESHA One of the most prevalent and best-known deities is Ganesha, easily recognized by his elephant head. Ganesha is said to bestow wisdom and good fortune, remove obstacles, and is associated with the arts and sciences. It is especially common to pray to Ganesha before any big venture, such as a wedding or new project. There are many myths and stories that explain how Ganesha came to have an elephant head, but it is typically thought that the humorous image stills the rational mind and its doubts while encouraging believers to look beyond outer appearances and form. 5. HANUMAN Another easily distinguishable god is Hanuman, the deity depicted as a monkey. Hanuman represents the ideal devotee of god and is worshipped as a symbol of strength, perseverance and devotion. Hanuman is often called upon in times of trouble as he teaches the unlimited power within each of us when we direct all of our energies to God, specifically shown in the epic tale Ramayana. 6. KRISHNA Lord Krishna is one of the most powerful incarnations. He is kept very near to many Hindus’ hearts, as he is not only viewed as a hero and leader but also as a teacher and a friend. Krishna is said to be the embodiment of love and divine joy and destroyer of all pain and sins. If you have read the Bhagavad Gita then you are likely already familiar with Krishna as he is the main hero in the epic and has a lot to say about yoga, using the term over 100 times! 7. KALI Perhaps one of the fiercest deities is Kali, also known as the Dark Mother. Kali is known for her tongue protruding from her mouth, her garland of skulls, and her skirt of bones. This is to symbolize the death of ego and remind worshippers that the human body is only a temporary condition. Contrary to what her image might suggest, she is not actually responsible for human mortality. 8. RAMA Rama is the model of reason and virtue, and is often considered to be the ideal man due to his compassion, courage, devotion and adherence to dharma. His bow and arrow symbolize his readiness to destroy evil and protect righteousness. Rama is also known for his role as the protagonist in the Ramayana. 9. SARASWATI Saraswati is the goddess of learning, music, art and wisdom. She is typically worshiped when devotees desire knowledge or understanding. Most often she is pictured as a beautiful woman playing a lute, seated upon a white lotus or a swan. 10. DURGA The goddess Durga is an important representation of the Divine Mother, also known as ‘the Invincible’. She is said to protect mankind from evil and misery, and does so as the destructive force of jealousy, prejudice, hatred and ego. Durga is depicted with eight arms holding a myriad of weapons to show that she is always protecting mankind in every direction of the world. Keep your eyes and hearts open on your pilgrimage to India and you will likely encounter many of the above deities on your journey! Are there any other deities you think are important to know about before a pilgrimage to India? If so, tell us in the comments below!
  3. Brother Will

    Nectar anyone?!:)

    We're SO Blessed Being Able To See Your Grows...{If Possible} With All Who Went Outdoors This Year/Pictures Or Not.} Yours Are Just Great-No Worries. I'm Struggling To Get Better And Simple, Brief But Quick And To The Point Pix Of Only My Experience.. Yes Sir... Your Plants Are Just Kick'in ! Again... This Will Be A Pleasure To Watch Everyone's Posts ! Nice Matching 'Canna' Camo Blending In So Well With The Surrounding Plants-NICE !/Tall Grasses Just Perfect ! Thanks Very Much Brother 'O' And To Everyone Grow'in And Along For The Ride ! Hope To Catch Up ! 'Tis The Season Ahhh-com'in Fast For Some. Timing Seems To Also Be Pretty Close... {Course I Haven't Seen Everyone's Grow/But At Least 3 Or 4 Now} Keep Up Your Skills And May You And Your Grow'in Green Medicine Not Have Any Problems That Can't Easily Be Nipped In The Bud ! {Preventativitive Is Next To Godliness} Or Caught Safely Long Before It Becomes Any Problem. GREAT Job Brother 'O' ! Thanks Very Much. {Hope The Above Made Any Sense ?-All With The Best Of Intentions-But Please Let Me Know ?} Peace, Brother Will.../I'll Come Back Bro And Get Rid Of Most Of This Above Tak'in Up Space On Your Topic. /Thanks So Much For Everyone's Patience And Support.. Peace, BW...🍃🍃
  4. Brother Will


    OK... I've A Bit Better Grasp Of What I Must Do. I'll Do Anything To Not Get Diabetes. Thankfully I Have An Outpatient Dietitian/Nutritionist Appt On The 22nd. Otherwise... In My Experience If You Go Through A Hospital Here-{Locally} To See One... You'll Usually Get A Mound Of Paperwork/Recipes. Unfortunately... Not Guidance Through Demonstrating Unless I'm Missing Something ? In My Case Like Others With Memory Probs... If I Can't Watch And Help In Preparing My Own Personal Diet Then I'm Not Going To Easily 'Get' It. In College... I Always Aced Anything To Do With, Biology, General Health, Diet & Etc. "I Ate It Right Up" {Sorry 'Bout The Pun} Most Frustrating When I Once Had All Of That Important Knowledge Just Ahhh-Free Flowing... And It Would Be Easy To Grab As Needed. Anyway... If You Need A Dietitian/Nutritionist From Within A Hospital/Nevermind What I've Found Out-Things Change Quickly And Who Knows You Might Get The Best, Detailed, Information Along With Support. Hoping And Wishing You The Best Of Learning About "You Are What You Eat" As I Go Through This Change... I'll Post Up Everything I'm Experiencing In This Topic As I Go Along. I Hope By Sharing Mine/Our Information It'll Be Much More Palatable And Absorbable... And I Hope It'll Seriously Be Easier To Understand For All Of Us.. We Have Some Members Who Have Or Did Have Some Difficulties With Diabetes Over The Years/Many Improvement And Advancements-I Just Saw A Non-Stick Blood Sugar Monitor. {{{I'll Stop Here}}} Thanks... Peace, BW
  5. Brother Will

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    Way To Go Dhoo ! You Look Like You're Right On Course/If Not Ahead Of Schedule. They're Just Gorgeous ! Yeah Right On Plant And Divide Chive Plants. I'm Not Sure If It's The Onion Or Garlic Chives Which Are The Strongest Natural Deterrent ? Onion Seems To Have Worked Here. Anyway... Just An Excellent Job And Man Late August That's Outstanding ! Nothing Like NL ! Heck...To Tell The Truth... I'd Be Super Happy With Anytime In September LOL . These Strains Are Going To Be Great Watching Them Grow. So Happy To Hear Another Grower {You} Say They Don't Feed Much. BRAVO Really ! As You Know Your Whole Growth Cycle With As Healthy As Your Plants Look Already Are Now Very Capable Of Defending Themselves Against All The Outdoor This And Many Thats. And Additionally... As You Know, Your End Product Will Be So Much More Enjoyable. BTW... Very Nice Pictures/Thanks Very Much Dhoo. Can't Wait To See More. Peace, BW.
  6. Brother Will

    Light Deprivation Outdoors

    Hi Dhoo, I'm Wondering... What Good Would It Do Bringing A Plant Inside That You Would Even Suspect Has Bud Rot ? Let Alone Taking Any Plant Inside When Bud Rot Hits ? {Personally, I Would Never Bring A Plant Or Plants Indoors From The Outside.} Your Last Line---> {Quote: " If it doesn't work you have a portable plant you can bring inside when bud rot hits." :Unquote}  I Wouldn't Say Your Last Sentence Was Wrong... But We Must Be Careful What Other Guests And Members May Take As Factual.... Plus, As We Know-> Some May 'Run' With That Info Passing It Onto Possibly Many.  .
  7. CARPET TAPE REVIEW: O.K. I Finally Feel Up To Rating What I've Been Very Blessed With. So Sorry... I Try Hard To Keep My Word. Thanks Super Much To EK And Purple For Sticking It Out With Me To Get Going On This. Purple 'Bump'in' Me Helped Too... Lol ! But Let Me Say This 1st. I Know Leafly Is A Bunch Of Opinions {As One Person Told Me Most Are Stoners Who Rate} I Don't Fully Agree With That Statement... Plus, Even Though Opinions Are Everywhere... Everything That I Will Present On This Topic Will All Be To True To Their Characteristics {After Testing Each Strain Several Times From The Same Plant} I Look For Key Elements Such As: Visual Inspection, THC/CBD Content, Terpenes, Whether It Be A Sativa, Hybrid, Indica And Everything Leaning One Way Or The Other As To Percentages e.g. 70% Indica-30% Sativa And The Reverse Along With Roughly A 10% Change Either Way As Well. Please Go Here Below: https://www.leafly.com/hybrid/carpet-tape When There... Then Please Scroll Down To Carpet Tape Attributes: Look At The Effects And The Medical... I've Never Seen Any Strain With This High Of A Rating On Both And The Negative Alone Is Really Minimal If Anything-No Paranoia With This Strain. It's SO Multipurpose. So Here... Only In My Humble Opinion Everything Is Factual. Actually I Took This Picture On The Evening Of June 30th 2018. {When I Caught A Few Good Hours.} One Day... I'll Try To Buy A Camera That Shoots Closer Up/This Older One I Have Is Not What I Want/I Need A New Cam: I Have One Batch That Looks A Bit Darker And The Other Is Exactly Like This. One From Soil... The Latter Above Hydro. When I Test, As I'm Presently Doing... I Start With Each Strain With A New, Clean Screen, I Only Use Hemp Wick. Just Lightly Hitting The Canna On A Corner Of The Bowl And Puff Until It Just Starts Going. My 1st Hit Will Be Held Anywhere From 30-45 Secs. Sometimes Less Due To COPD. I Always Wait After A Hit: 2--->>> Sometimes 3 Minutes Unless I Do Have To Take A 2nd Hit. Try It-> You've Everything To Gain---> "Waste Not, Want Not" {Testing Alpha Blue Next} THC/CBD Content: THC-30.9%/CBD-0.01% TERPENES: CITRUS {At 1st This Strain Grown In Soil Smelled More Piney} HYBRID: GG4 X RUG BURN OG {50% INDICA-50% SATIVA} Lastly... This Has Got To Be One Of The Best Strains I've Ever Tested. For Sleep It's Far, Far Better Than Anything I've Had/For Pain It Has Really Helped. I Can Agree This Time With What Is Stated @ Leafly. P.S. From Now On There Won't Be All That Writing At The Top. What's Said Pertains To Every Strain I Test And Will Test. Thanks Very Much For Reading Along... {Gosh I Hope I Made Sense ?} Peace, BW
  8. Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid lose $11 billion in value after Amazon buys online pharmacy PillPack: Shares of Walgreens Boots Alliance, CVS Health and Rite Aid plunge as investors worry a new deal by Amazon to acquire online pharmacy PillPack will disrupt the drugstore market. PillPack is licensed to ship prescriptions in 49 states and likely booked more than $100 million in revenue last year. The three pharmacy stocks collectively lost $11 billion in market value on Thursday alone. Tae Kim | @firstadopter Published 8:43 AM ET Thu, 28 June 2018 Updated 5:22 PM ET Thu, 28 June 2018/CNBC.com More Below: Nobody Did Anything Wrong Or Illegal/Here's Your URL: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/28/walgreens-cvs-shares-tank-after-amazon-buys-online-pharmacy-pillpack.html
  9. Brother Will

    How do you consume cannabis?

    Gonna Get All Hippie Dippy Eh ? Well Alrighty Lol ! So Good To Have You Here. I So Agree With That Feeling/Ye 'Olde Being @ 'One' With Our Plants And For Sure Their 'Healing' Energy Always Comes To Mind. Great Last Sentence. Thank You... 🌿Namaste... Much ☮ Much ❤️... Will 🌿
  10. Brother Will

    New chicks,...... and a frustrated cat

    Wooow They're Really Cool... I Remember When K&G First Told Me About Getting You Those Socks... Super Cool And They Are High Tops Too Great ! Thanks And I'll Be Back To Read And See. Peace, Will
  11. Brother Will

    Manny’s 2018 Outdoor Grow

    Wooowy MMM ! Look'in Strong And Super Healthy ! Thank You For The Share. Peace, BW
  12. Brother Will

    Just Sitt'in On A Fence Medicating...

    Oh Wooow That's Good News. Especially When Its Tough Out There To Even Find A Job And Going To School Too---> WHOA ! Way To Go Jessi ! So What Are You Gonna Watch On Netflix ? Have You Ever Seen The Movie 'The Wire' {Sensational And A Must To Watch} No Doubt You Probably Have Lol ! I'm Gett'in So Old... That Even Older Movies Are Sometimes New To Me-Kinda Scary Huh Lol ! Likely Stress. Peace, Will
  13. Brother Will

    Just Sitt'in On A Fence Medicating...

    Isn't That Little Doggy Precious !
  14. Brother Will

    Just Sitt'in On A Fence Medicating...

    Oh Alpha Blue I Love You ! {Lullaby Style} Ahhh Yes... Good... Whewy ! It's Gonna Be A Mighty LONG Night... Must Stay Up All Night. Wish Me Luck. Cardio Dept On This Friday And An Oral Surgeon Appt 2 Months Away-Bummer. So I'm On The Cancelation Waiting List And To Call Us 24 Hrs In Advance. I Feel Like A Hippy Rag Doll That Is Led, Pulled, Pushed, Grabbed But Most Of All I'm Loved By My Newest Grandson. Dear Lord, Please Allow Me Father To Live Long Enough To Attempt To Be The Father And Grandfather I've Always Been... But Now Only Better. As We Surely Know... What An Education Raising Children Eh ? Have A Great Relaxing Evening Everyone-Peace/Love Sent, Will/Wooowy, This Strain Should Be Called 'Rocket' Because I'm Just Soaring Away From So Many Haunting Issues. You Know The Kind That Just Wear On Ya. Thank You God, My Dear Family, My Dear Friends And Why Of Course Ganja. Medicine For The Mind And Body. Peace, Will... Come Join Me If I'm Here. Just A Hit Now And Again. So Different When You Actually Need Cannabis Ya Know.
  15. I love you brother. 

    1. Brother Will

      Brother Will

      Why I Love You Too My Brother-> Are You Alright ?