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  1. :Anniversaire_14:

  2. Lush Twins

    Thanks EK! We really try! You do so much as well!
  3. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    A few shots from the Lush grown garden:
  4. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Today's menu of Lush Grown yummies! Bubba Kush under the Lumenator 2x: Quantum Kush Day 32: BC Gold Week 5: Catatonic Week 5:
  5. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Those are looking great, EK! You have a 2X model there and you should always try to keep the plants at least two feet away from the light.
  6. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Today's Lush grown ladies:
  7. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Hi guys, Hi guys! Yes, our lights are a bit different than other lights. Our spectrum is so different that Method Seven made a Lush specific pair of LED glasses. Your plants are going to get more energy from the light so you'll be dialing back nutrients, increasing water uptake. If you have a 2x model, the lens will be drawing in the light and focusing it deeper into your canopy. So, keep your light at least two feet above your plants to avoid burning. Penetration will still be great since the light is more energetic. It will supercharge your plant's stem, down the electron transport chain and into your roots. Even the parts that don't receive direct light will benefit from it. You'll have more budding locations and denser, more healthy flowers. Thanks! Renae
  8. Sorry we missed your Birthday, ShortGlide was sick that day and know one looked at the calendar until the next day. http://freemygreenpdx.com/topic/12907-happy-belated-birthday-lushledlighting/

    1. Lush LED Lighting

      Lush LED Lighting

      Aww, thank you guys!!


      Much Love!



  9. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Lush grown buds! Grapefruit Diesel: These are all at week five:
  10. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    More Lush roots from yesterday
  11. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Hi Speeddemon, Thanks! These roots are from the tomatoes we're growing at the Lush retail store. In the Current Culture System. As for LED, my husband did a grow using the LED technology that was out there at the time and was disappointed. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. So, he hired a team of scientists, botanists, engineers, and created his own spectrum. He has an innate understanding of light and plants, etc. After years of trial and error, he found out what wasn't written in any text books and hit gold. We brought it to market and began sharing his discovery. Now, we are worldwide and enjoy our homebase family here in Michigan and getting to travel all over. Eddie has increased my upload limit on here so I'm going to add the other two photos of the roots I couldn't before. Thanks for your support! Renae
  12. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Getting back to our (Lush) roots!
  13. Lush Lighting Made Forbes Magazine!

    Thanks, EK! I hope I put this good news in the right spot. I know it isn't great news for Illinois.
  14. Lush Lighting Made Forbes Magazine!

    Lush Lighting made Forbes Magazine! And, hey, that's me in the photo they used http://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2016/01/25/illinois-medical-marijuana-program-in-danger-of-failure/#7c84ca1a8a5e
  15. Showcasing Lush Lighting LED Grown Buds!

    Thank you!