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  1. R.I.P Ed

    It is my belief that when a man's life reaches that final sunset that those he leaves behind reach forward and say don't go. For it is in not in how many cars, tools nor houses that one had that pray for you to stay, yet it is the friends, family, and acquaintances that feel grief on your looming departure. For no man finds greatness in the possessions he owns, but has greatness thrust upon them by those he has encountered during his life.
    The appraisal of a man's worth can only be measured by those he leaves behind. The lives he's touched, the lives he's changed, and those who aspired to be like him.
    So grieve for those he never met for they are the ones who will never enjoy everything he had to give and share.

    He who has gone before us are still carried by those who shared in the experiences.

    Brothers and sisters we all are nothing more than the integral parts of those we have met. Those encounters, moments and memories, the things we call personality are all small pieces of the individuals we have met along the journey we call life. Both the physical and mental encounters also become what we call personality. Therefore all of you become the vessel by which the departed carries forward, lives on. It is now up to you to take what has been given and pass it forward so that the greatness that once was will always be. Fear not your final day but look upon it as your moment to shine in those you have encountered.

    The comments and prayers proceeding this statement are the testimony of a life well lived. Be proud to have experienced the admiration shared by those whom you have met. For God has brought forth another angel.

  2. ddank1

    "Guess the dry weight" game for this prize..

    i would like to guess 31 grams
  3. ddank1

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    if i may add my thoughts here, it looks like the plant is locked up thats why it was showing mg deficiency with the twisted leaves and the leaf edges yellowing. after the point of your nutes becoming locked out everything continues out of wack. if you flush the plant with a leeching solution such as clearex then water with regular water for a week you should notice your new growth becoming healthy again
  4. ddank1

    Heres to change (RIP ED)

    i am not here to argue pasts. i'm looking for positive beginnings
  5. High! I am Ed also known as Ddank1 elsewhere. have been a patient for 6 years and like to think i grow some pretty good meds. Alot has happened over the years. I am hoping that this can be the start to rebuilding old relations and starting new ones along the way. While my attention is usually on my duties as admin on a different site, it is my hopes that we all can begin working together again soon and perhaps this can be the beginning.
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