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  1. Happy Birthday, Mom. ♥

  2. Happy Birthday, Mom. ♥

  3. Happy Birthday. ♥

  4. Happy Birthday

  5. I knew he was special from the first day I met him because he never growled or bark at me and he let me pet him. Not all dogs would do that. He will be missed.
  6. Happy Valentines Day ♥

  7. welcome it getts better

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  9. birdrockbeach


    I also have an hard time in transportation I have an car which is all paid for and full coverage insurance but I don't drive and Richard cannot drive anymore. I always make do with whatever I have and my daughter dose whatever she can but she doesn't drive either.
  10. birdrockbeach


    about 3 miles from my daughter se stark Please let me know how much any items are before you go out of your way I am just trying to make sure that I have enough money to pay for it. Also I am feeding him some capsuls of coconut oil. I heard that might help him. I am going to do whatever I can do to help him
  11. birdrockbeach


    I am very new about anything to do with Alzheimer. What I read about it it is very scary. The stage not sure but he has started wetting himself at night and falls down a lot. He seems very confused tonight but that comes and goes and I have to help him dress. His speech is slurred and sometimes he can't say what he wants. He dose recognized people and know who they are. His walking is very slow and needs help. So what this stage is I don't know. It is a lot of work for me and I have bursitis in both shoulders and a torn mussel in my left arm so it is very hard to help him get up. so here I am always tired but the good news is I am losing weight. with all of this extra work.
  12. birdrockbeach


    Dose anybody any good meds for anyone with alzheimers?
  13. Hello new here birdrockbeach



      Nice to see you here. ♥