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  1. More interesting things from the desperate dozen.... So this plant was the one I would consider the runt. It was clearly lagging behind the rest but it had tons of baby frost that lasted longer than everyone else. Buuuut.....this plant .... just hit a certain point and refuses to get any bigger. Like a pigmy, it's branching out but is like the miniature version of its siblings.......... It's hearty AF but an absolute pigmy mini. Lol.
  2. One of the impregnated buds, pistils kindly changing to confirm the pollen hit the targets 24hrs later.
  3. In my search through my sees collection for survivors i got a bit anxious after failing to germinate so many so I tried strength in numbers. It just so happens that one of my creations was still viable and I ended up with 12 to add to the 3 I already had and then I added 4 fems from attitude that came in the mail. So a total of 19, of that 19 I had 3 males. 1 came from the 12 and doesn't resemble the majority of the pack. It was more indy and has a very skunky diesely dank stem aroma while all other females have a herby spicy stem aroma except one super sour diesely stem female who is also easily distinguished from the pack. Today the funky male indy pollinates a branch of all the flowering ladies in the box. My two mystery crosses both smell like lemon starburst and I can't wait to see how they finish. Almost 5 weeks in now. In a few days I will pollinate a few more branches with the other flowered male who is the brother of the father of the 12. Lol The 12 are all a combination of high pedigree refined legends and have created some beautiful, hearty plants and I'm pretty excited to see what the results are especially with the two individuals, they are super pungent funky slinky sour and that's my type. The "herby uncle" Sour Orange OG (SOOG) One of the beautiful fems of the 12, pretty much what the pack looks like. SOOG x Cindy's Ghost Another fem of the 12, just super nice stout, lush ladies. The Standout SourD funky stem fem of the 12. I'll get pics of the others up eventually for anyone who wants to see the story of the desperate dozen who's genetics are: Thee Ghost Og cut in both parents Ae77 Cali-0 cut Sweettooth3 (90's version) Selected Bros Grimm c99 Selected and refined reservoir SDv3= Sour orange og X Cindy's Ghost
  4. Things are going fairly well now, plants are liking adjustments i've made thus far. They are loving the soil mixes which are: Seedlings- 6 parts coco/perilite/pumice mix- 3 parts fox farm Strawberry Fields - 1part Ocean Forrest Veg- 4 parts Ocean Forrest- 2parts coco p/p mix- 4 parts Strawberry Fields + azomite, alfalfa, agricultural lime Bloom- 6 parts Ocean Forrest- 2 parts coco p/p mix- 2 parts Strawberry Fields + Bone meals, alfalfa, agricultural lime, azomite, probiotics. Here's some shots of the ladies in bloom. Still dialing in camera but getting better. Here is a look at the 3 headed Tahoe Cream getting started.
  5. Super excited today as one of the plants that caught my eye weeks ago that also showed fem yesterday... Today has the most sour, diesely, pungent, hit you in that one spot in your throat smell that I have smelled in years. It's a seed I made with my sour d being one half of the male parent. Having lost all my beloved sour d beans this has me very hopeful I can get her back. Anyway.... So Stoked!!!! What a smell 🤢🤮
  6. Happiest of Birthday Wishes :)



  7. Some gender reveal action going down today. My sole SOOG ( Sour Orange OG) plant is a boy and both Tahoe Creams are girls. Soog was in a hurry to soar his oates so it's a good thing I had time to check and isolate him. The Tahoe Creams have legs that go all the way up. Good thing I flipped em young. Another look at the 3 headed freak TC. And the frost setting in on 21F mystery cross.
  8. Had some time to reacquaint myself with my camera today. I hadn't been using this one long when I went on hiatus so I hadn't fully learned how to ride this bike lol. Anyway... Here is a few shots of the babies in the house. 2 Gummy Bears from Elemental Seeds (because it was one of my fav dispensary smokes over the years) And two Cali Connection Original Sour D (because I don't wanna live without it any longer😭) The second one has been stubborn and yellowing, which if you know the real Sour D then you know that's a good sign. But as soon as I realized I got her corrected. 🤞
  9. So it looks like one of my Tahoe Cream is turning out to be a triploid?!? 0.o
  10. Those are all 3gal fabric pots.
  11. I guess it's time to dig the old point and shoots out for some shutterbuds. See if I can remember how to use them. Here is a peek at my what looks a lot like the plant that made me fall in love with SDv3 in week 2.
  12. Some more progress here. The 3 ladies are doing well. Got the lanky ones staked and ready to gain weight. Had to sew the stakes to the fabric pots Enlisted my daughter to make me a height tracker, just need a few clips to use as markers if I want to get serious about it. Got a couple more into the bloom box so I can see what they have to offer before I invest too much and because I'm running out of veg space. Lol
  13. Things are still going a lot slower than I'd like but progress is progress and in growing patience is paramount. So I should probably reflect on that some more. Anyway. I got the first 3 beans that would crack for me into the bloom box on the 1st of the year. They weren't prepared for it as it was a lot sooner after up-pot than I typically like. But as the first in 6yrs they are long overdue. In my excitement to get going I lost track of what strain 2 of the 3 are. I do know that they are either the last 2 of my prized SourD rezurrection or a SourD cross I made. I can't be certain unfortunately but from the way they are looking I might have gotten lucky AF and they are both my SourD. Stay tuned for that. The 3rd is a dispensary/bag seed that is either Sour Kush, Sour Diesel, or a random Kush. I'm letting them grow au natural with no manipulation to see what characteristics they have. Getting 3 beans to crack out of dozens is sad but at least they are all females!
  14. Quick pic update. The up potted
  15. Looking pretty damn perfect TW!