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  1. Ranchero65

    No Welfare for Weed Bill Passes House of Representatives

    I Agree SG with all the NEW evidence showing how bad alcohol is .....
  2. Ranchero65

    First run of RSO

    Today I made my second batch of RSO . I did not do anything diffrent than the last time but had to take it one step further using a candle warmer to get the last of the alcohol out..did not take a lot of pic but will post what i did take later ..
  3. Ranchero65

    PHOTO Contest October 2014

    Very nice PP !
  4. Ranchero65

    Hash Skunk-Growing outdoors 2014 (Video)

    Looking good! If all goes right I'll get to do outdoors next summer.. Just today got my winter grow seeds soaking....
  5. Ranchero65

    PHOTO Contest October 2014

    Wow nice pic's all !
  6. Ranchero65

    simply amazing!

  7. Ranchero65

    Great Dr. visit !!

    Thank you all . !!
  8. Ranchero65

    Great Dr. visit !!

    Had to go to my cancer Dr. Tue. I was a little worried but the news could have not been better !! The last 3 times I have had blood work done All was Good even some improvement in my Kidney function! Dr doesn't want to see me for a year !! Thank you Jesus !! The only treatment I been taking is RSO.. Thank you Sean and crew! and for those that may not know , Prostate cancer stage 4 renal failure due to ureta blockage ( now stents every 6 months) This news has also help with depression issues that and thanks to Manny !! God Bless !
  9. Ranchero65

    Strains I've Tried "POLL" ~

    Shiskaberry, Motovation,
  10. Ranchero65

    Free Nutrient sample from MadHatter

    LOL I got one today as well... Forgot i signed up for it..
  11. Ranchero65

    MJ Farmers Market now open!

    wow something like that would be nice around here....
  12. 200 Amp service should be plenty . All the new appliances draw a lot less, so with that in mind you should be fine!!
  13. Ranchero65

    OMMP Pay It Forward

  14. Ranchero65


    Update ??