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  1. TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains~!

    Loving it truly print worthy photography!
  2. Treat your ADHD with medical marijuana

    Blue dream is my ADHD med - much better than prescriptions.
  3. TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains~!

    Very nice!! I am always looking back on my journals as well - great resources
  4. Do you press your own rosin? I am intrigued by rosin pressing just haven't pulled the trigger on a press.
  5. Most excellent I still remember a hasplant live resin as one of the most interesting concentrates I have smelled / smoked so I am sure that it will make some killer crosses.
  6. Very cool pipe and So cool to hear about your blue dream. I've grown out a bunch of HSO and some dr. Greenthumb blue dream beans but I have yet to find a keeper like what I first tried and remember. I have been reading more into the probiotic growing, etc and really think it vibes with the environment in trying to create. Love the pics - too bad about the nanns at least you can always make hash. Happy growing
  7. Here is the article. Makes me crave the scooby snacks
  8. great info thanks for sharing. Is your blue dream from seed or clone? BD is my all day / every day medical strain. P.S. I am going to upload the scooby snacks article I think you will get a kick out of it.
  9. Okay now im drooling... Thanks for sharing.
  10. TW lazy grow journal, lol multiple strains~!

    Great work. How is the LED treating you?
  11. Great looking plants. I just read an article in Cannabis Now about scooby snacks - sounds pretty amazing. It is on my list to try and I cant wait to see how it finishes in your room.
  12. CatManMoo's Perpetual Organic Litter ~

    As I like to say I have been kissing a lot of frogs...... The market is pretty cool right out - There is one I found with wooded acreage but is about 30min farther into the boonies than I already live. Ok with me but maybe not the wife. Ideally I would have some land and not be right on top of my neighbors. Maybe even an outdoor grow?!? Here are some pics from a recent trip of mine to Rio de Janeiro: