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  1. Happy Birthday, We miss you. 

  2. I'm thinking about you. I pray with all my heart that your family finds a happier new year.

    1. loverlyone


      thank you. happy new year to you!

  3. Our thoughts and Prayers follow you. ♥

  4. loverlyone

    Samwise Might Be Sick

  5. loverlyone

    Samwise Might Be Sick

    I'm so sorry! I read here that veterans service dogs are eligible for free healthcare http://www.pva.org/site/apps/nlnet/content2.aspx?c=ajIRK9NJLcJ2E&b=6350111&ct=13654543 Here is an org that provides grants for service dogs care http://grants.landofpuregold.com A list of groups that help http://speakingforspot.com/?p=Financial%20Assistance%20for%20Veterinary%20Care Don't forget that you can give cannabis to your pet. Skunkpharm has a good blog post about it. I am giving our cat coconut cannabis decoction for her cancer. We haven't seen any negative effects. She gets 1/2 tsp once a day. Good luck. ❤️❤️❤️
  6. loverlyone

    What do you put in the water?

    This is the prettiest plant I've ever grown and i have no idea what it is. The seed sprouted in my dirt and since I'm having terrible luck with sprouting I used it in my dwc, since it's an experiment. Now I'm convinced that dwc is awesome. Anyway. Here she is. I think she's showing signs of being a girl. I also took clone cuttings last night. Also my first try. I didn't think it woukd survive, so I never cropped the top! I'm guessing it's too late? Also, if I scrog how do I empty and refill the bucket? AND it's so hot here that I'm using frozen liters of water to keep it cool. This turned out to be the key to healthy and voluminous roots! I guess I won't be able to change the ice with scrog. So maybe I can't scrog? Maybe I could trellis?
  7. loverlyone

    Cloning 101 - Tumbleweed lazy method

    Getting ready to take my first clones. Gonna follow your plan!
  8. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    Thanks everyone! Seedsman sent me some replacements and they all sprouted in 24 hours! My confidence is returning. I'm gonna plant these and hopefully be back in the swing.
  9. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    I will take another look at my mix. Thanks!
  10. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    i didnt put the seeds in soil... :Shame On You: :Just Kidding: FWIW i think what i have is very well draining and it just transplanted it from a really coarse cactus soil, so overwatering is not the problem IMO. I'm starting to wonder if its the seeds. i have not had any problems before now. also, i found the emoticons...
  11. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    yes, the water has been filtered and declorinated. now the opposite pair of leaves is going brown. i give up. the last three seeds i germed, have gone squishy and the other seedlings are going nowhere.
  12. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    thanks for asking! it is my fourth or fifth grow...or sixth? I can't remember. i have done clones and seeds. These seeds were purchased from a reputable seed bank and made by a reputable grower. this particular plant has 6 sets of leaves. Small, but sturdy. I would have thought too much light too, but the way it's kind of slowly progressing up the plant is what has me concerned. I haven't even give it much in the way of nutrients because of how the first leaves crumbled. I haven't tested the water. I can only find soil ph meters locally, so I haven't tested. My local water district water is a bit high in PH running at 8.1 according to the water quality report. I do add a splash of AC vinegar to each gallon of water. There are no odd smells. The seedlings are babied until they have two sets of true leaves and then put under the brighter LEDs. No mold or mildew. My two pure kush seedlings sprouted, got a set of true leaves and then just stagnated. One is dead. one is still alive and looks healthy. ALL the seeds that I purchased made by Greenhouse Seeds have been really difficult to germinate. I've got two with tiny tap roots coming out, but they seem to be progressing very slowly, almost as if the seed coat is too sturdy. IDK. frustrated because these things are expensive and i don't have a lot of time before i'm out of medicine for Kathy. Thank you for the help. I will look for a ph meter. jen
  13. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    i'm really starting to hate this little plant. why is it so danged hard to grow successfully? got to be the most tempermental organism after my own Kathy!
  14. loverlyone

    Leaves browning and falling off.

    They are under blue and red led at night an d this one is coming out during the day. It is in an organic cactus mix with no amendments and lots of holes in the pot to let in air.
  15. I am having such difficulty with all these greenhouse Swedbank seeds! So far this is the only plant that has made it past two true leaves. But they are browning and two layers of leaves have fallen off. I thought it might be be over watering. I moved it to some super loose cactus soil (with no nutrients) and it is growing but I see some darkening as shown in the pic. This is damnesia from greenhouse.