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  1. Sending Birthday Wishes. :) 

  2. I hope you have a Happy Birthday

  3. You're missed.

  4. very cool,hope the taste follws throughm nice run ,thanks for giving them a go
  5. xbr told me ya finished,the 4sd x gs looks gr8 kar what kind of smells ya getting
  6. 4sd pulledof of this littile one casey j x sor bubble about 28 daze
  7. sorry freinds ,hope no one takes it personal ,been on hiatus a bit lol
  8. jm420

    Blue Dream ~ Lush "Luminator X2" test

    ble d and chem d awesome line up
  9. jm420

    trying again low rider #2

    autos r fun to watch and have there place at times either way great grow
  10. jm420


    very kool llyn the hdpp r the ones to be most exited about but the is jcxpp r fire
  11. 2 females ofkaks blue dream x pineapple princess (ciny 88 x cindy 99)
  12. jm420


    very coll ,ya know im along for the ride