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  1. i am happy with the laws now we have here if and when it becomes legal il wait for the feds to say it legal not a state
  2. caz

    Test Run Of Kak Beanz

    id love to try a clone of this strain next run in about 14 days if its available
  3. caz

    Blackberry Kush

    here is some i did a yr ago
  4. caz

    Blackberry (Kush)

    I think this strain produces way more in buckets of water than soil
  5. https://www.facebook.com/PaperTrain420
  6. caz

    PaperTrain On The Radio 88.1Fm

    this was from a couple weeks ago not our full sound but air play <iframe src="http://www.archive.org/embed/ThirstyThursdaysEpisode73" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe> Edit: Moved to music forum, and fixed it. ~Dudz
  7. New shows added if you Missed any or wanna see more.Sat, 25 Feb. Eugene, OR The Astoria Bar

    Thu, 15 Mar. Eugene, OR Black Forest

    Fri, 30 Mar. Eugene, OR Black Forest

    Sat.Aug.18. Creswell, Or. Cartwright Theater/Crest Fest 2012 5 pm

  8. caz

    Should I trim the leaves on my plants

    yes thin it out from the inside out other wise they look great
  9. Happy Valentines Day ♥

  10. Where have you been hiding? Road trip?

  11. caz

    Earwax, Budder

    looks good to me
  12. caz

    From: Papertrain

    new song up check it out too
  13. caz

    From: Papertrain

  14. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

  15. caz

    washing powder mildew away...

    eww the best way to have to do all that is invest in a good system air flow and tempature control it better moldy bud is not good for you