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  1. DreadPirateManny

    Agent Orange / Cannabis Reviews

    I think it's an awesome strain that really captures the Citrus flavor like no other strain I've ever tried. I'm going to have to agree with Shorty about the name though. Given the Historical Significance and the fact that it is still an unresolved issue in the eyes of many, a different name is more appropriate. ***this would not be the first time that a potent strain with an offensive name has been changed. The Cannabis Cup Winning "Kosher Kush" was originally named "the Jew Gold" (making a reference that it was as precious as some of the family heirloom gold that some Holocaust Victims would hide/eat/etc. just before being shipped off to Death Camps). When the growers brought this "Jew Gold" strain up from CA for the Amsterdam Cup they (wisely) changed the name of their strain (even having it blessed by a Rabbi to lend the new name some authenticity.)
  2. DreadPirateManny

    Tribute to (William H Hensley) March 6, 1922 - January 5, 2014

    What an amazing life this man led. I feel truly honored to have briefly met him.
  3. DreadPirateManny

    CDA (Chrome Diesel x Affy, pheno #2)

    Very nice. I just cut mine down yesterday, I'm excited
  4. DreadPirateManny

    rolling paper depot PIF review

    Nice!! Grapes Gone Wild is one of their better flavors. I'll be able to contribute a full review of their productas soon as my internet is back on (I have a lot to say on this, way too much to put on a smart phone).
  5. DreadPirateManny

    Heres to change (RIP ED)

    Aloha!! Good to have you here with us. Welcome to PIF
  6. DreadPirateManny

    Mahalo Ranchero65

    I just wanted to Thank Ranchero65 for his donation of Shishkaberry that was generously gifted to me in my hour of need. Thank You, Very Much
  7. DreadPirateManny

    Master yobeone takes on paying it forward

    Thank You Very Much for your generosity Thank You Very Much for your generosity
  8. Aaaargh Mateys i'll be back on more soon

    1. offdababa


      You better be MR. Medible man! We miss ya's

  9. DreadPirateManny

    Tricloud Genetics Eclipse

    Lookin good. I love the ProMix HP!!!
  10. Whoever said 'we all put on our pants the same way', was taking for granted how hard that simple task is for some of us...

    1. offdababa


      I sit on the edge of the bed and jump into my pants both legs at once.

  11. Wanted: Your Mana'oHawaii is a very special place, for a number of reasons. it's warm tropical climate,... http://t.co/ULCVBNyRuE