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  1. I hope you enjoyed a Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday! 

  3. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Carla Kay, said I should contact you as I am having to get rid of Century Link. The past coule months my phone only has a dial tone for an hour or so, there last outage (they deny) was the hopsital trying to let me know my Mom had minutes/hours left. NEVER got the call, so I showed up 5 minutes (forever) too late. Finally was telling them to cut phone off AGAIN, but I'll have to get a good cell to replace landline. Even THAT call just dropped out in the middle. I am far to volatile emotionally to deal with their bullshit. Carla said you could help. My cell only works for texts. Sorry for the bother...Vinny

  5. Vinny

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Thank you, yer one of the few...After emailing the guy at the site that sells this Rna Pro, I asked for an MSDS sheet, and got an email back to "call" him during business hours" rather than any material data. Getting too skeptical I guess. Will get back if I call him...still busy trying to do something for Carla.
  6. Vinny

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Couldn't find an MSDS sheet available at any of the shops that sell it, so contacted the company to request one. For now, that's all I know except for an 8 oz bottle is $299.99! Remember..."Let the Buyer Beware," I think would be appropriate. Also here is a press release from PRLog about Rna Pro PRLog (Press Release) - Aug. 23, 2012 - Tobamoviruses have run rampant since their discovery in the early 1900’s and have created a serious problem for farmers trying to maximize their yields. These viruses also affect the finished quality of the fruits and vegetables. RNA Pro has discovered a prohormone that aids the plant in its natural defense against viruses. RNA Pro is a prohormone that works due to its metabolite, which is responsible for the increase in production of protein coatings that protect genetic material from malevolent viruses. Using this product stops the proliferation of the viruses, making new growth healthy while also substantially increasing vigor. The viruses affected by RNA Pro’s remarkable new formula are listed at http://www.hempmosaicvirus.com/effectiveness/, and infect a wide range of crops from tomatoes to potatoes. Now farmers with poor yields due to a tobamovirus infection have an ally to protect themselves from crop failure and restore yields to previous levels. RNA Pro should be used bi-weekly as a preventative in highly susceptible crops, but it may also be applied heavily at the time the infection begins showing symptoms. The symptoms should then dissipate within 3 days when 1 dosage is applied every 24 hours. RNA Pro stands behind their product too, offering a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Jeff Brown, please call him at 424-248-5442 or send an email to jeff@hempmosaicvirus.com.
  7. Vinny

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    First I searched a number of "reviews" and "complaints" about this product through various reporting agencies, and found the grow shops all give it 4-5 stars, found no complaints filed, and this is what I found with reference to Rna Pro: The Hemp Mosaic Virus (HMV) is an intracellular parasite that infects plants by attaching itself to its RNA. The Hemp Mosaic Virus is part of the genus Tobamovirus, the most common of which is Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV). These viral RNA polymerases lack the proof-reading ability of DNA which makes vaccines extremely difficult to develop. Mutations occur rapidly and this virus can reduce crop yields by 25% or more. In some cases entire crops can be lost. RNA Pro is a product that has been shown to effectively treat infected plants and allow gardeners to capture their crop’s full potential. While it is true there is no vaccine to cure the Hemp Mosaic Virus, there is a particularly effective treatment. RNA Pro works by increasing the plant’s production of the protein coating that is meant to protect it from such viruses. By using RNA Pro the virus can not bind the plant’s RNA and thus the symptoms don’t proliferate. They may never manifest if used early enough as a preventative treatment. RNA Pro should be used every week until symptoms subside, but may only be necessary to apply every other week for maintenance once the infection is under control. At RNA Pro we recommend that after harvesting, steps be taken to avoid re-contamination in the next growing cycle. These steps include sterilizing the entire room, equipment, and supplies with Physan 20. Outdoor farmers will have a more difficult time eradicating the infection but there has been success through incineration of all plant material. RNA Pro was specifically developed in response to plants that were infected during an outbreak of the Hemp Mosaic Virus in 2010. The product was finally launched in the summer of 2012. It has been the culmination of both, intensive scientific research and laboratory analysis. We have determined through thousands of hours of study RNA Pro’s effectiveness in combating the symptoms the Hemp Mosaic Virus. The product works by increasing a plant’s production of a natural hormone which is responsible for the manufacture of a specific protein coating. This protective coating is what prevents the Hemp Mosaic Virus and other viruses from attaching to the plant’s genetic material. As a result, RNA Pro successfully prevents mutations in a wide range of crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Finally there is a product that can help in the treatment of the Hemp Mosaic Virus. No more low yields and poor quality! RNA Pro stands behind the effectiveness of its product 100%. All product is guaranteed to treat these viruses if used as directed. If you are not completely satisfied with the results please contact us here and we will gladly return your order. We want to make sure all our customers, are happy customers!
  8. Vinny

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    Very cool, Brad...every weapon we have is a boon to us all. Thank you for the "not having to have an electron microscope" issue to a do-able concept. Like you say, its not empirical evidence, but it sure would give us a much clearer idea without the expense. I found some information on a cannabis-specific mosaic virus, with all the same characteristics as TMV and TTMV (Tobacco-Tomato Mosaic Virus which is the most probable in a "tobacco smoking" environment. The virus specific to all strains of cannabis is called the Sunn-Hemp Mosaic Virus. Anyway, here is the preliminary look: Sunn-hemp mosaic virus (SHMV) is a pathogenic plant virus. It is known by many names, including bean strain of tobacco mosaic virus and Sunn-hemp rosette virus. SHMV is an intracellular parasite that infects plants. It can be seen only through an electron microscope.or through recently developed test kits. It is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus that causes physical characteristics of spotting and/or discoloration. Transmission: Infected crops transmit the virus in a number of ways, but in most cases transmittal requires physical contact. This mean that touching an infected plant, then touching a healthy plant could cause the healthy plant to contract the virus. Using tools to trim an infected plant, then using them on a healthy plant without sterilizing them between uses can result in the transmission of the virus. The virus should be treated like it is airborne since an insect can transmit the virus, from plant to plant, just by flying around and making contact between plants. Hemp mosaic virus is particularly resilient and can infect the soil through the winter and into the following growing seasons for years. Effects The hemp mosaic virus infects plants of the Cannabis genus. The virus causes cellular mutations, stunted growth, damages plants photosynthesis ability, and more. Cellular mutations usually manifest as discoloration and misshapen leaves. Discoloration usually manifests as yellow or grey mottling that can form a spotted, mosaic, or streak pattern. Misshapen leaves can be the result of damage to the plants at a cellular level, making them appear contorted and/or twisted. The stunted growth can cause a tremendous amount of crop loss due to lower than normal yields. Loses of 25% of flower production or more have been widely observed and reported. Treatment: There is no known cure for the hemp mosaic virus or other tobamoviruses. Once a plant has become infected with the virus the host will never be free from infection. The virus is most often cured through incineration of the infected tissues. Plants do have a natural defense in the form of a protein coating that protects the plants RNA. Different strains have varying resiliencies to hemp mosaic virus due to varying levels of the hormone responsible for the production of the protective protein coatings. RNA Pro is a prohormone product that helps stimulate the plants manufacture of that protective protein coating, making the virus' ability to attach to the plant's RNA more difficult. It is the only known treatment for hemp mosaic virus and all other tobamovirus strains. Environment: Hemp mosaic virus is known as one of the most stable viruses. It has a very wide survival range. As long as the surrounding temperature remains below approximately 40 degrees Celsius, hemp mosaic virus can sustain its stable form. All it needs is a host to infect. Greenhouses and botanical gardens would provide the most favorable condition for the virus to spread, due to the high population density of possible hosts and the constant temperature throughout the year. They also mention an RNA protein enhancement product, which is supposed to help the plant produce more of the chitinous proteins that surround and protect the host RNA cells. I will look further into this. Its called RNAPro, is not intended as a cure, but is supposed to retard the destruction process.
  9. 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  10. Vinny

    Tobacco Mosaic Virus

    I do apologize for not being online to see this. There are a few kind of "misconceptions" regarding TMV, That are rather important. First is the tobacco issue. While it is 100% true touching our gurls after handling any tobacco product. It is imperative to understand the virus is also carried in the exhaled smoke and resultant "resin" that makes the walls discolored, as it takes exposure to temps far and above a lighter flame or ash. Even on clean clothes in the closet that have been in a room with tobacco smoke, you can transmit the virus. Second, because the mosaic virus has SO many "mutations" that mimic a host of other pests, nute, soil and water problems, the ONLY and I repeat ONLY way to rule out any of the mosaic virii is to have a sample tested. Photographs simply can't do it!!! If you have access to an electron microscope (we all have those...) you can get visual confirmation (over 160,000 viral rods which can survive up to 60 years can fit on a piece of the plant not even visible to the naked eye) but the easiest way is to use "test strips." They can be purchased in lots of 5 =$32.50 or 25 = $105.00 Test Format: ImmunoStrip Capture Reagent: Polyclonal Detection Reagent: Polyclonal Intended Use:The Tobacco mosaic virus Immunostrip is used to detect the presence of TMV in many different crops, such as vegetable, fruit, and ornamentals. TMV Immunostrips are perfect for use in the field, greenhouse and the lab. Tobacco mosaic virus is an extremly stable virus and can easily infect adjacent plants and contaminate surfaces such as benches, pots, tools, etc. The TMV ImmunoStrip detects a variety of viruses from the tobamovirus group. Our experience shows that the test can detect the following: Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus (CGMMV), Kyuri green mottle mosaic virus, Odontoglossum rinspot virus (ORSV), Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV), Ribgrass mosaic virus (RMV), Streptocarpus flower break virus (SFBV), Sunhemp mosaic virus (SHMV), Tobacco mosaic virus including common strain (TMV and TMV-c), Tomato mosaic virus (ToMV). This test, however, is not a tobamovirus group test and was tested for its effectiveness at detecting TMV. http://www.agdia.com/testing-services/index.cfm (for information on all they do and how) but that will tell for certain. Third is the reduction in yield. The aggressiveness in which the MV displays is to a great extent genotype/phenotype/strain dependent. Sativa or Sativa dominant strains are the most susceptible, and the rate of plant destruction is much higher. Though true Indica and Indie-Dom strains tolerate the virus a bit better, no strain is immune. When the plants are still in veg, they will grow faster than the virus can replicate, making it "appear" like whatever problem(s) you "had" are gone. If yer lucky and it isn't any of the forms of Mosaic Virus, you will know (assuming you didn't test them) about 4-5 weeks into flowering. This is because the plant has stopped it's explosive growth, and the viral replication out paces the veg growth. The classic pattern of destruction is as the plant becomes more phytotoxic, first the fan leaves, then the bud leaf and lastly the sugar trim, mottle, yellow, bleach out and die from the bottom first then climbing the plant faster and faster. As for the reduction? I had a Lemon Kush in a 15 gal smart pot that grew beautifully to just under 7 feet tall. Trying to amber her out i brought her indoors. At the end there were no fan or bud leaves, the sugar trim was about as wide as embroidery thread with nearly no trichomes. I got 58 grams of bud (a hair over two ounces) from an out door gurl that should have produced 6-10 ounces. I'm afraid I have to beg to differ on the "don't worry it's only a 10-20% reduction in yield," with all due respect. Again, I do apologize for not seeing this. If I can be of any other help, PM me and I'll send some links. BUT...beware! There are beginning to be opportunistic parasites slapping a label on water and claiming a vaccine for seedlings and cuts. They are fakes! There is NO cure. if one comes up it will be world headlines, I am certain. I also wish you all the best in it NOT being TMV!
  11. The new Chapter is RCW Chapter 61.59a for viewing online. Of particular importance are sections 69.51A.030, 40, 43, 85, 90 & 120 The entire new chapter can be found here: http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=69.51A or simply search "RCW Medical Marijuana" and then follow links. Peace!
  12. I just checked again re the WA Medical situation. As of this point they have "finalized" the new laws, into a new chapter, I have been reading and it appears they are "separating" the recreational and legal. I will read the new chapter to see what all they've done or not, and post relevant info and links. From first glance it appears that sense and constitutionality may have carried the day...fingers crossed. I know that the taxation was a highly illegal maneuver for medical, cause WA law doesn't allow for medicine to be taxed, and mmj is by definition and legislative intent...medicine, The recreational is heavily taxed though. Will post as learn more.
  13. Right now, they've put a moratorium on the private grow situation, where we have an edge with the revenue issue is that in WA "medicines" are exempt from taxes, and under the mmj law cannabis IS medicine. The exorbitant taxation on the supposed "recreational cannabis" are legally inappropriate for medicinal cannabis, placing the medicine out of financial reach of the disabled patients. Further there are legal proceedings are under way for discrimination litigation, with a number of legal doctrines still awaiting decision.
  14. I read the ProjectCBD site too, and was going to post it here, but its already listed. I am looking for such strains as well. Specialist looked at their files and found I've been losing average 12 pounds a month both muscle and fat just in past 3 months. Specialist got angry with primary doc, due to length of time and total weight loss. (almost 100 pounds in last 14 months. He thinks all signs (together) point to cachexia, now ordering testing for various forms of interferon-linked cancer, hepatic, liver, pancreatic and/or stomach.