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  1. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    I would be cautious of the Albina stuff. I've heard there is virtually no quality control with the stuff made in china. even if you buy something under warranty I've read about people sending lights back 4 times in a year. Obviously mid-cycle this would be bad. I highly recommend the area 51 leds.
  2. I've been reading about extracting THCV using virgin coconut oil and relatively low heat. Supposedly it makes strong medicine that is not very psychoactive. Does anyone have experience making or treating with this formulation? I've heard you can even make eyedrops from it. Thanks so much for the input from everyone. I was one of those guys who thought cannabis was good for nausea and appetite stimulation and recreation. Its sad to think of the people I've lost to cancer that might still be around if this information was readily available a few years ago.
  3. I've read a ton about RSO as panacea but I've never been sick enough to use it. My mom has glaucoma and is interested in using cannabis to heal herself and I desperately want to help her with this as she has a host of other maladies that it could knock out in the process. So my mom lives in California so access isn't an issue. The only issue is she doesn't want to be fall down high for a month. Does anyone have experience with stepping up the dosage slowly over time or in some way mitigating this as much as possible? I've been over on the skunk pharm site reading up on extraction. I'm thinking of doing a few small test runs and learn an extraction process and then offering to make medicine for my mom. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether BHO or other extraction processes make inferior/superior quality medicine compared to RSO? My thinking is that RSO is made the way it is mostly for simplicity but my concern would be that the removal of terpenes or essential oils in a BHO extraction could remove some of the medicine as well. All thoughts are appreciated. I'm really just at the beginning of the journey.
  4. My mom just found out she has glaucoma. She has not been enjoying the standard drops they prescribed her. She also wouldn't want to smoke cannabis regularly to help with glaucoma. Does anyone know of a treatment for glaucoma that doesn't require smoking it every four hours? Its funny how one of the most commonly known medical conditions that cannabis treats is actually one of the least effective.
  5. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    Here is another video that touches on higher THC levels with LEDs around the 4:35 mark... http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=xm8vgHznTkg
  6. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    This is the grow I'm paying attention to: Its the best light on the market and should show what the latest LEDs are capable of.
  7. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    These Apache LEDs in the video are the last generation. Their new lights are more efficient watt for watt. In the video he mentions that he took the styrofoam divider down to film. I still agree its not definitive. LEDs do routinely outperform HPS in grams/watt so no surprise there.
  8. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    Nothing definitive for sure but check it out:
  9. Wyckoff

    L.E.D. Lighting. Your experiences?

    I've been following the LED market closely for a while now and just recently LED started to out perform HPS. There are only two or three companies that are making LEDs that are capable of doing this. The two I am most familiar with is Area 51 and Apache Tech. Area 51 is considered the best bang for the buck in LEDs. They just came out with a 190 watt panel that should perform at least as well as a 400 w HPS. They have a model coming out in a couple months that should legitimately cover a 4x4. Apache Tech just came out with the best panel on the market. The AT600 puts out more PAR umols than a 1000 watt HPS and has a better spectrum. It also runs around 90 degrees and only pulls 650 watts. NASA and Stanford both use Apache Tech panels in their labs. Entry price is still a problem but with less than 50% energy usage over the entire room this quickly gets made up. These things will last 10 years on the same LEDs with only 5% loss in efficiency. With the amount of research involving LEDs these units will be obsolete before they need new bulbs. There are also reports of flowers testing 3% greater in THC/CBD then under HPS in the same rooms.
  10. Another possibility to consider is not keeping mothers. You merely have a small veg space and a bigger flower space. 10 days before harvest you take cuttings from your veg plants. When you harvest the plants from veg go into flower and the new cuttings go into veg. This depends on the size of the space and what you are currently running.
  11. Wyckoff

    Plants we used in the 70's

    Free seeds I guess. Landrace strains still pack a punch.
  12. Wyckoff

    Aeroponic Cloner

    The aeroponic cloner is nearly fool-proof (sometimes the sprayers will clog) and your clones will be ready faster than ever before.
  13. Wyckoff

    Vertical Bare Bulbs Or Hooded Horizontal Bulbs?

    The answer is - it depends on the room. If you have a big room you can go bare bulb. Sometimes this just isn't an option. Maybe you have low ceilings. Maybe the best way to keep your grow cool is to use hoods. They both have their place. LEDs also have a place in the conversation now. I've seen a few guys pulling nearly 2 grams per watt with LEDs which is a perfect solution for a closet grow.
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